If you’re struggling with a cluttered wardrobe, there are a few steps you can take to organise your closet more efficiently. Try categorizing your clothes by color, and grouping items according to bulk and height. These steps will help you find the exact pieces you’re looking for without spending too much time sorting through your wardrobe.

Organize clothes by color

When it comes to wardrobe organisation, there are several ways to organise clothing by color. Some people prefer to group all colors together in one place, while others prefer to sort by category or season. Professional organizers usually recommend sorting by category first. This is because it is easy to remember and provides more contrast between groups.

Colour-coding your wardrobe can also help you find items quicker. It also makes it easier to see what you have and where to put it. This method of organization will also prevent your closet from becoming cluttered as the clothes will be clearly visible. In addition, it will make it easier for you to identify the types of clothing you need by color.

Having a color-coded closet is an excellent way to save time and energy when you are putting together an outfit. You’ll no longer have to spend countless minutes wondering what to wear. The same goes for pairing your clothes together. By arranging your wardrobe by color, you’ll be able to visualize the different combinations that you can make.

Another method for organizing your wardrobe is to use a rainbow chart. This method will help you to see what clothes belong to which color family. You can start by sorting whites, blacks, tans, rainbow colors, and grays. You can also sort your clothing by color, from light to dark.

You can also use a color-coding system to organise your clothes by type. For instance, if you have a lot of multicolored clothes, it is best to put them together based on their color. For instance, if purple is the dominant color, then your purple garments should be grouped together.

Another way to organise your wardrobe is to use the ROYGBIV color scheme. This scheme is recommended by professional organizers, as it creates the best contrast between colors. However, you will have to decide where to keep your neutral pieces. For example, you should not keep all of your white shirts.

Another method for organizing your wardrobe is using closet dividers. These can be purchased online or at any home-goods store. Another method is to make your own closet dividers using labels or tags. This method is very easy to use and is much cheaper than hiring a professional organizer.

Group items by category

One way to make getting ready a snap is to group items by category in your wardrobe. You can choose to group your clothes by function or by color. For example, you might choose a wardrobe that is predominantly neutral with a few categories devoted to different colors. Or, you can choose to group your clothes by rainbow colors. In this way, getting dressed will be much quicker and you’ll be able to find what you need faster.

You can also choose to group your items by color, as opposed to by style. If you own patterned items, you should file them by color dominant. However, two-tone striped items can be more difficult to organize. Regardless of how you decide to categorize your clothing, you’ll soon notice that it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.

The next step in organizing your wardrobe is to choose a storage solution. You can use drawers, shelves, and cabinets to store shoes, bags, and other items. You can also use cubbies to keep your jewelry organized. And don’t forget to add velvet-lined drawer dividers to protect your delicate jewelry and make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Organize by height and bulk

When organizing your wardrobe, it helps to divide items by height and bulk, since different types of garments require different spaces. Most wardrobes are organized in a horizontal fashion, so it is important to organize space at different heights. This way, you can use shelves to hold t-shirts or tubes to hang jackets and pants. You can also use full-height spaces to hang maxicoats or long dresses.

Another way to organize your closet is to use special hangers. You can buy hangers that fit particular heights or bulks. While you’ll usually use the same type of hanger for all of your garments, there are special hangers designed to hold pants and jackets. Using these hangers will give your wardrobe an instant sense of organization.