The best way to organize your house is to start by decluttering. Having less stuff makes organizing easier because you can fit more things in a space. This will also save you money on organizing products. This article will discuss 13 easy tips to help you get your house organized. They will make life easier, and will save you time and money.

Declutter first

One of the first things you should do when organizing your house is decluttering. This task may seem like a daunting task, but it will be much more manageable when you focus on one area at a time. To make the task easier, you can make a list of five areas you’d like to review.

Decluttering is a great way to free up space and make your house more functional. Once you’ve listed the things you want to keep, you should begin to organize them in a designated area. You can also start by adding dividers to your storage boxes. This will help you keep the items you need easily accessible.

Once you’ve categorized your items into priority categories, start by decluttering a small section of your house. This can take 15 minutes to an hour. For bigger projects, it can take longer. To keep your time in check, prioritize rooms based on the clutter they contain. Remember that decluttering is a marathon, not a sprint, so break it up into smaller segments and do them often.

Decluttering your home will also allow you to see what you have. This process will help you get rid of things you don’t need and improve your overall quality of life. It’s not just a cleaning task; it’s an exercise in being honest with yourself and deciding what to keep and get rid of.

Give each item a clearly defined home

When organizing your house, make sure each item has a logical home. Storing things without a logical home is like stashing them. Having a place for every item means you can find it easily and quickly. For instance, you should have a specific place for children’s toys and old tax records.

A clear home for each item will also make it easier for you to find them and to put them back. Once your house is free of clutter, you’ll have fewer things to organize. This will make it easier to find things and to put them away when you are done using them.

Use containers

If you’re trying to get rid of clutter and organize your house, consider using containers to keep your stuff in order. They help you group things together, prevent misplacing them, and are easy to wash and wipe clean. In the kitchen, for instance, you can use a counter top canister to keep your counters tidier by grouping frequently used utensils.

Another tip to help you organize your house is to take pictures of your rooms. This will help you remember details that you might forget, such as the angle of the closet walls. A photo also helps you remember the dimensions of the rooms in your house. For example, a photo of your closet will remind you to avoid placing furniture near the air vents. A photo will also help you remember how to use matching containers.

Another tip to help you organize your house is to use plastic containers for storage. These can easily be found at yard sales and thrift stores. Drawstring backpacks and tote bags can also make great containers. You may want to label each bin to remind yourself and family members what type of items go in it.

When using containers to organize your house, make sure to label each container so that you can easily locate it. For example, if you are an artist, you may have art supplies and other supplies that end up in your house. You can use a three-tier rolling cart to keep all of them organized. Having labels is important to avoid clutter and keep your things looking neat and organized.

Declutter an entryway

One of the best ways to organize your house is to declutter your entryway. This area can be filled with clutter and can lead to frustration and wasted time. Decluttering your entryway will allow you to use the space for its intended purpose instead of being overcrowded.

One of the best ways to declutter an entryway is to remove everything that doesn’t belong there. It should be simple, with attractive items on display and utilitarian items hidden away. For example, a fresh bouquet of flowers will brighten up the space. A basket or two will also hide utilitarian items. Remember that too much storage will only lead to overcrowding, so keep a minimalist setup.

You should also provide seating in the entryway. This will help reduce the dust that settles on your carpeting. If possible, put a small table near the seating area to discourage people from dropping things on their seats. You can also place shelving in the entryway to hold temporary items. You can also have a small mail sorter in your entryway for outgoing mail.

A good entryway provides space to store outdoor clothing, hang bags, keep umbrellas, and store keys. It can also be a stylish area, with eye-catching wall art.

Organize a closet

The best way to organize a closet is to use matching hangers for different items. You can also organize your closet by color. You can also store folded items in drawers or shelves. If you have shoes, you can use shoe racks and clear plastic shoe containers. You can also set up another closet for seasonal clothes. If you don’t have the space for a separate closet, consider setting up a storage unit.

You should prioritize the items you wear the most. The front of your closet should be designated for the most frequently worn items. The center and back shelves should hold items you wear less frequently. The top shelf should be reserved for out-of-season clothing or super-fancy shoes.

You should also make sure to clean your closet regularly to keep it looking its best. You should clean your closet at least two to three times a year so that dust and clutter won’t build up. A thorough cleaning of your closet can save you a great deal of time.

If your closet doesn’t have enough hanging space, consider adding a small armoire or plastic rolling dresser. Using hangers that have a similar color can prevent clothes from falling and tangling. You should also consider installing hooks on the back of your closet door. You can also get inexpensive and stylish hooks from places like Anthropologie and Schoolhouse Electric. Using hooks in a closet can help you make the room look more organized.

Organize a pantry

The first step to organizing your pantry is to sort all of your items by category. For instance, if you keep pasta, you might want to put it in airtight containers, and keep individual items in plastic storage bins. This way, you can maximize the space in your pantry, and it will look organized as well.

The next step is to organize the shelf space. You should start with the shelves at the top of the pantry. Use dividers to separate like items. For example, you can place dry ingredients and fruit on the top shelf, while wet ingredients and boxed goods are placed below. You can also group similar-looking items together, such as aprons or mugs. Once you have the items grouped, you can move on to the lower shelf, where you can keep bottles of juice and other liquids.

Once you’ve sorted out your items, you can start labeling them. You can even use cardboard boxes to make your pantry look pretty. Another step in organizing your pantry is to remove expired items. You should know which foods last longer than others, but it is always a good idea to get rid of those that have expired.

Similarly, you can organize canned goods. Labels should be visible, so that you can easily identify what’s in each can.