Home Edit services come at a variety of prices. Prices range from virtual DIY packages to full in-home services. Some services offer 15-minute video consultations. These consultations can be very helpful when you’re planning to update a room. Some editors charge by the project, and others charge by the hour.

Cost of virtual DIY packages

DIY packages offer a cost-effective solution to the home-improvement dilemma. They are designed to be user-friendly and come with an extensive selection of high-quality renders. The cost of these packages varies according to the scope of work and whether they include a project-based fee or an hourly rate. The latter is usually used for large projects. Clients typically pay half the fee up front and the remaining half after the project is completed.

Cost of 15-minute video consultation

The Home Edit offers in-home video consultation services for a fee. The first hour costs $250, while a three-hour session costs $525. Both packages include a virtual consultation, which will give the client specific recommendations on how to organize their home. They will also make recommendations for purging and placement of items.

While video consultations can be useful for many different types of health conditions, they are best used in special cases or when physical consultations aren’t possible. Video consultations can also result in more effective arrangements regarding patient care. However, if patients do not feel comfortable with the service, they can end the consultation at any time. If they choose to end the consultation, they should be aware that they will still be responsible for paying the consultation fee.