Hector is a town located in northeast Schuyler County, New York. It has a population of 4,916 as of the 2020 census. The town is named for the town’s founders’ firstborn son. It is located west of Ithaca. It has a number of attractions to offer visitors.

Grist Iron Brewing Company

If you’re in the Finger Lakes region, you’ll want to visit the new independent craft brewery, Grist Iron Brewing Company, which opened in Burdett in 2015. Located overlooking Seneca Lake, the brewery serves a variety of lagers, IPAs, sours, stouts, and more.

The Grist Iron Brewing Company is one of the most popular microbreweries in Hector. It was founded in 2015 and serves a variety of beers made in the traditional American style, with a twist. The Grist Iron Brewing Company tap room also features fresh pub fare, live music, and seasonal events.

The brewery also offers pub-style chews, live music on the weekends, and special events throughout the year. If you’re looking for lodging, the brewery also has 14 rooms for you to stay in. You can stay at The Inn at Grist Iron, which is located next to Grist Iron Brewing Company.

Hector Wine Company

If you’re looking for an alternative way to enjoy wine in the Finger Lakes, check out the Hector Wine Company. This small family-owned winery focuses on grapes from select vineyard blocks at Sawmill Creek Vineyards on the east side of Seneca Lake. Their selection of wines is both delicious and affordable, and visitors will find something to please any palate.

In addition to its wines, this winery also offers a variety of local food items. It has nine craft beers and a deli featuring original recipes. The vineyard itself has won a few awards for its wines, including Best Riesling at the 11th Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

The winery is located in Hector, NY, part of the Finger Lakes wine region. They specialize in long-fermented, small-production wines. You can purchase these wines in glasses, flights, or by the bottle. You can also relax outdoors in a picnic area while you taste some of their wines. The Hector Wine Company’s 2019 Pinot Blanc was recently awarded 91 points by Wine Enthusiast magazine. It is also listed on the Top 100 Wineries list by Wine and Spirits Magazine.

Hector Falls

There are lots of things to do in Hector Falls. It is an attractive, big waterfall, and it is easy to drive right by it. But there are plenty of spots where you can pull over and enjoy the view. And there are live performances and events going on almost every weekend. If you are looking for something to do without spending too much, this waterfall might be a good option.

When visiting Hector Falls, don’t miss the chance to view the creek that empties into Seneca Lake. This waterfall is about 165 feet tall and is located right alongside the highway. It’s best to visit during the spring and summer months when the creek is full. But even in the summer months, you can still enjoy the waterfall.

From Watkins Glen, take Route 414 north for 2.5 miles. Once you cross the bridge, you’ll be less than a mile away from Hector Falls. While there’s no parking lot here, you can easily park along the shoulder to view the falls. Just be sure to use your flashers when approaching.

Seneca Lake Wine Trail

If you’ve ever longed to visit a winery in New York’s Finger Lakes region, the Seneca Lake Wine Trail is the perfect option. This region is home to 31 wineries, each of which is renowned for producing cool-climate wines. You can plan a day trip to visit all of them, or you can do a half-day trip and visit only a few.

Seneca Lake is one of the eleven Finger Lakes, a series of lakes that form a region that is incredibly hospitable to wine growing. The deep, sloping hillsides and unique geology of the region make it ideal for grape growing. This climate makes it possible to grow both hardy native grapes and delicate varieties.

One of the many wineries along the Seneca Lake Wine Trail is Chateau LaFayette Reneau, which offers tasting rooms overlooking the vineyard and Seneca Lake. Guests can taste a variety of white and red wines from the winery, including a red wine flight. Our tasting included four different wines, including a Cuvee Rouge, 2017 Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, 2016 Syrah, and the 2014 Owner’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

Red Newt Cellars & Bistro is located on Tichenor Road, and Ventosa Vineyards is on Route 96A in Hector. Both have beautiful lake views, and their Cafe’ Toscana serves delicious Italian lunch foods. Nearby, other wineries include Leidenfrost Vineyards and Red Newt Wine Cellars & Bistro. At these wineries, you can enjoy wine tasting and off-hour events.

The Seneca Lake Wine Trail is located in the Finger Lakes wine region. Wineries along the trail are located in the area called “Banana Belt.” The warmer climate here makes it an ideal location for grape growing. This region is home to many wineries, many of which are historic. Most of these wineries specialize in dry wines made from vinifera grapes.

Seneca Lake is home to more than 50 vineyards. There are more than 30 wineries on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. Half a million visitors visit these wineries each year. Most of these wineries host special tasting events throughout the year, and some even offer food and wine pairings.