Dumont is located in Bergen County, New Jersey. It is a small borough with a population of 17,479 in the 2010 Census, which is slightly down from the 17,503 recorded in the 2000 Census. However, the population of Dumont did increase from 17,187 in 1990.


Foodies who want a quick bite to eat while on the go can opt for restaurants in Dumont, NY. The restaurants here specialize in American food. Popular places include Blimpie and Pelicana Chicken. Other options include Great Wall Chinese and Japanese Cuisine and Empire Szechuan Restaurant. Other popular restaurants in the area include Uncle Franks Pizza, Chen’s Yummy House, Burger King, and 7-Eleven.

Food delivery services are available in the area as well. For example, you can try Uber Eats, a service that lets you order food from restaurants in Dumont. The app allows you to browse all the available restaurants, place your order, and track your delivery by the minute. This makes it easy for people to order food online and try new restaurants.

There are plenty of options on Uber Eats, including Pizza. Pizza is the most popular food ordered in Dumont, followed by roasted chicken. If you are looking for halal food, you can try Halal Gyro King, or go Chinese at Empire Szechuan Restaurant. You can also try Chen’s Yummy House for dinner. Overall, the average restaurant rating in Dumont is 4.5 stars.


There are several parks in Dumont, New Jersey. There are five ball fields at Memorial Park, one tennis court, one basketball court, and a community pavilion. Memorial Park is used for Little League baseball, Dumont High School baseball, and the Dumont Summer Recreation Program. There is also Twin Boro Field, a small football field that is used for recreational games. The park also has an ADA accessible fishing pier.

Dumont’s fourth major park, Dawn M. Totten Memorial Field, is another local favorite. This park contains a small playground, as well as a softball field used by Dumont Girls Softball. It is open daily throughout the summer for all ages to play. It is located adjacent to Potash Brook tributary 3 and its associated wetlands.

The public schools in Dumont serve students from pre-kindergarten through the twelfth grade. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the Dumont Public Schools enroll 919 students. In addition to academics, Dumont also offers recreational activities such as the Dumont Little League, Girls Softball, Soccer, and Football. Additionally, there are swim teams at Madison Avenue and Washington Avenue.

Ice cream shops

Dumont, the premium milkshake and ice cream brand, is launching a brand new concept of premium milkshakes and ice cream shops in India. The company has come up with a menu of 32 premium ice cream flavours and milkshakes. It aims to expand its retail presence in India within three years, and has a target of 200 stores. This will be a mix of franchise outlets and own stores.

The shop opened in Dumont, New Jersey on February 1, 2013. In the first year, it aims to make Rs 12-15 crore in revenues. It offers ice cream, sorbet, milkshakes, and other frozen desserts. The company has been in business for over 20 years and has supplied frozen desserts to caterers in southern states under various brands. It has a manufacturing plant that produces 1,900 litres of ice cream per hour, and ten cold storages.

Central Park

The Dumont NYC-an Affinia Hotel is located in the heart of the city near Central Park. Its amenities include a gym, restaurant, and concierge services. The hotel also offers complimentary parking. The central location makes it easy to access all of the sights and sounds of the city. The hotel’s staff is always happy to help guests with their travel plans.

The borough of Dumont is 18 miles from Midtown Manhattan and just five miles from Paramus. It is home to approximately 18,000 people and has a median household income of $107,172. Dumont borders the boroughs of Haworth and Cresskill, which have similar demographics. The borough is bounded by Washington Avenue and Madison Avenue, which run east-west and north-south, respectively. At the intersection of these two avenues is the Old North Reformed Church.


Dumont was born in Brooklyn, New York, but his early life was filled with hardships. At age 10, he contracted polio and spent nearly a year in quarantine. While in quarantine, he developed an interest in wireless radio communications. He learned Morse code and built a crystal radio transmitter and receiver.

The town of Dumont has a long and diverse history. It was originally known as Schrallenburgh until 1898, when the borough changed its name. The first mayor was Dumont Clarke. Today, the borough is home to 17,624 people. The history of Dumont reflects the changing needs of the community.

The Dumont family intermarried with the powerful Bostaquet family. Several branches were established in Lorraine, and they were ennobled in 1527, 1529, and 1557. The family also produced several knights in Franche-Comte. In 1707, the family entered the nobility of Luxembourg. Later, in 1853, the Dumonts were granted the titles of Barons of the Grand Duchy of Hesse.

A public library opened in Dumont in 1917. The library was initially operated by Katherine MacDonald and a group of young women who were referred to as the Girls’ Patriotic League. Eventually, the library outgrew its first building on East Madison Avenue and moved to the Mossa Building. It was open two days a week and had a circulation of fifteen to twenty-five books.

Affordable housing

If you are in need of affordable housing in Dumont, NJ, consider D’Angelo Farms. This development offers 22 apartments designed for families with one to six members. The apartments are grouped by income level, with very low-income apartments designated for households earning less than $19,982 a year. Low-income units are designed for families earning $33,303 to $55,189, and moderate-income units are geared toward individuals earning between $53,286 and $88,302, depending on the size of the family.

Income levels are important when applying for affordable housing programs in Dumont. Renters in this area should check the Area Median Income (AMI) to determine if they qualify for assistance. This figure is calculated by combining households in all cities and counties in Bergen County. If you fall within this income level, you will probably be eligible for affordable housing programs.

Dumont is home to two affordable apartment buildings with rental assistance programs. While most rents and housing costs are higher than the state’s average, you can still find low-income housing in this New Jersey community. Listed below are the two apartment complexes that have low-income units and rental assistance.

The Van Dyke II affordable housing project at 405 Dumont Avenue in Brownsville is open for applications. This affordable housing project, designed by SLCE Architects and developed by Trinity Financial, will offer 188 units that cost 30-60% of the median income. This means you can buy or rent a unit in this building for as little as $15,086 a month.