There are many things to do in Barksdale Air Force Base. Here are a few of them: Touchstone Wildlife and Art Museum, Bomber Bayou Golf Course, Barksdale Global Power Museum, and CrossFit Sage. These activities will be sure to make your vacation an unforgettable one!

Touchstone Wildlife and Art Museum

While you’re on base at Barksdale Air Force Base, you might want to visit the Touchstone Wildlife and Art Museum. This museum is filled with over 1,000 stuffed animals and exhibits. The museum displays the stuffed animals in simulated natural habitats. You can also see Native American artifacts and taxidermy. There are also dioramas, rare animal skins, and war memorabilia.

While you’re visiting the museum, you may be interested in the history of strategic bombing. You can also view several historic airplanes at the museum. The museum is located on the 2nd Bomb Wing’s base. The museum displays many items that were used during World War II.

The Touchstone Wildlife and Art Museum is an educational and entertaining attraction for families and individuals of all ages. You’ll be able to find items that are unique and represent different cultures. There’s also a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs and other items. Besides seeing animals in their natural habitat, the Touchstone Wildlife and Art Museum also hosts several live performances, including dances and musical performances.

Barksdale Global Power Museum

The United States Air Force runs the Barksdale Global Power Museum near Bossier City, Louisiana. Founded in 1946, the museum features aircraft from all over the world. It also offers the chance to learn about the development of aviation. You can also find a full-size replica of the world’s largest aircraft in the museum’s hangar.

The museum displays vintage aircraft from all over the world, including the B-17 Flying Fortress and the B-24 Liberator. You can also see the famous North American P-51D Mustang and the B-52D Stratofortress. You will learn about the years of training these pilots spent in the air to deter war.

The museum is a great place to spend an hour on a sunny day. Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring your driver’s license with you. Considering that the base is still an active military base, you don’t want to spend the whole day here. You can also look at the museum’s large collection of planes and trainers. There’s even a 911 system so you can contact emergency services.

The museum has six exhibit galleries, including a WWII era briefing room. You’ll also find the wooden lectern that President George W. Bush used to address the nation following 9/11. The museum also has a flag and clocks from that era. The museum also features a film about the history of the base.

CrossFit Sage

If you’re a military family member stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base, you may want to consider checking out the fitness center located in the base’s Iron Airman Facility. This fitness center is open 24 hours a day and offers Olympic-style workouts for military personnel. CrossFit Sage offers a friendly, welcoming environment with experienced coaches who tailor the workouts to your specific fitness goals and abilities.

CrossFit Sage at Barksdale Air Force Base is led by Anthony Golembeck, a geodetic surveyor at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. Golembeck and his team have a passion for fitness and competing in CrossFit competitions. In fact, Golembeck recently placed 135th in the Master’s Division of the 2021 CrossFit Open. Golembeck’s routines include wall walks, burpee box jump-overs, weighted front squats, and gymnastics movements. The team also uses a racquetball court as an exercise area.