There are many ways to organize your earrings. One way is by color. Another way is by shape. Or, you can make your own earring stands and stick them in them. You can also sort them by material, metal, or gemstone color. If you want, you can even sort them by size.

Stacker jewelry box

Organizing your earrings is a difficult task, but a Stacker jewelry box can make the process easy and painless. These boxes are designed to hold all types of earrings, from earrings with statement pieces to rings and watches. They can be stacked up to add more storage. Stackers also come with a transparent display lid. These boxes are versatile and are among the best closet organizers.

When choosing a jewelry box, make sure you choose one that has enough compartments to hold all your pieces. You can place them on top of a dresser or in a drawer. Organizers are also helpful to keep your earrings separated by type. For jewelry that is rarely worn, you can store it in a safe deposit box.

Stackers also offer several ways to store your earrings. If you want a pretty display for your earrings, you can decorate the interior of the box with ribbons or buttons. You can also use a wide gross grain ribbon as an organizer to keep your earrings together.

A Stacker jewelry box will help you organize your earrings in a stylish and convenient manner. You can use it for your entire jewelry collection, or just a few pieces. This type of jewelry box will make it easier to find what you want and keep them safe. There’s even an option for you to upgrade to a pallet-style box if your jewelry collection grows.

Egg carton

An egg carton is a great way to organize your earrings and other small items. It is flexible and will hold multiple pairs of earrings. However, it will not accommodate larger, bulkier necklaces and bracelets. Therefore, you should wrap them in tissue paper or use zip-lock bags.

If you want to protect your stud earrings, you can place them inside an egg carton. This is a safe and tangle-free way to pack jewelry. You can also wrap your necklaces in bubble wrap or paper to prevent them from tangling. During travel, you can pack your earrings and other items in a cardboard box or egg carton. You can also store them in a plastic bag to prevent damage.

Egg cartons are great for organizing a variety of things, including your desk items and garage tools. Egg cartons fit perfectly into most drawers, and you can reuse them in many ways. They are also biodegradable. They will decompose within six to eight months.

Earrings come in pairs. It’s not always easy to find a pair of earrings if you’re using an egg carton to store them. One way to keep them organized is to use plastic ice cube trays. These containers are especially useful if your earrings are small and thin.

Toilet paper roll

Using a toilet paper roll as a jewelry organizer is a simple way to organize your earrings. You can store several pieces in it, and you can keep them in different sections by type. Plus, you won’t have to worry about untangling your earrings and losing one when you’re trying to find another one. You can even decorate it with gold spray paint.

Toilet paper rolls are also great for storing small items, such as jewelry and small gifts. You can use them as a holder for your earrings and other small items, and you can even keep small shoes inside. These innovative organization ideas are easy to create and don’t cost a lot.

Another fun and creative way to organize your earrings is to create your own jewelry. Toilet paper earrings are easy to make and will suit any outfit. They’ll get you plenty of laughs from your friends and are a great way to showcase your personality. The best part is that you can make them for any occasion.

Toilet paper rolls also work great as earring holders. They can hold bracelets and necklaces on one side, and earrings can be hung from them through the holes. They can be a great way to organize your jewelry, and are the perfect solution for traveling.


If you have a collection of pretty ribbons, ribbon storage is key to allowing yourself to be creative and keep your supplies organized. To organize your ribbon, start by lining up two rows of ribbon in the bottom of a plastic storage basket. Then, pull each ribbon round through the holes of the basket, one at a time. Then, place your new ribbon storage container in a craft storage area.

If you’d prefer to make your own organizer, you can follow the instructions on The Cottage Mama’s website. The original project uses a 13″ dowel, but you can easily cut it to fit a smaller collection or make it longer for a larger one. This way, you’ll always know where to find the right ribbon to match your earrings.

Another way to organize your ribbon is to place them in jars. Jars will hold small scraps of ribbon that won’t fit into a box. Make sure to store them like-with-like and don’t mix up different types of ribbon. This way, you’ll be able to find the right ribbon easily without having to rummage through piles of ribbon. You can also store your ribbon in an embroidery container, but you have to make sure to replenish it regularly.

Another way to organize your earrings is to make a special holder for your earrings. You can also use egg cartons. Paint them in a favorite color and decorate them with rhinestones and glitter glue. You can even use ribbon to make these organizers even more creative.

Decorative trays

There are many options for earring storage. You can buy earring trays or DIY a decorative earring holder. Some people keep their earrings in pairs while others keep them separated by color or material. Decorative trays make it easy to keep your earrings organized and easy to find.

Decorative trays come in several different sizes. A small trinket tray is perfect for keeping your earrings on while you are sleeping. It can be placed next to your bed or on the bathroom sink. These trays are just five by four inches, so they won’t take up a lot of space. Brass trays are another great option for storing earrings.

Decorative trays offer the best way to store your earrings. You can use them to store your necklaces and bracelets. You can also buy hanging jewelry organizers that you can hang from the wall. Another great idea is a painter’s palette, which gives your jewelry a fun and useful base. These palettes can be outfitted with a footed dish, a small bowl, and a cup. In addition to holding your earrings, they can also serve as a place to store makeup brushes and extra earring backs.

Jewelry organizer trays can also be stacked to add extra storage space to your jewelry drawer. There are many different types of jewelry organizer trays available on the market. If you want a more compact option, you can opt for a modular jewelry organizer. It comes in several different colors and sizes. Some are even made of antique dishware that doubles as jewelry storage.

Decorative bowls

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make an attractive earring organizer. You can make your own using birch plywood, superglue, and acrylic paint. You can also use clay to make earring holders and paint them in any color you want.

The best way to organize earrings is to keep like items together and subcategorize them. This way, you will be able to see how many you have of a particular type of jewelry. This will also help you determine the type and size of storage solution you need.

The trinket dish is another great way to organize earrings. It’s also a practical piece of home decor. This white ceramic trinket dish has a gold lid and is made with a honeycomb pattern. Whether you keep your earrings in your drawer or on your dresser, this trinket dish is a wonderful addition.

If you don’t have a jewelry armoire, you can use a wall-mounted earring rack. This piece of furniture can be painted and is a perfect way to organize earrings. If you want a more decorative option, you can also hang your earrings on the wall or inside a closet door. You can also create a DIY earring box by using a shallow box, some dowels, and some felt.