Folding t-shirts

Folding t-shirts is a great way to save space in your clothes drawers and maximise your space. By folding your t-shirts in a compact way, you can easily see which shirt you want to wear next. This method will also help to prevent most wrinkles.

You can fold t-shirts in half and place them into drawers according to style and color. You can also store folded t-shirts in baskets that are placed on shelves or under your bed. Folding t-shirts is an efficient way to organise your drawers and keep them looking neat.

Folding shirts is easy. Start by folding the sleeves towards the center. This will keep them from wrinkles and save space. Also, you can easily find them if you put them in the drawer face down. You don’t need any special gadgets or tools for this task. Simply follow the instructions given in this video.

Before you begin folding your shirts, you should first lay them on a flat surface. They should be wrinkle-free. If there are major wrinkles, iron them first. Next, fold your shirt so that the sleeve is on the inside, and the neck is at the center. Fold the shirt lengthwise as well.

Before you start decluttering your clothes, it is best to focus on items that you already know need to go. Start with items that you don’t wear or don’t fit well. Also, discard items that you have too many of. For instance, Joanna Wirick, a life and home professional organizer, recommends not having too many socks. This will allow you to have more space for what you need.

Using dividers

Using dividers to organise your clothes drawers is a great way to keep things separated. These little pieces of furniture keep delicate, lightweight fabrics in their places while preventing the clothes from falling out. Using dividers also makes it easier to see front and back sections of the drawer.

Drawer dividers can be made of all sorts of materials. You can choose from cardboard, wood, or plastic. Some dividers are more durable than others, but you can still use them to organise your drawers. Besides being useful, they also add a personal touch to your space.

When using dividers, you should assign one category to each drawer. This way, your clothes will be easier to find and you’ll also save space. You can also combine categories within the same drawer. To find the right category for each drawer, consider what kinds of items go together naturally. For example, if you wear sweaters and jeans in the same season, you can place them in one area of the drawer.

Another good tip is to use dividers to keep similar items together. For instance, if you have a lot of black and white clothes, you can use a white divider to keep them together. Similarly, if you have pastel-hued items, you can use black dividers to keep them in their place.

If you’re using a standard dresser with 8 drawers, you should choose one with enough depth. This way, you’ll be able to separate your clothes into their categories more easily. Using dividers to organise your clothes drawers is an easy way to keep your room looking tidy. It also allows you to make more room for the other things you want to store.


One of the best ways to organize your clothes drawers is by using color-coding. This will help you identify what articles of clothing you need and where to find them. There are two main ways to color-code your drawers. First, don’t mix up clothing categories. By sub-categorising each type, you’ll make it easier to find the clothes you need. For instance, you can color-code t-shirts, shorts, and long-sleeved shirts.

You can also use the power of similar colors to organize your clothes drawers. You can separate your drawers by color, from light to dark. This will make them look more organized and keep you motivated to keep them that way. It’s also important to know which clothes to hang up, and which ones to store in a bag. Silk, for example, will wrinkle easily when folded, so it’s best to hang it up. Similarly, expensive sweaters should be placed in a bag to avoid moth damage.

Another effective way to organise your clothes is to use color-coded hangers. Hanging your clothes in a particular color will make finding them easy, and you’ll be able to imagine an outfit in your head more quickly. You can also use different hangers for different types of clothing.

While this approach may seem more difficult to follow, it’s worth trying. If you have items that rotate seasonally, you can use a white bin to store winter items and a blue bin for summer clothes. This way, you’ll be able to see what you have in each category and make sure everything fits.

Using separators

Using separators to organise your clothes drawers can help you keep your clothes neat and tidy. Adjustable dividers will allow you to rearrange the sections as needed. These dividers are also reusable and can be easily changed as your wardrobe changes. You can also find drawer dividers in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

Drawer organizers are useful for storing smaller items, like socks and sweaters. They make it easy to find individual items and easily replace them. A good way to make a divider is to cut a piece of cardboard and place it in the drawer. Make sure that it fits well so that it stays in place.

Before purchasing a drawer organizer, take the measurements of the drawer and make sure that it is big enough to accommodate the dividers. Remember to leave a couple of inches for adjusting and rearranging. Also, consider the shape of the items in the drawer.

Using a separator is an excellent way to avoid wrinkles. Stacking items can make them harder to find. Instead of stacking, try “filing” your clothes instead. You can use side or upright roll organizers for more vertical storage. A shirt board is also a good option for keeping items upright.

Another good way to organise your clothes drawers is to label them. Labels help you remember what you have in each drawer. You can write the name of the item with a label, or use stencils or stickers to write the word on the drawer. Using a drawer labelling system will make it easier for you to locate the item and match it with the right outfit.

Once you have your dresser organized, it’s important to maintain it. Having a clean and organised dresser will give you a sense of accomplishment. Remember to use your new system regularly, and keep an eye out for any accumulated clutter.


One of the easiest ways to organise clothes drawers is to label them. You can find printable labels at office supply stores or print your own from home. You can choose from a variety of colors and fonts. You can even include small pictures to make the labels look more attractive. These labels can be applied easily without damaging the drawer’s surface.

Drawer labels also help you remember what’s in which drawer. It also helps you remember which outfit goes with what, which is useful if you don’t know how to find a certain item. You can also label the drawers according to gender and occasion. For instance, if you have a bachelor’s wardrobe, you can label the drawers accordingly. In the meantime, a 5 drawer dresser is a good option for those who need less storage space.

Another good method for organising clothes drawers is to separate the items by colour. This will make the drawers look neater and will help you stay motivated to keep them tidy. There are certain types of items that are best stored hanging, while others should be kept in a bag. For example, silk tends to wrinkle when folded. Similarly, expensive sweaters should be stored in a bag to protect them from moths.

The next time you decide to organise your clothes drawers, label them. Labeling them will not only help you remember where you put things, it will also help you to keep track of them. You can also dedicate a specific drawer to a certain type of clothing or a specific purpose. This will help you to organise them in the best way.