The European maine coon breed is a wonderful choice for people who want a naughty, playful pet. The breeders can prepare the cats for routines and groom them according to your preference. This will ensure that your new pet is as playful and affectionate as you’d hoped.

Breed standard

The Maine Coon Standard has been in discussion for years. The breed standard of the Maine Coon is quite similar to that of the American Cat Fanciers Association. There are several differences, though. For example, the MCBFA standard does not specify how many toes the dog should have, although both types are accepted. The Unified Standard was recognized by the American Cat Fanciers Association in summer 1973, and it was later accepted by all American associations. It now forms the basis for Maine Coon judging.

The Maine Coon has a broad, round head with high cheekbones and a square muzzle. Its ears are large and taper to a pointed tip, and have distinctive ear furnishings. The Maine Coon’s eyes are large and oval-shaped. They may be green, copper, or odd-eyes.

When the breed was first recognized, it was classified as a Poly. However, there was much debate over what constituted a Coon, and the standard was not stable until 2005. This caused a long and arduous battle over the details of the coon’s appearance. The new standard includes a standard for the eyes and ears. It also requires that the tail is at least as long as the body.

The European Maine Coon is not a member of the CFA, but it is considered a member of FIFe. Because of its recent popularity, the breed’s standard has undergone two revisions. The CFA standard now defines the breed much more clearly and allows it to grow without the “farm cat” stigma.

The Maine Coon is an adorable, gentle giant that enjoys spending time with people. They are extremely playful, sociable, and loyal. They get very attached to people and can easily bond with them. While they are not lap cats, they do enjoy rubbing up against people and being held close.

While the European Maine Coon differs from the American Maine Coon in some aspects, they are similar in appearance and personality. Both are sociable and well-suited for families with young children. Both are hardy and can adapt to most living conditions.

Physical characteristics

The Maine Coon has a medium-long coat with two layers, a soft undercoat and a thicker coat with longer guard hairs. This coat is dense and soft, and helps the cats stay warm during cold weather. In addition to the coat, the Maine Coon also has a long ruff around its neck, which can add to their unique appearance.

The American Maine Coon is believed to have originated in Maine during the colonial period, though its exact ancestry is unclear. Some believe that it may have originated in Northern Europe, particularly in Scandinavia. In the early 19th century, a cat captain named Jack Coon brought some long-haired cats to ports in New England. These cats were mixed with feral cats and eventually bred, resulting in the species we know today.

The European Maine Coon resembles the American version of the breed, but has a much more ferocious look. The European breed has a broader muzzle and higher cheekbones than the American version, and its ears are shaped like lynxes. They also have larger ear tufts, and they have a much stronger and more feral appearance.

The Maine Coon’s ancestry can be traced back to the raccoon and cat that interbred during the ancient ages. The breed was later used as a domestic pet and was once bred by the French queen Marie Antoinette, who hoped to escape France but never made the move to America.

Male Maine Coons are outgoing, sociable and inquisitive. Females are less boisterous than males and tend to be reserved. They are intelligent and playful. They are also good with children. However, they do prefer their own space. In addition to their owners, they do well with other pets.

The Maine Coon is a highly intelligent and dexterous cat. Unlike some cats, the Maine Coon can learn to do tricks. If trained properly, a Maine Coon can learn how to open cabinet doors and turn on faucets. In addition, some can even eat food using their paws.


A Maine Coon is a big, muscular cat with a charming personality. Males are particularly friendly and outgoing. Their chirps are a pleasant way to communicate with them. They also interact with humans through their front paws. This cat breed is extremely intelligent and playful.

The breed’s sweet disposition and small tusks have earned them the nickname “gentle giants.” They are extremely sociable and never shy away from humans, and they can bond with their owners. Males can even bond with strangers, and they do well with other pets. They prefer their own space, but they do well with other pets.

Maine Coons are great pets for families. They tolerate kids and busy households without causing a lot of trouble. They are also intelligent, and can be trained to play fetch. Their intelligence and personality make them an excellent choice for children. They are loyal, smart, and highly affectionate. In fact, they can be trained to interact with people and other animals. So if you’re thinking about getting a Maine Coon, read on to learn more about their personality.

European Maine Coons differ from their American counterparts in that they are much larger. They range in length from 48 to 76 cm, and weigh from 3.6 to 11 kg. Males are generally larger than females. Their long, bushy tails and signature lynx-like ears also distinguish them from the American breed. Their almond-shaped, piercing eyes make them look a bit more wild than their American counterparts.

The personality of the Maine Coon is highly adaptable, making them an excellent addition to any family. They love being around children and can handle being pulled around by small children. They are affectionate and loyal, and enjoy being petted. They also respond well to pets and other animals. So, if you want to get a beautiful cat, this might be the breed for you.

While some Maine Coons have the same personality traits, each individual cat has its own unique personality. Some cats will be more independent than others, and others will exhibit traits that are unusual for a Maine Coon.


A European Maine Coon is slightly different from its American counterpart, but they are still both beautiful cats. The differences between the two breeds are more than their physical attributes; their personalities are also similar. Read on to learn more about these two distinct types of Maine coons. And don’t worry; you won’t have to be a breed expert to get the facts. This article includes affiliate links, but they don’t impact the price or availability of any products.

Maine Coons are very social creatures and enjoy spending time with humans. They have a highly sociable, playful temperament and are quite vocal, expressing a variety of complex sounds. They are also very intelligent and obedient. It’s not unusual to see them walking on a leash while interacting with humans.

European Maine Coons are slightly different from their American counterparts, but they have the same medium-length fur and colors. The European Maine Coon has longer ears and shorter tails, and its face looks more wild than the American version. While the American Maine Coon has softer, rounded features, the European version has more defined cheekbones and almond-shaped eyes.