Organic moisturizers have been around for a long time. In the early 1900’s, they were the only type of moisturizer that was available. The ingredients like parabens and fragrances used to create them, were not always safe. Parabens are used as a preservative. Fragrances are man-made chemicals added as a preservative. Both of these ingredients can be harmful to your health.


Today, there is no longer any need for using these man-made products. However, some companies still use them. I would highly suggest you look for a natural organic moisturizer instead. They are safer for your skin and the ingredients are all natural.

You may think that only the hippies were using natural beauty products. Actually, many mainstream companies are. If they have something on their label that is natural, it’s because it’s actually in their makeup. For example, you will find natural ingredients like CynergyTK and avocado oil on the labels of many mainstream makeup products. These ingredients are effective moisturizers and can help to cure dry skin acne.

The best natural facial moisturizers contain Functional Keratin. It was discovered by a scientist, Dr. keratin, at the KERATEC laboratories. This compound stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin. These compounds will replace your old ones and give you smoother, firmer, more toned skin. In other words, it makes you look younger.

A good moisturizer should also contain jojoba oil and shea butter. These natural ingredients can add moisture quickly. Shea butter is a moisturizer, but it is also an emollient, which means it softens and soothes your skin. Both shea butter and jojoba oil are extremely hydrating. Therefore, when you use a moisturizer with these ingredients, it will give you more long-lasting hydration.

The best moisturizers contain non-comedogenic ingredients. These are like the moisturizers but not made with oil. These compounds won’t clog your pores. But they also don’t add oil to your face. They are called non-comedogenic, because they don’t promote the growth of extra skin cells that might trigger acne. They simply lock moisture in and protect the skin from further damage.

The best moisturizers contain certified organic ingredients such as macadamia oil, avocado oil, shea butter, active Manuka honey, and Stem Cells. These ingredients work together to improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture. All of these ingredients are excellent for all types of skin. In addition, when you shop online for your moisturizer, you’ll discover organic moisturizer is less expensive than regular moisturizers with the same ingredients.

You want your face cream to be as effective as possible. The best moisturizers will have proven benefits over time and are safe to use. You should check the ingredients before you buy your next face cream. Since you can learn so much about ingredients, it’s worth your while to do a little research.

For dry skin, a good moisturizer may contain Shea butter or Macadamia oil. A cream for the face containing avocado oil will improve the appearance of your complexion. If you suffer from acne, choose a cream that contains natural face moisturizer. Honey has long been used as a face moisturizer. A natural face moisturizer containing carrot seed oil will moisturize your complexion without adding additional dryness.

Your best choice for a moisturizer for oily skin will contain active Manuka honey. Manuka honey has antibacterial activity. It also has high antioxidant activity. Many people who suffer from acne find that a face moisturizer containing jojoba oil also results in improved complexion. Jojoba oil keeps the sebum production in check. When the sebum production is low, the appearance of acne is reduced.

There are several organic facial moisturizers available today. One of the best selling facial creams is made with Shea butter and Rosehip oil. One of the best facial care products for dry skin is made with macadamia oil. You can easily learn which facial cream is best for you simply by reading the label of ingredients. Most facial cream products have been developed using petroleum based ingredients.

The best moisturizer for your face is organic. You will save money and benefit your health when you choose a natural face moisturizer containing Shea butter or Macadamia oil. Organic facial creams do not contain any petroleum-based ingredients, irritants or allergens. These natural ingredients are good for all types of people. Make the right decision when shopping for your next skin care cream.