One of the best ways to organize a side by side freezer is to create zones for specific items. This will help family members find what they need faster and prevent spills. For example, top shelves are best for tall bottles, creamers, and freshly squeezed juices. While lower shelves are best for meat and dairy products, the top shelf is the best place for tall bottles of juice and milk.

Magnetized dry erase board

A magnetized dry erase board is the best way to keep a side by side freezer organized. These boards are available in a variety of styles. The most common design has a thin white coating. These boards are compatible with dry erase markers, which write well on them. The downside of this design is that the magnets have to reach across the 1/4″ thick glass to attract the steel underneath. This means that the most modestly sized magnets will not work.

Magnetic whiteboards use a steel sheet or a magnetic whiteboard instead of MDF or particle board. The steel makes the magnets stick to the whiteboard. However, these boards are significantly heavier than other whiteboards. The advantage of a magnetic whiteboard is that it can be placed anywhere you want.

Magnetic dry erase boards can be attached to most refrigerators. However, many stainless steel appliances are not magnetic because of their nickel content. Fortunately, there are options for mounting dry erase boards with suction cups. These boards are great for hanging up photos and paper. Unlike magnets, these boards are not easily damaged by moisture.

Magnetic dry erase boards come in a variety of sizes, including a small one that can be attached to the side of the freezer. It’s important to choose the right one for your needs. Some are best for large fridges, while others are better for smaller fridges.

Under-shelf baskets

When it comes to the best way to organize a side by side freezer, there are many options. You can use drawers to keep different types of foods separated. You can also label the shelves to make it easier to find certain items. Binder clips are great for labeling skinny wire shelves.

For the interior shelves, you can place your less perishable items such as eggs and cheese. These items can be easily accessed because of the door’s proximity. You can also use the shelves for everyday non-produce items. Dips, jarred pasta sauce and other small containers can be stored here.

Baskets are another option. These are great for organizing groceries. Baskets are cheap and can be found at the dollar store. You can label them with the contents so that you can easily identify what’s in each. Another great option is to stack baskets like-with-like so that you can easily identify which ones belong to which category.

If you have a chest or side by side freezer, you can organize it by using bins to create drawers. This will maximize the depth of the top freezer. You can also place skinny bins inside the chest freezer doors. This will make it easier for you to access deeper items.

Tiered racks

If you want to organize your side by side freezer without using a lot of space, you can use tiered racks. They make it easier for everyone to find items and prevent spills. The top shelves are best for tall bottles and creamers. The bottom shelves are for other items.

You can also use a tiered plastic organizer. This expands to fit the width of the drawer, and has levels that make it easier to see items. The best part is that it also doubles as a stylish piece of decor. Choose stylish glass jars that go well with your overall design.

Before you organize your side by side freezer, you should know the type of freezer you have. The same storage solutions that work for a side by side fridge freezer will not work for a chest freezer. Before you start organizing, you should know what types of foods and drinks you store in the freezer. Using the right storage options can help you save time and effort.

Clear freezer-safe food storage containers

One of the best ways to organize your side by side freezer is to use clear freezer-safe food storage containers. These storage bins are a great way to maximize the limited space in your freezer. You can use them for everything from leftovers to frozen entrees. Plus, they make it easy to see what you have, so you don’t have to search through a ton of different packages.

You can use pre-written stickers to keep track of what is in each storage bin. This will make it easy for family members to find what they’re looking for and prevent spills. Another great tip is to label each bin with the type of food it contains. For example, one bin should be devoted to the most frequently eaten foods, while another should be reserved for things that are most likely to spoil.

Using clear freezer-safe food storage containers can also help you keep track of the frozen produce in different areas of the freezer. For example, jugs are great for vegetables because you can see what you have at a glance. You can also use them to store meat, poultry, and beef.

Whether you have a chest freezer or side by side freezer, clear freezer-safe storage containers are essential to maximizing the space. These containers are easy to stack and can save valuable space. Just remember to use a nonabrasive cloth when cleaning.

Besides clear freezer-safe food storage containers, you can also organize the contents using freezer baskets. These storage bins and baskets allow you to sort like items easily. You can also choose your own custom labels to identify the contents of each bin. You can choose labels that are permanent or dry-erase markers that can be removed.