There are many things to do in Big Lake. The city is located in Sherburne County and has a population of 11,686. You can visit Big Lake State Park or the Sand Dunes State Forest. You can also take and make crafts or enjoy art in the library. The city is also home to several arts centers.

Big Lake State Park

The public recreation area in northwest Missouri, Big Lake State Park, is home to a large lake and numerous activities. The 407-acre park was established in 1932 and is located at the northern end of Big Lake. Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, camping, and swimming. For those who prefer to spend the day on land, Big Lake is also a great choice for a day trip.

If you’re looking for activities, check out the Big Lake Community Fair, also known as the Business Expo and Vendor Fair. This fun event is family-friendly and packed with information about products and services offered in the area. There are also door prizes and food samples. The fair is also an excellent opportunity for local businesses to promote themselves and recruit new employees.

Lake Mitchell is a nearby lake and is a great place to go for a swim. The shoreline is 67 miles long, making it an excellent destination for swimming and boating. Visitors can rent water equipment from local outfitters on an hourly or daily basis. In winter, Big Lake freezes over and becomes a popular place for snowmachine competitions. Other fun winter activities include cross-country skiing and dog mushing.

The campground in Big Lake State Park offers amenities and activities for everyone. There are nine tent sites, camper cabins, and a day-use area with access to Big Lake. There are also paved roads, showers, and a dump/cleanout station.

Sand Dunes State Forest

One of the things to do in Big Lake is take a day trip to the Sand Dunes State Forest. This beautiful state forest is located in central Sherburne County, about three miles from the town of Zimmerman and five miles from the town of Big Lake. Visitors to the forest can experience a wide variety of recreation opportunities, including hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing.

In the 1930s, the Sand Dunes State Forest was established to keep the sand from blowing away. Today, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources plans to clear cut some of the red pines in the forest to generate revenue and restore the land to its natural state. This controversial plan is raising questions about the delicate balance of managing public lands. In addition to state-owned lands, the federal government has set aside 2.5 million acres for school trust lands.

The park is surrounded by vast sand dunes, towering up to 200 feet above Lake Michigan. Several types of animals and plants live in the park’s diverse ecosystem. The lake itself is a refuge for a variety of aquatic species. However, if you’re visiting during the summer, swim with care, because the fishery is changing.

If you have a car, you can drive to the state forest and explore the trails. Located just west of Big Lake and Zimmerman, this is easily accessible. Highways 10 and 169 will take you there.

Art in the Library

In the Sue Carter Friends of the Library Community Room, the Library has a large mural by Dine and Chicana artist Nanibah Chacon. The mural is part of a Book to Action program. This program gives patrons the opportunity to learn more about the world by reading a book. It also promotes literacy in the community.

Art in the Library programs can help the community explore different cultures and the role of art in the world. By providing access to diverse art forms, libraries can help artists create and share their work, while also giving them a wide audience. This means that an artist’s work can reach people who would otherwise never see it. This also helps promote the development of artistic literacy. The American Library Association affirms that visual and performing arts are powerful components of a library, and that libraries should provide opportunities for the community to experience them.

The exhibitions in the Library reflect the diversity of the Library’s collections, which are both local and international. They often focus on exploring American history and the cultures of other countries. Others focus on twentieth-century events, individuals, and works. In addition, there are several exhibitions focused on the first sustained contact between Native Americans and Europeans. One such exhibition is the African-American Mosaic, which explores four themes from the book.

The Art in the Library program also encourages the display of local artists’ work. The library has received numerous generous donations of art, and a number of these works are on permanent display. The Art in the Library brochure provides full information about each artwork, as well as photographs.

Cards and Crafts for Teens and Adults

While in Big Lake, you can participate in a variety of activities and events. Many local businesses hold events and exhibits for visitors. You can check the Big Lake Chamber of Commerce and Industry website to find out more about upcoming events. There’s also a Facebook page for the community, where you can learn about upcoming events, such as community gardens and dog vaccination clinics. Also, visit the local library for some fun activities.

Community celebrations

In Big Lake, Washington, there is no shortage of community celebrations to attend. From concerts to contests, Big Lake has something to celebrate every weekend. Local organizations and businesses host activities on the slopes, in The Village, and even in the forest. These events serve as a great way to promote your products, upcoming events, and job opportunities. But before you get started on planning your next event, be sure to register to set up a booth.

One of the community celebrations in Big Lake is Spud Fest. It all started with a simple conversation. In 1972, Big Lake civic and commercial club president Lyall Stearns talked with other citizens about putting on a Spud Fest. And in the same year, Spud Fest was born. This annual event has since grown into something more than just a spud-eating contest.