While it’s true that Garwin is a small town compared to the big cities of the United States, this upcoming tourist destination offers many unique places and things to do. Here are a few of the highlights: Garwin Falls, the Garwin Falls Trail, and Garwin High School athletics.

Garwin Falls Trail

The Garwin Falls Trail is a short, easy hike that offers a stunning view of a picturesque waterfall. The trail is about a mile round-trip and is mostly developed by the local snowmobile club. It begins on a flat, wide road, and descends to a narrow area with a rocky substrate. The trail is mostly flat, with only a few steep sections. If you have a mountain bike, the trail is easy to follow.

The trail is not well-marked, and has occasional loose rock surfaces. The trail crosses a stream on a wooden bridge. It has some ascents and descents, but it is wide enough that you won’t get lost. After you reach the waterfall, you will exit the forest and cross over Holt Road.

The trail follows a stream heading toward the falls, and you can hear the waterfalls as you hike along. There are several beautiful spots along the way, but if you’d prefer a better view, you can bushwhack to the right and reach the waterfalls. Once there, you can enjoy the cascading waters and cool off.

Garwin HS

If you’re looking for something to do in Garwin, Iowa, you’ve come to the right place. The town is located in Tama County and has a population of 481 according to the 2020 census. It’s home to the GMG Community School District, which was formed in 1992 by merging the Garwin and Green Mountain school districts. Before the consolidation, the school was known as Garwin High School. Founded in 1880, the town was named for an employee of the railroad. Today, it is home to several athletic teams, including football, volleyball, track, and both boys’ and girls’ basketball.

Garwin HS athletics

The city of Garwin, Iowa, has plenty of things to do if you’re a sports fan. You can catch a football game, play volleyball, or cheer for the girls’ basketball team. Students can also get involved in track, baseball, or softball.