If you’re looking for some unique things to do in Chetopa, Oklahoma, you’ve come to the right place. Although this city is relatively small compared to the rest of the United States, it offers visitors many unique things to see and do. The town is a great side trip from the nearby city of Muskogee and can provide a relaxing retreat.


If you’re looking for a small town with big city amenities, you might consider a visit to Chetopa, Oklahoma. This small city is located in Labette County, and has a population of 1,021 people. While it is much smaller than other cities in the United States, it offers plenty of unique things to see and do. It is also a great side trip from the larger city of Muskogee.

To reach Chetopa, you can fly to several nearby cities. Several of these cities are located within four hours of Chetopa. You can find the nearest airport by searching for flights from nearby cities. You can also find flights to nearby cities by searching for airports in those locations. In addition to finding flights to Chetopa, you can find flights from major cities.

As the temperatures in Chetopa increase, the number of hot days increases. There will be about 7 hot days in 2018, with as many as 19 in the next 30 years. The proximity of the city to water and ground cover helps reduce the chance of heat events. Buildings with dense construction also trap heat and reflect it.


Schools in Chetopa are an important part of the community’s life. The local school district recognizes the importance of educating the future of a community, and Chetopa Schools are proud to provide programs that rival larger towns. Hornet Pride is woven into the fabric of the city and leaves a lasting mark on each learner.

There are five public schools in the Chetopa-St. Paul area, serving 379 students. These schools have an average testing ranking of 4/10, which puts them in the bottom half of all public schools in Kansas. Math proficiency is only 25%, and reading proficiency is 37%. The majority of students are white. Only 0.3% are African American or Native Hawaiian, and the minority enrollment is just over 16%.

Chetopa High School is a public school located in Chetopa, Kansas. It serves 114 students in grades 6-12. There are 11 teachers for every 114 students, and the student teacher ratio is 10.8:1. Chetopa High School also offers a gifted and talented program. Despite its small size, Chetopa has a diverse student population, which benefits the students in many ways.


If you’re in the mood for outdoor recreation, you’ll find it all in Chetopa. With a wide variety of activities, sights, and experiences, this small town is a fantastic place for a weekend or day trip. If you’re a camper or RV owner, there are plenty of campsites around the area. To find the best campground, you can browse the Internet for reviews and tips. Once you’ve chosen your campground, don’t forget to check out the bathroom facilities. A number of campgrounds provide sanitary facilities.

The city of Chetopa offers four parks and two campgrounds, as well as a community center. It also has a public swimming pool on Maple and 1st Streets. The pool is open from 1 to 7pm every day and hosts evening pool parties. The admission fee is $2 for adults and free for children five and under. Season passes are available for $40 or $80, and additional members cost $10 each.

Driving distance from Memphis

If you want to drive from Memphis to Chetopa, you need to know how much time it takes. The driving distance between these two cities is approximately 650 miles. However, it can take you up to eight hours to drive from one to the other. The distance from Memphis to Chetopa may vary based on the route you take.

If you have a car, you can go to 12453 Chetopa Dr. There are several options for food and drink nearby, including Starbucks, Highlander Scottish Pub, Hook Point Brewing, and Sam’s Indian Grocer. In addition, there are parks in the area, including the Collierville Dog Park, Town Square Park, and W.C. Johnson Park.

The shortest distance between two points on Earth is the great circle distance (as the crow flies). This is approximately 173 miles less than the distance driven in a straight line. However, the distance traveled by car on a regular basis is more than twice as long as the distance driven by a plane.

If you’re going on a day trip from Memphis, you should visit the nearby Chickasaw State Park, which covers over 1,400 acres. This park is great for water recreation during the summer and also has a golf course. You can also picnic in the park, which includes picnic tables and grills.

Service stations

Service stations, also known as filling stations, offer a range of services, including oil changes and mechanical repairs. They also sell fuel, lubricants, and electric energy. Some service stations are also convenience stores. They are built similarly, but may differ slightly in design to comply with local regulations. Some even feature small shops and other facilities.