There are several ways to organize your closet. One way is to keep all of your sheet sets at eye level. Another way is to use shelf dividers to keep your sheets stacked neatly. This will help you save space and be able to find the sheets easily. You can also use bins and keep your items organized by color-coding them.


Whether you have a closet full of clothes or not, there is a way to organize your sheets. Bins are a good option to use for storing bulky items like sheets and blankets. You can also store them in special bags that compress the bulky items.

Bins are also a great option for storing towels. They act as cubbies in a closet, making it easier to find a specific item. They also help to separate bedding, pillow cases, and cleaning supplies. The best thing is that they come with labels, which make them easy to find.

Another great option for a linen closet is woven or wicker baskets. These are attractive and make a good storage solution. These baskets are a great choice for a linen closet that’s not very deep. You can stack several bins of a particular type next to each other, and then create groups of different items. Leave gaps between the stacks to create a clean and eclectic look.

Under-the-shelf baskets

Adding under-the-shelf baskets to your closet is a great way to maximize your linen closet storage space. They allow you to store bedding items like comforters and sheets side by side while still allowing you to reach the bottom basket. You can even use these containers to store linens such as towels.

Another way to organize your linen closet is to create zones or categories. For example, you can organize linens by type, size and location. Similarly, you can organize your dish towels and beach towels by size and color. You can also divide your linens by season or room.

If you have a large linen closet, you may find it difficult to arrange linens. You can add acrylic shelf dividers to your closet to prevent your linens from falling off. These dividers are easy to install and adjust. They also don’t require tools.

Another option is to place baskets on bench tops in your bedroom. These bench tops can also be used to store extra throw blankets and pillows. They can even double as a window seat. Baskets add a boho vibe to any room and can also be used for storage.

Another way to organize sheets is to fold them. While this may take more time, it is worth the time it saves. When folding your sheets, you should also label them with their size. Folded sheets are more convenient for storage because they take up less space than unfolded ones.

Wire storage baskets are another option for linen storage. These are durable and prevent items from falling out of them. A wire storage basket is also a great option for organizing small items. Another advantage of using wire baskets is that they allow you to see what’s inside.

Color-coding your items

Color-coding your items is a great way to organize your linen closet. Assign different colors to different rooms and beds in your home. This will make it easy for you to find what you need faster and reduce the clutter that can build up in your closet. It will also make your home more stylish and comfortable. In addition, color-coding can help you find the right clothes quickly and easily.

Before you start color-coding, you will want to sort and label your items. To achieve the rainbow effect, sort your items by color and then put them in sections according to their color. For example, if you have blue and purple t-shirts, put them in separate sections.

You can also organize your towels and washcloths by color. This way, you will know what to pull out and place where. You can label them with color-coded clips or labels. It is also a good idea to roll your sheets and towels before storing them in the closet.

Color-coding your items is an excellent way to organize your closet and maintain order. Color-coding is easy to maintain and allows you to make changes to your closet color coding as needed. You can easily change the colors of your items to match the season. And once you’ve organized your closet, you’ll be more likely to maintain it and keep it clean.

Hanging blankets on hangers

One of the best ways to organize blankets and sheets is to hang them on hangers. This will not only keep them organized, but will also keep them from getting wrinkled. It’s especially effective for heavy blankets or duvet covers.

First, decide how you’d like to organize them. You might find it helpful to categorize them by size. Once you’ve figured out your preferred method, try to cut back on the number of linens you have. Ideally, you’d have two sets of sheets for each bed.

Another helpful solution is a storage ottoman that can store blankets. This handy piece of furniture can also serve as a footrest and seat when you’re changing your sheets. Or, if you have room in your closet for a trunk, consider storing your blankets in it. This will also give you more storage space in your closet and make the blankets easier to move from one room to another.

Another effective method to organize linens is to use a linen closet organizer. These organizers come with cubbies, which will allow you to see what you’re looking for at a glance. Alternatively, you can make use of a drawer under the bed to easily store bedding items. This will save you from having to remember where everything is.

Using wire shelf dividers

Using wire shelf dividers for sheet storage is an easy way to keep your closet tidy. These dividers can clip into existing wire shelving systems and provide more stability for stacks of sheets and clothing. These dividers are also made of plastic coated steel and will not rust.

You can use wire shelf dividers to separate individual linens, such as sheets and pillowcases. These dividers can be placed on individual shelves or in bins. You can also hang wire baskets from the back of the linen closet door to keep smaller accessories neat. Larger linens and hand towels can be stored in water hyacinth bins, which can be labeled so you can easily find what you need.

Another way to organize your linens is to color code them. Stack items of similar colors together. This will save you the cost of organizational tools. Another effective way to organize your sheets is to store them in pillowcases, which will make it easier to stack and store them in the same place.

If you do not have a lot of money to spend on a closet organization system, you can always get shelf dividers from Ikea. These shelves are available for as little as $11 and can be easily installed. These dividers are easy to install and remove.

Another great use for wire shelf dividers is for organizing sheets. They can be used in the linen closet, the kitchen, pantry, the toy closet, or even a game closet. The dividers can be adjusted to fit any shelf, preventing stacks from toppling over.