When you are in Exeter, Devon, you might want to explore the ancient city walls and the Cathedral. You can also visit the Norman landmark of Exeter Castle, which overlooks the leafy Northernhay and Rougemont Gardens. There are also several museums and art galleries, including the Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, which houses fine art and costumes. You can also visit the Cathedral, which is located west of the castle and beneath it.

Oldest brick building in New England

The town of Exeter, New Hampshire, is home to the oldest brick building in the New England region, the Ladd-Gilman House. It was originally a brick garrison house before the French and Indian War. It was later clapboarded and served as the state treasury during the Revolutionary War. The building was also the site of the town’s first public library, and currently houses the American Independence Museum and Native American artifacts.

The town of Exeter was an important port for years. During the Revolution, shipping nearly ceased. After the peace was declared in 1783, shipbuilding resumed. By 1795, there were as many as four or five shipyards in Exeter. Many of these ships sailed in foreign commerce. However, President Jefferson’s embargo on foreign trade put an end to the shipbuilding revival in Exeter. The town’s economy was once based on lumber and other natural resources.

The Phillips Exeter Library is another historic building that features bricks. The library opened in 1971 and boasts a collection of over 160,000 volumes, making it the largest secondary school library in the world. The building was designed in three concentric squares: the brick outer ring consists of the outer walls and the concrete middle ring holds stacks. The inner ring contains an atrium with circular cutouts.

In addition to its historical importance, the building has a rich cultural heritage. Exeter had many schools, including a grammar school and elementary school. In addition, the town also had a large militia, which supplied officers and men to the Continental Army. As a result, the town suffered great economic hardship during the Revolutionary War. The fear of British sea power and the rise of the British military ruined many of the town’s shipbuilding and lumber businesses. Further, the economic downturn caused a massive paper money inflation that bankrupted many of its residents.

Most historic

There are many historic sights to see in Exeter, the capital of Devon. It’s known for its magnificent Norman Cathedral and picturesque canal. But the city also has a long and interesting history dating back to Roman times. You’ll find medieval buildings and historic Roman ruins scattered around town. The city is also home to the RAMM, or Royal Albert Memorial Museum.

The museum is home to the works of Thomas Gainsborough, John Nash, and Barbara Hepworth. You can also explore cabinets from the study of the Victorian biologist Percy Sladen, who amassed one of the largest collections of sea stars and echinoderms in the country. Other historic treasures include medieval building fragments, Japanese samurai armour, a 14th century Exeter puzzle jug, and prehistoric spearheads and hand axes.

The American Independence Museum is another historical landmark that should be on your list of places to visit in Exeter. The museum displays the first-printed copy of the Declaration of Independence, as well as the Dunlap Broadside. The museum also hosts a July 16 American Independence Festival, where attendees can dress up as American revolutionaries. Brickyard Pond Park is another recreational attraction worth a visit.

The city is home to one of the best preserved defensive city walls in England. Founded by the Romans around 2000 years ago, Exeter’s city walls have stood the test of time. Today, they’re a popular walking destination, offering an opportunity to visit historical points of interest. It’s also a great place to enjoy a relaxing stroll while listening to fascinating stories from the past.

Visitors to Exeter can enjoy its historic architecture while eating local delicacies. For dessert, there’s a classic chocolate shop, The Chocolatier. You can also indulge in a wide selection of local toys at Whirlygigs Toy Shop.

Best ice cream shop

Exeter has more than one ice cream shop. There are plenty of walk-up window options. Acushnet Creamery has been around since the 70s and has a huge outdoor seating area. They have a large selection of classic and unique flavors. They even have non-dairy options and lactose-free options.

Kiki’s Ice Cream in Exeter is an excellent place to get an ice cream treat. They offer an enormous variety of soft serve and hard ice cream, and they make a delicious milkshake or frozen coffee. The service is also fantastic. Anna and Sam are extremely friendly, and they make sure your experience is the best it can be.

Uber Eats is another option. You can order Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt and wait for delivery. This service also lets you track your order and see when it’ll be delivered. You can even tip the delivery person if you want. After you’ve chosen a spot, you can select a delivery option and pay through Uber Eats.

Candy’s Homemade Ice Cream is another option in Exeter. The shop offers a variety of delicious soft serve flavors and seasonal specialties. It also offers Italian ice cream cakes. There is also a dessert truck called Cherry on Top, which specializes in premium hand-dipped ice cream and twistee treats.

Best place for a family day out

If you’re visiting Exeter, Devon with the whole family, there’s no shortage of things to do. There are numerous attractions to choose from, and many are located within walking distance of one another. Explore the city and see the amazing scenery on a family day out. Enjoy the city’s beautiful beaches, the Saddles and Paddles, and spend some time enjoying the outdoors at Haven Banks Outdoor Education Centre.

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend rainy days with the kids, then look no further than Exeter’s attractions. The city is packed with family-friendly attractions, interactive activities, and plenty of green space. Among the city’s many museums, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum is an excellent choice. Its sixteen galleries offer a journey into history and culture, allowing children of all ages to enjoy the displays.

The city’s Heavitree Pleasure Ground is an outdoor playground that is popular with both locals and tourists. It features many activities for children of all ages, including a paddling pool and playground. There are even basketball and BMX courts if you’re a serious sports fan.

The forest park is another option for a fun family day out. Just 15 minutes from Exeter, the forest park offers a variety of hiking and cycling trails, as well as themed family activities. The park is home to many of the wild creatures of the British Isles. The park also includes a maze, a Saxon village, a farm-themed play area, and a red squirrel enclosure.

Another great option for free family activities in Exeter is the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. Here, you can learn about Devon history and its connections to other countries. You can also take part in the museum’s annual American Independence Festival. This event is held on July 16 and encourages visitors to dress up as revolutionaries of the past. You can also enjoy some time at Brickyard Pond Park.

Best place for paintball

Paintball in Exeter is an exciting and challenging activity. The game zones are designed to enhance the teamwork and communication skills of players. The games also incorporate elements of individual bravery. This unique experience is perfect for teams, stag and hen dos, and team building days. It can be enjoyed by individuals and groups of any age and ability.

KidsPaintball Exeter offers a special Low-Impact paintball experience that is perfect for children aged 8-11. The paintballs do not have a high impact so they’re not too dangerous, and they play in a woodland setting. The goal is to become the winning team.