One of the best ways to organize a walk in pantry is to install drawers. Using drawers is an excellent way to get to food and supplies easily, and it will free up floor space. The best drawers are deep so that you can easily reach bulky items. If you have a large walk in pantry, you may consider mounting a china rack.

Open cabinets

An open pantry space can be an attractive and functional storage area. Downlighters placed along the walls of the pantry can make it useful at night. A walk-in pantry can also be hidden within an alcove or nook. The right design can give you more space without sacrificing aesthetics.

A walk-in pantry is a practical space for storing canned goods, dry goods, and spices. It can be designed with a variety of shelving systems. To make the most of the space, choose shelves with rounded corners. If you have a tall family, consider using a step ladder to access items higher up. A sturdy, lightweight ladder, like one from Delxo, will provide easy access to items stored in higher shelves.

You can also install door racks behind the door, turning the space behind the door into a useful space. Over-the-door racks from The Container Store can make small items accessible and neatly stored.

Lazy Susans

A Lazy Susan is a convenient way to store and organize your pantry items. They are versatile and can hold anything that stands up on a flat bottom. They also help you utilize corners of the space and keep straight shelves organized. These storage organizers are easy to use, and they are also useful in laundry rooms and under sinks. You can find many different styles and sizes to match your style and taste.

A lazy susan is a great way to store spices and other items that are similar in packaging. It also helps to place healthier food items at eye level where they are more likely to be reached. You can also store baking supplies in slide-out baskets.

Wire shelving

Wire shelving is the best way to organize a walk in pantry because it allows you to easily move items from one shelf to another. It’s also a low-cost solution that can be used to store a variety of items. Just make sure to choose sturdy, flat-bottom bins to maximize stability. For a visually appealing look, bins should also have symmetry, matching the shelving. The first step to organizing wire shelving is to empty out the shelves and place bins in desired locations. You can label each bin to ensure the correct placement.

Wire shelving is easy to clean. You can easily wipe the shelves down with a damp cloth and a mild detergent. Then, use a paper towel or dishcloth to dry them off. Don’t forget to clean the base and floor as well.

Ceramic jars with labels

If you want to make your walk in pantry a functional space, you should use ceramic jars with labels. These containers are ideal for storage because they are stackable and can’t leak. Designer Corey Damen Jenkins used ceramic jars with labels to organize the walk in pantry.

You can also use brushed stainless steel containers. These containers look sleek and stylish and can be positioned in a way to attract guests. Some have transparent lids so you can see what’s inside. These containers also allow you to write the expiration date and contents on the labels. It’s also a good idea to use ceramic containers because they’re strong, breakproof, and impervious to dust and air.

You can also make use of wood crates to spice up the exposed shelves. These crates can also help you hide unsightly items. In addition, you can use wood crates to store reusable totes. Another good idea is to install drawer organizers to prevent pantry items from falling over.

Plastic containers with leak-proof lids

If you’re planning to buy storage containers, consider getting ones with leak-proof lids. They can be stacked and won’t spill anything, and they’ll help you keep track of what you have. This type of storage container is a must-have for any walk-in pantry. However, it can be expensive, so make sure that you don’t break the budget.

Using clear plastic containers will make your pantry appear much more spacious. You’ll be able to see everything, so you don’t have to dig through boxes. They’ll also inspire uniform tidiness and discourage mice from stealing your food. In addition, you’ll find that the doors are equipped with hooks, which you can hang your linens on. You can also place a rack in the door to store lids.

To get rid of spillage, you can purchase plastic containers with leak-proof lids. This way, you won’t have to worry about spilled drinks and condiments. You can find these containers at Bed Bath and Beyond for a reasonable price.

Decorative containers with handles

You may be able to rearrange the shelves to suit the size of your walk-in pantry. However, if you do not have enough space for custom shelves, you should consider purchasing a step ladder that will allow you to reach higher shelves. A small step ladder is very sturdy and lightweight and can fit neatly in a corner of your pantry. A Delxo aluminum ladder is a great option, as it is stable and has a high weight capacity. It weighs only 9 pounds and can help you reach the highest shelves of your walk-in pantry.

Decorative containers with handles are an effective way to organize walk-in pantries. They prevent the pantry from becoming cluttered and keep food fresh. Additionally, these containers are airtight, which helps protect food from bugs. These containers also make your pantry look neater and more uniform. You can even attach cooking instructions to each container.

Hanging baskets on the pantry door

While you might not think of your pantry door as a storage space, it can be an excellent place to organize various items. You can use a hanging door organizer to store items such as plastic wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, and household cleaning products. This helps keep these items away from food.

A pantry that is organized can help you find things easily and free up kitchen cabinet space. You do not have to spend a fortune on an expensive pantry organizer to achieve this. You just need a system that works for you and your family. This article contains affiliate links.

Whether you have a large or small pantry, hanging baskets on the door is a great storage solution. You can also place wire baskets directly on shelves. The advantage of using hanging baskets is that they allow you to easily access the items in them. Door shelves are another great way to organize a walk-in pantry.

Bins with handles

One of the best ways to organize your walk-in pantry is to use bins with handles. This will make them easier to access and will prevent them from tipping over. Bins with handles are ideal for storing canned goods and food items, as they’ll help you move them around without bumping into each other.

You can also make use of the empty space on the shelves. These are ideal for storing food wraps, pot lids, and spices. To make your pantry even more accessible, you can get organizers that attach directly to the door. Avoid over-the-door styles, as they can leave the door open. Using bins with handles will also make your pantry look more appealing and functional.

To help you keep track of the contents, you can use clear plastic bins with handles. They’re durable, can be easily cleaned with water, and allow you to see what’s inside. You can fill them with either loose or bagged items. One tester filled his bin with baking supplies, which meant he could see everything before baking. Another benefit is that these bins are great for any part of your home.

Non-adhesive shelf liners

To create a clean and organized pantry, purchase a non-adhesive shelf liner. You can buy these at discount stores or home centers. They come in a wide variety of colors. Some have a self-adhesive backing, while others have a spongey no-slip surface. Either way, these shelf liners are easy to remove.

Shelf liners can be cut to fit the size of your pantry shelves. You can also wash them if they get dirty. They also feature a plastic-like top that you can wipe spills and dirt from. One drawback to shelf liners is that they do not adhere well to shelves, so they tend to slip around.

If you plan to use adhesive shelf liners, you should make sure they are clean and dry. When applying them to shelves, smooth them out uniformly. Try to apply them in a side-to-side pattern. Make sure you remove any bubbles that may occur. You can also use a hairdryer to flatten the liner’s edges.