There are many things to do in Eastpointe, Michigan. The city has a population of approximately 32442, and is a part of the Metro Detroit area. It borders Detroit and 8 Mile Road. There are many restaurants, bars, and other places to visit, as well as recreational activities such as fishing and boating.


Restaurants in Eastpointe offer a wide variety of options for your next meal. You can order takeout or delivery from more than 606 restaurants in the area. These include popular American eateries and other international fare. These choices offer a wide variety of cuisines and are available for any meal time.

If you’re looking for Chinese food in Eastpointe, you’ll find several options. Panda Chinese Food, Captain Jay’s Fish & Chicken, Sweetwater Tavern, Papa’s Pizza & BBQ, and Wendy’s are just a few of the options available. You can also find online ordering options like Postmates, which can deliver your favorite food within two hours.


Eastpointe, California is a city filled with inexpensive hotels. You can find hotels here with deep discounts on their room rates and amenities like free wifi, free breakfast, and early check-in. You can also take advantage of the many special packages offered by these Eastpointe motels. These inexpensive Eastpointe hotels are located in low-cost neighborhoods that offer a great value for money.

The prices of these motels in Eastpointe vary based on the time of year and the day of the week. Generally, the cheapest rates for a hotel room are available on Saturdays. The highest priced days tend to be on Fridays. You should also consider the cancellation penalties associated with the rate.


If you enjoy fishing, you’ll love the Eastpointe lakes. The lakes are filled with fun summertime activities and provide plenty of opportunities to watch wildlife in its natural habitat. Some lakes are even perfect for picnics! Enjoy a picnic with your significant other by the lake. Or try your hand at one of the many other types of lake activities, including boating, tubing, and skiing.

You’ll find many types of fish in Eastpointe lakes, including Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Carp, and more. You’ll also find many resources on baitcasting and trolling equipment, as well as maps and GPS coordinates for each lake. Depending on when you go, the beaches may be overcrowded, but the lakes and streams may be less crowded.

If you’re a first-time angler, you might want to take a fishing charter. Charters typically accommodate two to six anglers and last between six and eight hours. Depending on the length of the trip, you can expect to pay between $400 and $700. Most fishing charters require tips of about 10 percent of the total cost, so be sure to tip your captain generously.

Recreational activities

The community of Eastpointe has many recreational activities for residents to enjoy, including biking and hiking. Trails run through Eastpointe, including the Clinton River Park Trail and Island Lake Trail Connector. These trails have a combined length of over 415 miles. In addition, the city is currently constructing the Border-to-Border Trail, which will run across Washtenaw County.


The city of Eastpointe in Michigan is a part of the Metro Detroit area. It is three miles east of Warren and 10 miles northeast of Detroit. It was formerly known as East Detroit and was first settled by Irish and German immigrants during the 1830s. The post office was originally named Halfway and the village was incorporated in December 1924. It later changed its name to Eastpointe by a majority vote of electors.

Today, Eastpointe has a vibrant history and a unique heritage. It is a family town that serves as a multiethnic suburb of Detroit. This book chronicles the history and heritage of the town, including rare plat maps. It is also home to the Michigan Military Technical & Historical Society, which fosters an appreciation of the past and preserves personal stories.

The community is largely white. Although it is a predominantly white community, the community has experienced many challenges as well. Among these challenges are a lack of opportunities for African-Americans to purchase homes. This limits their income and educational attainment. The city has not made any concerted effort to hire more people of color. However, the city has begun meeting with black residents and community leaders to discuss their challenges. In addition, Pastor James Friedman, president of the nonprofit group PACE, has been meeting with community leaders on a regular basis to discuss these challenges.


The City of Eastpointe, Michigan is located in Macomb County. It is the 32nd largest city in the state and ranks 1306th among large cities in the country. The city was founded in 1925 and was originally called “Halfway”. Since then, it has experienced an overall decline in population. It is located near Detroit and the 8 Mile Road area, and is a part of the greater Detroit area.

Eastpointe’s economy is based on a variety of industries. The median household income is $40997, which is below the national average of $53,482. Residents of Eastpointe earn an average of $19,090 per year, compared to the US average of $28,555.

The city’s most important industry is manufacturing. This industry provides the city with the majority of its jobs. Eastpointe also boasts health care and social assistance and accommodation & food services. The City also has a strong business community, with many small and medium-sized companies operating in the area.


For the residents of Eastpointe, transportation options include public transportation, car, and walking. There are ample roads and freeways in the area to ensure a comfortable commute. The most common mode of transportation is car, with 12,850 residents taking a car to work. However, many residents prefer walking or taking a bus or trolley bus. These statistics were compiled from the 2020 American Community Survey, which is updated annually by the US Census Bureau.