Looking for things to do in Granton? Here are a few suggestions. Take a walk along the promenade, walk along the river Almond, or visit the marina. Each of these activities will give you an insight into the local culture and will keep you entertained. You might even be surprised by the many events happening in the town.

Walk along the breakwater

Walking along the breakwater in Granton is a pleasant and scenic way to enjoy the area. It offers fantastic views of the Firth of Forth, including the Forth Bridges. As the breakwater reaches its end, you can also see Fife and Musselburgh. The harbour of Newhaven is nearby, and the area is popular with locals.

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Among the earliest buildings in the town is a Victorian warehouse. Built with extra-thick walls, it was originally used to store gunpowder. It also featured a cast-iron hoist. It was one of four match buildings built for the opening of the pier in 1842. The warehouse also features the remains of railway tracks.

Walk along the promenade

The promenade in Granton is located on the Cramond Foreshore. The promenade is about 2 miles long and ends at Granton Harbour. To get to the harbour, take the road which is 50 yards away. It bears left and you can see Caroline Park House, a 16th century mansion. It is also the stop for Lothian buses.

There are many attractions in and around Granton. The breakwater is an excellent place to watch the Firth from. It gives you excellent views of the Forth Bridges, and you can even see Fife on the other side. It’s also possible to walk to the nearby towns of Musselburgh and Cramond.

There are plenty of cycle paths throughout the town. The longest one starts on West Harbour Road, opposite the Granton Harbour redevelopment site. It has good lighting and crosses the Saltire Square. The cycle path then goes under West Granton Road and along the West Granton Access Road, stopping just before the red Ferry Road bridge. Afterwards, you can either go right or turn left for the Five Ways, or continue over Ferry Road to reach the Roseburn path.

Along the promenade, you can also see some of the city’s heritage. There are some historic buildings and sites that date back to medieval times. The Granton Heritage Tour will show you the history of the town from medieval times to modern. The tour aims to preserve the town’s heritage and highlight the industries that once thrived there.

The city’s waterfront is a popular destination for tourists, but locals know the hidden gems as well. Many of these attractions are free and open to the public. One of these is the nine small plinths that are located along the promenade. Each plinth has a brass plaque that features a postcard-sized design designed by local primary schools.

The promenade is a great place to take a picnic. You can also watch the ocean waves lapping the shore.

Walk along the river Almond

The River Almond Walkway is a historical ramble and nature trail that spans a cliff top, passing alongside meadowland and ponds. Its rich natural history and abundance of birdlife will delight visitors of all ages. There are plenty of opportunities to see a variety of Scottish wildlife as you stroll along the cliff top path.

This area is internationally recognised and is popular for a range of activities, including dog walking and exercising. It is also an excellent location for fishing, natural history studies, and boating. Cycling is permitted in the park, but be aware of other users and consider this before starting your journey.

The River Almond Walkway management plan aims to improve the area over the next ten years. The plan focuses on creating and enhancing the walkway for people and wildlife, including improving the area’s habitat. It also provides guidance for woodland management and interpretive signage. The plan also highlights the importance of monitoring improvements over time.

The river Almond has a catchment area of about 375 km2 and is home to five major tributaries. The river has a prehistoric history and a breakwater extends across the beach to Crammond Island. It is possible to reach Crammond Island during low tide, but you should be cautious as the fast returning tides are extremely dangerous if you’re only a few feet from the shore.

From the car park, follow road N towards the river. Then, follow the walkers’ path alongside the river, which leads to a large cairn. From there, continue along the ridge and follow the natural tine of the ridge down to Giants Grave. Do not attempt to cross the river if the river is in spate.

The river Almond is highly seasonal and often fluctuates in water levels. During heavy deluges, parts of the Walkway can become under water. The river’s drainage is further complicated by large areas of impermeable paved surfaces. The catchment area also contains a considerable amount of lake alluvium. In flat parts of the catchment area, the River Almond flows through poorly drained peat and non-calcareous soils.

Visit the marina

Located in Granton, Scotland, Edinburgh Marina is a convenient stopover for cruising the Forth. This marina, sometimes listed as Edinburgh Marina, is a co-owned by the Royal Fourth Yacht Club and the Forth Corinthian Yacht Club. It provides all tide access for most craft, and is close to several yacht clubs.

There are many restaurants, shops, and attractions near the marina. The waterfront is also home to the old Chain Pier. This iconic structure has been standing on the shoreline for years. You can visit the marina or a local shop for a delicious lunch. Visitors can also explore the Granton countryside.

The marina is conveniently located close to the city center, making it an ideal venue for the Edinburgh Festival. In addition to the new marina, the area surrounding it will also house new homes, a spa and conference hotel, and neighbourhood shopping. The marina development company is also planning a technology innovation centre.