There is no one linen closet solution that will work for all home owners. However, there are several ideas that you can use to maximize your linen closet space. These ideas include an Open bookcase, Floating shelves, Baskets, and Over-the-door racks. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Open bookcase

Open bookcases are a great solution for apartments without linen closets. You can place one behind the bathroom or bedroom door, or in the hallway. An open bookcase is a good choice because it can save space while keeping linens organized and out of sight. You can also make the bookcases decorative with bins to keep matching sets together.

Open shelving allows you to display your linens as artwork, and it can also double as a linen closet. The open design allows you to store your linens by color, and it also looks modern. You can also use the open shelves to display things like plants and photographs. And you don’t have to worry about it being in the way.


Baskets are a fantastic linen closet solution. You can store folded towels and other small items in them. Baskets are also great for storing hand towels. They can also be hung from command hooks on the back of the linen closet door. This way, you can easily access them when you need them.

To make the most of a linen closet, it is helpful to group items by use. You can put towels, cleaning supplies, and other items in one area. You can also stack baskets on top of each other for additional storage space. Stacking containers will make it easier to organize like items. Remember to not overcrowd them, as you don’t want to end up with too many items or a cluttered space.

Using baskets as a linen closet solution is an easy way to organize a space and save space. You can use wire baskets, wicker baskets, and even see-through plastic bins. For a more organized look, you can also add shelf dividers. These are small, adjustable, and clip onto existing shelves.

Another great solution for a linen closet is to use under-shelf baskets. These are perfect for keeping small items close at hand. They can be easily moved from side to side and are easy to stack. They are also great for storing folded sheets. They can also be moved to other rooms in the house.

Baskets are a great linen closet solution, which can be styled to fit your room. Several styles are available online and at retail stores, including Rae Dunn products. You can also find inexpensive storage baskets at TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Marshalls. Baskets are also great for keeping your cleaning essentials neat. They make it easy to survey the contents of your linen closet and find the items you need.

Over-the-door racks

Over-the-door racks can be a great way to organize your linen closet. They allow you to easily store and find tablecloths and runners. The hanging option also makes it easier to see the items and keeps them wrinkle-free. While storing linens in the closet, it’s important to avoid the risk of moths. To prevent moths from entering your closet, use baking soda or cedar blocks to absorb bad odors and keep them away.

You can also use wire shelf dividers. These can be purchased at big box stores or online and will help you organize smaller items easily. In addition, you can add wire baskets to hang from the back of the door. You can fill them with small accessories. Another option is to use water-hyacinth bins to store larger items like towels and blankets. These can be tagged with the item’s name, which will make them easier to find.

In addition to providing additional storage space, over-the-door racks can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your closet. For example, they provide a convenient spot to hang an entire outfit. Additionally, they are inexpensive and easy to install. Additionally, they can also serve as a family command center by providing a spot to keep keys, sunglasses, and school projects.

When shopping for over-the-door racks, it’s important to consider the size of your closet. The InterDesign Axis 8-Hook Wall-Mount Rack is a great solution for small items. It features eight hooks and is 18 1/4 inches wide.


Baskets and caddies can be a great linen closet solution. These containers can act as a towel organizer and can also be used for decorative pillows. Wire or plastic caddies can also be used to store cleaning supplies and laundry essentials. You can also add labels to your baskets and caddies to easily locate and organize things.

Caddies are useful for organizing baby supplies, too. They can hold everything from pacifiers to wipes. You can also place them on the floor or shelves. A caddy can also be a great storage solution for medications. You’ll be able to keep these items in one place, so you won’t have to go looking for them.

There are also over-the-door storage options that can help you maximize your space in a linen closet. These products are especially useful if you have a small closet. Many over-the-door units feature hooks so you can hang your towels. Others are designed to hold heavier items.

Another great way to organize your linen closet is by stacking or folding. For maximum efficiency, place heavy items on the bottom, and lighter items on top. For added organization, you can try using bed sheet organizers to help you stack and store your sheets. Another great idea is to tuck your bed sheets into pillowcases to save space and prevent misplacing them.