To organize your jewelry properly, there are a few different ways to go. For example, instead of leaving it scattered on your nightstand, purchase a catch-all for your jewelry. Another great option is to use empty drawers in your bedroom to store your jewelry. Stackable drawer organizers are also a good solution.


Whether you are a jewelry designer or just a simple home organizer, there are many different containers for jewelry you can use. Several of them are modular, which allows you to stack and arrange your jewelry however you choose. If you have a large collection of bracelets and earrings, you may want to consider purchasing a modular jewelry box. These units come in a variety of different colors and sizes. One popular color is ballet pink.

Choosing containers for jewelry is important because it will make it easier to store, clean, and organize your jewelry. They can help protect your jewelry from damage and keep it looking its best. Additionally, you will be able to keep your jewelry organized, which is very important when it comes to preventing theft.

Another good option for jewelry storage is a hanging jewelry organizer. These boxes have multiple compartments that are useful for storing all types of accessories. You can also choose a pouch to protect your silver jewelry, which tends to tarnish.

Wall-mounted armoires

There are several types of armoires available, including freestanding and fixed-up models. Before you buy one, however, take a careful inventory of your jewelry collection. You probably don’t need a large armoire with 18 cushioned ring rolls and dozens of hooks. Choose the design that best suits your style and needs.

Some models have drawers, which make it easy to access your jewelry. Others feature separate compartments for studs and hoop earrings. A good armoire should also include a place for your makeup. Some designs feature a combination of shelves and drawers, which gives you plenty of storage space for both your earrings and your makeup.

Organizing your jewelry is very important for two reasons. First, it prevents you from losing or damaging precious stones. Second, it makes it easier to find your favorite pieces and avoid tangles. Fortunately, there are several options for organizing jewelry at home, including a wall-mounted jewelry armoire and drawer inserts. You can even purchase a mirrored jewelry cabinet that mounts to the wall like a mirror.

A jewelry armoire with a mirrored door front and two-tiers of shelves can also be placed on a recessed wall. A white-colored armoire will go well in a transitional or rustic-style home, while a burgundy-colored one will look great on a traditional or classic decor.

Stacker jewelry boxes

Stackers jewelry boxes are modular storage boxes that have many options for storing your baubles. You can add additional trays to the bottom of your box, or even add an additional level of storage if you need more storage space. They also come in many colors and are available in a variety of sizes. Ballet pink is a popular color for these boxes.

Whether you need to store gold and silver jewelry, or just want to keep your rings and necklaces organized, a jewelry box will make it easier to find everything you own. These boxes are highly recommended by jewelry designers and professional organizers for the reason that they’re both functional and stylish.

While some of these containers have compartments for earrings and rings, others include rotating organizers to keep necklaces and bracelets easily accessible. These rotating organizers are similar to a lazy Susan, allowing you to rotate through the jewelry in an easy-to-find position. This method also allows you to see the different pieces of jewelry you own with every turn of the organizer.

When storing your jewelry at home, you’ll want to use specialty holders to store them so that they don’t get tangled and misplaced. A holder is the best way to make sure you don’t lose anything – especially if you have many necklaces and bracelets. A specialty jewelry holder allows you to keep an eye on your collection and alerts you to missing pieces. A wide-necked bottle also allows you to stack bracelets and chunky bangles in order to make it easier to locate them when you need to wear them.

Travel jewelry cases

When you’re traveling or storing your jewelry, you’ll want to use a travel jewelry case to store and organize your jewelry. These cases can take the form of a box, folio, or roll-up bag and contain specialized compartments for the different types of jewelry you wear. A travel jewelry case will make traveling easier and more stylish by keeping your jewelry organized and protected.

Whether you’re traveling to Europe or to the beach, a travel jewelry case is an invaluable travel accessory. This case will prevent your pieces from getting tossed around in your luggage and will also keep them safe when you swap out jewelry. Since these cases fit in any carry-on luggage, you can bring your travel jewelry case with you wherever you go.

The best travel jewelry case is made of high quality materials that prevent your jewelry from being damaged. Look for a case that features separate bars for rings and earrings. Some even feature a hanging section so your necklaces and earrings can stay out of the way.

Decorative hooks

Decorative hooks are a great way to store your jewelry and keep it out of sight. They come in various sizes and are easy to install in the wall. You can hang multiple necklaces on the same hanger and keep them organized. Alternatively, you can buy pull-out jewelry organizers and install them in your cabinets. These organizers are perfect for holding numerous necklaces and are backed with velvet.

Decorative hooks can be easily placed in any room of your house. You can place them near your bed or in a walk-in closet. You can hang your necklaces, rings, and other jewelry on them. This way, you will not have to worry about misplacing them and keeping track of them. Moreover, these hooks can be removed easily when not in use, which makes them a great option for storage.

You can also buy jewelry organizers for over-the-door use. They come with hooks and pouches for easy storage. They are perfect to install in a closet because they are easy to install.

Stacking organizers

Whether you want to keep a few rings in a drawer or store them all in one place, jewelry storage drawers can be a great way to organize your collection. You can use dividers and a jewelry storage drawer to keep your pieces in order and easy to find. You can also buy trinket dishes and jewelry organizing trays that you can place on easy-to-reach surfaces, like the nightstand or sink.

If you have many necklaces and earrings, a stacking organizer is the best way to organize them all. These are available in many styles and materials. You can also build your own jewelry organizer. However, this isn’t for everyone. If you’re handy, you can look for instructions online. If you’re not into DIY projects, there are many stores on Etsy that sell ready-made jewelry organizers.

Organizing your jewelry is essential. Whether you’re a professional or just want to get rid of the clutter, jewelry organizers can make things easier. Jill Martinelli and Jennifer Behr have a great way to organize their jewelry.