If you’re looking for a place to visit in Oklahoma, then you’ll want to consider Central City. This city is home to a wide variety of things to do. Check out Picker’s Place for souvenir shopping. The store has a unique assortment of products. Whether you’re looking for an oversized pin or a tiny keychain, you’ll find something here.

Lu-Ray Park

Lu-Ray Park is a park in downtown Central City. The park will be located on a three-acre lot, behind the First National Bank. The park will feature a large amphitheater, concession stand, restroom facilities, and a Veterans memorial. Aside from concerts, the park will also host festivals and private events.

The city of Central City, California is known for its outdoor amphitheater, which is a great place to see top-notch concerts and shows. The amphitheater is also a great place to watch community events. It opened in 2017 and can hold up to 7,500 people. You can also take advantage of the park’s walking trails and other park amenities.

Lu-Ray Park is home to a large amphitheater, which is an open-air venue designed for live performances. The structure is similar to the Hollywood Bowl, a famous outdoor venue in Los Angeles, and the StarLight Theatre, a famous venue in Kansas City. The amphitheater has a curved shape that helps amplify sound.

Picker’s Place

If you’re looking for a unique souvenir, Picker’s Place in Central City, KY, is the place for you. This eclectic mall is home to local craftsmen and makers, jewelry makers, and vintage music sellers. The mall is open twenty-four hours a day and features several parking lot sales throughout the year.

You’ll also find a variety of collectibles and quirky items at the Picker’s Place. You’ll be able to find anything from an A&J wall clock to a Planet of the Apes thermos. You can even find a vintage toy car, acrylic-painted lampshade, and a moto-scoot scooter.

Along the way, Mike and Frank visit a legendary local antique dealer named Buddy. They dig through the eccentric antique dealer’s outbuilding and discover some great finds. They also meet an eccentric collector who loves finding obscure relics. They also discover a rare, visible gas pump. This ‘automobile graveyard’ is a real picker’s paradise!

If you’re planning a road trip, Central City is a great destination. The town is located near Interstates 69 and 165. You can reach the nearby towns of Paducah, Evansville, and Bowling Green in about an hour and a half. The town’s quaint, small-town feel will make your visit to Central City one to remember.

Horseshoe Acres Campground

When it comes to Central City camping, few places are as charming as Horseshoe Acres Campground. It is a family-friendly park where children and pets are welcome. The campground offers plenty of amenities, such as a store and playground, to keep your trip a memorable one.

The campground is close to Madisonville, Nortonville, and Central City. It features large open fields for family recreation. If you’re interested in exploring the surrounding area, horseback riding is available. The campground borders Peabody WMA, making it easy to explore the area’s nature.

For water sports enthusiasts, Horseshoe Acres Campground offers a variety of activities, including canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboat rentals. The campground also has a concrete boat ramp where you can launch your own fishing boat. You’ll find a variety of wildlife in the area, including the red-tailed hawk and the short-eared owl.

Dostal Alley Casino

The Dostal Alley Casino and Brewery is a family-run, historic casino in the heart of Central City, Colorado. It opened in 1991 and has two levels of gaming. There are sixty slots, video poker, and a brewpub for a great dining experience. The brewery serves a wide selection of beer and snacks. The restaurant is also open to the public.

Founded in 1991, the Dostal Alley Casino & Brewery has a family-run atmosphere and is one of the first casinos to open in Central City. The 4,000 square feet of casino space is divided into two levels. The two floors offer the latest video poker machines and penny, nickel, quarter, and dollar slots. The casino also has a microbrewery and award-winning food.

In 1991, when gambling was legalized in Colorado, the Schmalz family opened the Dostal Alley Saloon and Gambling Emporium. They remained open, but decided to remove the T-shirt store and rock shop to focus on the casino. In 1997, they expanded to include a brewery and bar. The entire operation is still family-owned and operated.

Unlike other casinos, the Dostal Alley Casino in Central City offers a family-style atmosphere. It’s a welcoming place for people of all ages and there are no membership fees or loyalty programs. It’s open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. It also offers a restaurant that serves pizza and calzones, along with salads and locally-produced beer.

Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame

When you’re in the Central City area, be sure to check out the Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame. It’s one of the most well-known places in the state and is a must-see when you visit Muhlenberg County. This small town is also home to the Muhlenberg Music Museum and the Everly Brothers Monument. You can also find a variety of activities and restaurants in Central City.

Another great activity in Central City is the Women’s Hall of Fame, which is located in the public library. It showcases a variety of memorabilia and portraits of female personalities. You can also find a variety of outdoor activities in Central City, including hiking trails and biking trails.

Another place to visit in Central City is the Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum. You can see vintage and current race cars and motorbikes. There are also exhibits on the history of the racing industry in Kentucky. There is also a museum that features trophies, racing memorabilia, and a vintage soda shop.

The Kentucky Motorsports Hall of Fame and Museum is located adjacent to the Muhlenberg Music Museum. Visitors can enjoy a jukebox that was popular during the 1950s, the Everly Brothers monument, and more memorabilia. The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


The ghost town of Nevadaville is a scenic destination located just up the hill from Central City. Although the town was abandoned in 1900, you can still find a few of its original buildings, gravesites, and mines. These buildings and gravesites are privately owned, and most of them are not open to the public. However, you can still enjoy the view from the town’s Main Street. You can also visit the Mason Lodge, the only lodge in a ghost town in Colorado.

The property is located in Central City, CO. It is located at 0 Nevadaville Road. This property is currently for sale for $134,900. It is located near Gilpin County Undivided High School and Gilpin County Re-1 School. This property sits on a 1.94-acre lot.

If you’re driving, take a right onto Nevadaville Road. The road is a well-maintained dirt road. When it’s dry, it’s suitable for passenger cars. From I-70, drive up the hill and turn left on Nevadaville Road. The road will take you to the town’s center.

Nevadaville, Colorado, was a former gold mining town. It was founded in 1859 after the discovery of gold in Gregory Gulch. It was the mining center for the area until the 1870s. The town prospered into the 1880s but eventually declined. Today, it is mostly deserted.