It’s a time consuming process of trying to find the best natural makeup powder and you’re going to want to do that at home. I’m going to help you avoid some of the common mistakes when buying your foundation.

When you’re first buying a product it’s usually because you’re in the store for only an hour or so, and then you’re rushing out the door. If you buy your foundation in the store, you will have spent a good amount of money on a foundation that’s not as great as you think it is. Here are some tips that you can follow:

Don’t choose a foundation that has a light texture. This will hide some blemishes but it will also hide any fine lines on your face. A cream texture will have everything you need to hide fine lines and reduce dark circles.

Don’t choose a foundation that has a scent. Many of the larger department stores have some of the scents you would expect to smell like, such as “meadow”, “powder”, and “coverage”. The major companies seem to go out of their way to have the same scent on all of their products, and if you’re picking up a product like this you’re probably going to want something that smells fresh and clean.

Instead, purchase your own foundation. This will save you money. You’re more likely to have a better coverage from one single application. That’s another reason to get your own foundation; because you want to use it for several months.

Avoid products that use mineral oil. These types of products are designed to go on thickly and give a creamy look. They will also clog pores and cause your skin to produce excess oil.

You want to try to use products that get on the surface of your skin and penetrate your skin. They are generally absorbed by the skin without being clogged.

Once you’ve found the right foundation, you should test it on a small area of your face before buying a full sized tube. The smallest of tubes can contain many thousands of tiny particles, so you don’t want to buy the product based on how large the tube is.

Get a free trial of one or two products. You might be surprised to see what you’re allergic to. In most cases these products will be natural makeup powders that won’t cause you any problems.

As you’ll soon learn, buying a high quality natural makeup powder is like buying the perfect make up brushes sets. If you put the wrong ones on your face you can develop skin irritation or even infection.

Make sure to practice cleansing and toning techniques on your face before using any type of natural makeup powder. It’s important to always use good quality soap on your face before applying any type of product.

I hope you learned a lot about buying and using natural makeup powder. It’s important to be able to wear your products without having any type of reaction.