There are many ways to store your shoes in a small closet. You can purchase clear shoe boxes, stackable mesh shelves, and over-the-door hanging shoe organizers. These options will help keep your shoes organized and make them easier to find when you need to get ready. Many of them can also be part of your decor.

Clear shoe boxes

Shoe boxes can be very useful for organizing your shoes, especially if you have a small closet. These plastic boxes can be placed on shelves or under hanging clothes. They are also stackable, which means you can stack them without damaging them. They are also great for fashion accessories.

You can buy clear shoe boxes with pictures on them that help you organize your collection. These boxes are widely available and will store most of your collection of shoes. You can even buy ones with special dividers for sandals and tall shoes. Another good option is to use file dividers to store all your shoes.

You can organize your shoes according to the type and brand. This way, you do not have to worry about storing the wrong kind of shoes in the wrong bin. Moreover, you can keep your shoes in their original boxes, which means you don’t have to search for them.

When you don’t have enough room in your closet, you can use underbed shoe organizers, which are a great solution for the shoes you can’t reach on a daily basis. Professional organizer Rolanda Lokey recommends this solution because it offers space-efficient storage and maximizes the closet. Some underbed organizers come with dividers, which you can adjust depending on whether you have tall winter boots or tall summer wedges. They also feature clear covers, which make it easier to identify your shoes and keep out dust.

Clear shoe boxes are also an excellent option for organizing your shoes. Keeping your shoes organized and in order will help you wear them more often.

Stackable mesh shelves

Stackable mesh shelves can be a great way to store and organize shoes in a small closet. They are made of breathable mesh and can accommodate up to 12 pairs of shoes. They are also inexpensive and space-efficient. You can choose from a wide selection of materials, including wood, resin, metal, clear plastic, canvas, and mesh. Mesh shelves are also durable and allow for ample air flow.

When choosing the right type of shoe shelves, consider their ease of assembly. Beware of inferior-quality shoe shelves, which may not hold up well to the weight of your shoes. They also may not be sturdy enough to prevent scratches on the floor. Additionally, look for models with rubber capped feet to avoid scuffing your floors. Also, look for models that are deep enough to accommodate men’s shoes.

A two-shelf shoe stacker is a good option if you want a simple, minimalist design. Its white finish, as well as its bamboo-like appearance, give it a clean, modern look. They are also easy to clean.

If you’re looking for a shoe storage solution that is both flexible and space-saving, consider an under-bed organizer. These solutions are perfect for storing shoes that are not reached often. Professional organizer Rolanda Lokey recommends these units because they allow for easy access to shoes, while conserving valuable closet space. Under-bed organizers also come with adjustable dividers, so you can keep summer wedges and tall winter boots separate. Additionally, a clear cover makes finding your shoes a breeze. This clear cover also keeps dust out of your shoes.

If you’re limited by space, consider installing a freestanding shoe cubby. They take up very little floor space, but they are better for people with many pairs of shoes. They come in individual “boxes,” which hold up to four pairs of shoes. There are some models that come with translucent doors, and you can even add a door to each section. These cubbies can be easily moved from one closet to another, which is convenient.

Over the door hanging shoe organizer

A hanging shoe organizer can be installed over a door to keep shoes organized and out of sight. It measures approximately 18″W x 64″H and has 24 pockets. It can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes and is easy to assemble. You can also use it inside your closet to store additional pairs of shoes.

There are a number of high-rated over-the-door shoe organizers on the market. This product is highly rated and features 24 pockets for up to 12 pairs of shoes. It’s made from sturdy plastic, so your shoes won’t get dusty. It can even be used for other items, like kids’ toys. This organizer is affordable at only $10.

The SimpleHouseware Over-the-Door Hanging Shoe Organizer has a convenient design that eliminates the need for any hardware. This shoe organizer is easy to install, and it is compatible with both residential and commercial doors. The system comes with hooks for easy hanging shoes.

If you have a small closet or are tight on space, you should choose an over-the-door hanging shoe organizer. This type of rack is great for storing high-heeled shoes that aren’t safe to keep on the floor. These racks are also convenient for use in small homes, since they can be placed on multiple doors.

Dedicated shelves

One of the best ways to organize shoes in a small closet is to install dedicated shelves. This will allow you to store shoes by color, type, brand, and occasion. This will make your closet look more spacious, and will give it a wow factor.

You can also use shoe holders for additional storage. These add vertical space and can store twice as many pairs of shoes as regular shelving. They also add style to your room by standing alone, allowing you to display them. Dedicated shoe shelves also look great in any room and can become a decorative feature.

Dedicated shelves can be placed on the floor or above. You can even install them behind the door, which works if the door has enough clearance. You can also use space-saving plastic shoe stackers on the bottom of cabinets or on existing shelves. These are easy to install and are the best way to organize shoes in a small closet.

Another effective way to organize shoes in a small closet is to use cubbies. These are ready-made storage units that require only a small amount of space along the wall. The cubbies are also modular, so you can organize the shoes by color or occasion.

One of the biggest problems with organizing shoes is the lack of space. Using shoe racks is a good idea, but it won’t work if your collection is small. You can also use boxes to store seasonal shoes. You can label them with pictures so they are easily recognizable.

Stackable cube organizer

A stackable cube organizer will save you floor space and neatly organize your shoes. It also looks cool and is easy to install. The cubes are spacious enough to store most shoes even with long heels. The cubes also allow you to stack them up to create an entire wall of shoes. If you don’t have floor space for an expensive organizer, you can also build a wooden corner shelf to store your shoes.

A shoe space saver will help you save space by adding more vertical space to your closet. These space savers have plastic dividers that prevent your shoes from sliding off the shelf. The shelves will hold up to three pairs of shoes. Depending on how many pairs you own, you may need to make a few smaller shelves.

The over-the-door shoe organizer is a popular option. It comes in four different colors and has 24 pockets. It has room for at least 12 pairs of adult shoes and more for your kids. It also fits in a small space and is affordable at less than $10.

The space under the bed is often overlooked, but it’s an untapped gold mine for small homes. Often overlooked, the space underneath the bed is the perfect space for shoe storage. There’s no shortage of space under the bed, and you can even place shoe drawers underneath it.

Having more space to store your shoes will make your closet look neat and organized. It will also make getting ready a lot easier.