If you’re looking for Things To Do In Fromberg, Montana, look no further. Here are some ideas: the Teddy Bear Bakery, the Little Cowboy Bar, and the Clarks Fork Valley Museum. Check out our email newsletter for more ideas! And, of course, there’s the Bluewater Fish Hatchery!

Fromberg’s Teddy Bear Bakery

For a sweet treat, you can’t go wrong with Fromberg’s Teddy Bear Bakery. The owners, Marge and Tammy, are active in the town’s improvement committee and are responsible for making the cookies and other treats that are sold at the annual bake sale. Marge starts early each morning to make the dough for the rolls. She also makes raspberry and caramel rolls. In the past, Fromberg was a bustling cowboy town, and the town even had a bar and museum that featured rodeo memorabilia.

Little Cowboy Bar

Before its closure, the Little Cowboy Bar and Museum in Fromberg, Montana, was one of the town’s most famous landmarks. Its unique collection of memorabilia covered nearly a century of life on the ranch. The bar served as a community meeting place and showcased the spirit of the ranch and the Montana lifestyle. Its eclectic display included worn weapons, insect collections, and clippings from local newspapers.

Little Cowboy Bar has been closed since the end of 2015, but it is back in business as Edgar Bar. The bar is known for its prime rib and Montana steak, as well as its homemade tater tots. It is located 17 miles from Plenty Coups State Park and the visitor center for the Crow chief. The bar is also home to annual events like the Shrimp Fest and Luau, and offers live music most weekends of the summer.

Clarks Fork Valley Museum

The Clarks Fork Valley Museum is located in Fromberg, Montana, at East River Street. The museum’s mission is to promote public education and research. It also hosts educational programs and special events. Its funding is generated from donations, ticket sales, and fundraisers. Interested visitors can visit the museum for free, or make a donation of any amount.

The Clarks Fork Valley Museum’s main building is the former Northern Pacific depot, which operated as a passenger and freight depot until 1970. The building was then relocated 75 feet from the railroad tracks to become the museum’s main attraction. In 1993, the museum was included on the National Register of Historic Places. While the museum’s main building still needs some work, the museum has added three other historic buildings. It is also the only Northern Pacific station still in the Clarks Fork Valley.

Bluewater Fish Hatchery

The Bluewater Fish Hatchery is located near the town of Fromberg, Montana. It is managed by the USGS’s Montana Water Science Center. The hatchery is open seven days a week. The area is also home to the Fromberg Museum, a former train depot. The museum is closed right now due to maintenance. In addition, you can visit Cooney Reservoir, which is 32 miles away, and Red Lodge Mountain, which is 50 miles away.

Bluewater Fish Hatchery is located in the state of Montana, at an elevation of 3,967 feet. It employs three people and is part of the sports and recreation industry. If you’re planning to visit this business, make sure to check out its online information. It’s easy to find directions, photos, and other details. Just enter the address into your search engine to get started. And don’t forget to check out its social media accounts!