If you’re planning a trip to Big Bear, California, there are many fun things to do. Among these activities are the Boulder Bay Park, the Farmer’s Market, Bowling Alley, Skiing, and more. If you’re interested in trying out a zipline, then you should sign up for one of the zipline tours offered by Action Zipline Tours. In addition to zipline tours, you can also participate in a rope climbing workshop, which usually lasts three hours. Another popular attraction in Big Bear is Magic Mountain, which has several slides and rides as well as mini-golf.

Farmer’s Market

The Big Bear Farmer’s Market is an excellent place to find fresh fruits, vegetables, honey and other foods grown locally. You can also find a variety of handcrafted items and unique decorator items. Many vendors also sell home decor, handcrafted jewelry, clothing, and pet items. The farmers market is free and open to the public, and is the perfect place to get some great local bargains.

The Big Bear Convention Center parking lot hosts the Farmers Market, which is open every Tuesday from 8:30 to 1:00 PM. You can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers as well as eggs and honey. The market also includes booths manned by local artists. A great way to buy your fresh fruit and vegetables is to visit the market every Tuesday from April through October.

The Big Bear Farmers Market offers fresh produce and handmade crafts made by local artists and artisans. There are also dozens of food vendors selling fresh and local goods. Whether you are looking for a healthy snack, a delicious meal or a gift, the Big Bear Farmers Market has something for everyone.

Bowling Alley

There are many ways to spend a Saturday afternoon in Big Bear. For a fun activity for the whole family, head to the Bowling Alley. There are multiple lanes of bowling, comfort food, and beer. The food is family friendly and the atmosphere is fun for all ages.

If you haven’t been bowling in a while, you’ll definitely want to check out the bowling alleys in Big Bear. The town is home to over a dozen bowling alleys. These have an average rating of 8.0. The prices are a bit higher than they are in the larger cities, but the food is great. Although the alleys may be old, they are still a lot of fun.

Big Bear is a family-friendly town. Many parents cheer for their kids at soccer games and have dinner together every week. The weekends are ideal for events like this. Bowling in Big Bear is also a great way to spend a Saturday with your family. Try a game of bowling at the Big Bear Bowling Barn, located at 40625 Big Bear Boulevard. It also offers glow bowling during the night.

Big Bear Bowling Center also offers basketball-like stats and standings. You can even participate in tournaments, which give you extra incentive to bowl. The bowling alley also offers a laser maze, video games, and delicious food to go. If you are a team, make sure to check out the Dunkers Tournament, where the winning team gets $2,000!


Big Bear Mountain is one of the best places to go skiing in Southern California. Originally named Goldmine Mountain, it is part of the San Bernardino National Forest. The mountain was first established in 1969. Several ski resorts have opened there over the years, making it an ideal destination for families and individuals of all ages.

The region offers a variety of skiing activities, and the nearby beaches and mountains offer the perfect backdrop for a memorable day on the slopes. Big Bear Mountain Resorts feature slopes for beginners and advanced skiers. The slopes are very accessible and many rental homes are within walking distance. However, many of the prime rental properties sell out early.

The ski season in Big Bear runs from late November to mid-March. The ideal time to visit is towards the end of the month of February, when the slopes are still pristine and free from crowds. The resorts are also open on the weekend. Besides skiing, you can also indulge in a range of winter activities at Big Bear.

For those seeking an indoor activity, you can try the Big Bear Funplex. This entertainment complex offers a number of fun activities that your family can enjoy, including ice skating, arcade games, and lazer-tag.

Mountain biking

Big Bear is home to world-class mountain biking trails. It is a favorite of countless mountain bikers, and the area is often the site of national and international competitions. The area is home to several online biking groups and a large network of trails. Located on the eastern edge of the Santa Barbara Mountains, Big Bear is an ideal place to enjoy cycling year-round.

The area is home to several bike shops and clubs and is home to multiple cycling events. Whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting out, Big Bear is a great place to start. During your trip, you can also visit the local Big Bear Discovery Center for advice or to rent a bike.

Bike trails in Big Bear Lake include flat, paved trails and a number of challenging and fun options for the entire family. Beginners can enjoy a leisurely five-mile round trip along the Alpine Pedal Path along the north shore of Big Bear Lake. The paved path offers pleasant views of the lake while riding. More adventurous cyclists can take their bikes up to Onyx Summit for a panoramic view of Big Bear Lake.

Mountain biking in Big Bear is perfect for people who want to get away from the city and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Its easy access from Southern California makes it ideal for day trips or extended stays. The area offers a variety of downhill and cross-country trails with breathtaking lake views.


If you’re looking for a challenging hike, you may want to try the Castle Rock Trail. This trail takes you up to the top of a granite outcropping, which offers spectacular views of Big Bear Lake. It starts on the side of Highway 18 and intersects with the Champion Lodgepole Pine Trail and Bluff Lake. There is limited parking on the trail, so you’ll want to plan your hike accordingly.

Big Bear boasts over one million acres of National Forest, which make it one of the best places to go hiking in Southern California. There are several hiking trails throughout the area, and each one offers a different micro-climate. The East Valley area, for example, has a high desert climate and contains Joshua Trees. You’ll also find wetlands, meadows, and springs, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Hiking in Big Bear is safe, but remember to pack food and water. While hiking, you should also bring a fanny pack for your lunch, a small flashlight, and a fanny pack with matches. This way, you can safely find your way back if you get lost. Also, stay on the trails and avoid off-trail hiking.


Big Bear Lake offers a wealth of activities for visitors of all ages, from hiking and biking to water sports and fishing. Visitors can also participate in winter sports, including ice skating and skiing. In addition to the lake, Big Bear is also home to the Big Bear Mountain Resort, where you can enjoy a variety of winter sports and base-area activities.

One of Big Bear’s top attractions is its scenic beauty. Whether you’re hiking through the San Bernardino National Forest, or simply looking for a breathtaking view of Big Bear Lake, there’s something for everyone. There are numerous trails to explore and a wealth of wildlife to see. A helicopter tour is an excellent way to see the area from a unique perspective.

One of Big Bear’s most popular hikes is the Castle Rock Trail. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, this one-mile loop is an ideal place to explore the area and its surroundings. The trail offers great views and can be easily hiked year-round.