The Home Edit Large Drawer is a storage solution with a modular, stackable design that helps you organize space. The drawers are clear and can be stacked or used as single units. They are also very easy to clean and maintain. The drawers are made from melamine so they are stain-free and will last for years.

It’s modular

The Home Edit is a home decor brand that is known for making everything perfect. In collaboration with iDesign, they have created a line of storage systems for your home that is multipurpose and unique. You can use these systems to organize almost anything from small appliances to travel-sized skincare products. The stacked units feature removable dividers and integrated handles.

The Home Edit’s modular storage system is made of shatter-resistant, BPA-free plastic and comes in an assortment of colors. These stacked storage solutions are easy to clean and assemble. They feature clear removable dividers for easy access to all of the contents within. The containers also have easy-to-carry handles, which make it easy to move them around your home.

The Home Edit collection is also available in multiple sizes. Whether you need a large drawer to organize kitchen and bathroom items, or a smaller one for the laundry, you can mix and match the organizers to suit your needs. These multipurpose units are available at Walmart and can be purchased for under $50.

It’s stackable

In collaboration with iDesign, The Home Edit has launched a new line of storage products for your home. Their large drawers feature clear plastic and integrated handles for convenient transport. Each one is stackable and has a removable divider for further organisation. The Home Edit line is available exclusively at John Lewis & Partners.

It uses museum gel dots

A museum gel is a substance used by museums to keep items from rattling. It also helps to secure breakable items in an earthquake. In this case, it helps keep the containers in place in a large drawer. The museum gel can be added to the bottom of the inserts to ensure that they don’t shift around.