Rolling carts

Utility carts are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, from cleaning products to craft supplies. Their smooth glide wheels make moving heavy items easy, and some of them come with locking mechanisms to prevent them from rolling off a surface. The Lexington rolling cart by Simply Tidy is a good budget-friendly option that has three storage shelves.

These rolling utility carts are easy to maneuver and come with hooks for hanging safety signs. They are ideal for garages and gardens, as the wheels are designed to handle different types of terrain. They are available in white, gray, and black. There are many different types of utility carts, and choosing one that suits your needs is simple.

The ultra-narrow utility cart can fit in tight spaces, such as between a washing machine and dryer. This makes it perfect for tight spots. It can hold most laundry detergent bottles and plenty of cleaning products. Moreover, the smooth surface is easy to clean. The cart comes with locking wheels, so it is easy to move from one room to another.

Executive Series Traditional Cleaning Carts are made of durable materials and are durable enough for heavy use. This cart comes with 11 tool hooks for holding cleaning products. It also has a BRUTE container and a WaveBrake(r) mop bucket. It also features a front-access zippered bag for storing waste.

Tension rods

Whether you need to store cleaning supplies or other items, tension rods are a convenient way to store your stuff. Their slim design means that you can easily maneuver them in various spaces. They are also versatile and can solve nearly any organizational problem. You can even use them as decorations in your home!

Tension rods can also be used to organize clothing. You can place a tension rod on one side of cubbies so that you have multiple levels for each piece of clothing. You can even place tension rods on two sides to maximize space. They also come in handy for organizing cleaning products. You can also hang spray bottles on tension rods to prevent spills.

Often, cleaning supplies end up cluttered in the under-the-sink area. Trying to grab a bottle can be a frustrating process. Hanging a tension rod between two cabinet walls will help keep all your supplies in easy reach. The trigger on spray bottles will function as a hook on the tension rod, which means you won’t have to struggle to find the one you need.

The tension rod is also a great way to organize your shower. If you want to store different cleaning products in different areas, you can use tension rods to hang the bottles. They can also be used for hanging accessories in the shower. Tension rods are useful in many different locations in the home, including the bathroom and laundry room. They can come in different lengths, from a few inches to a few feet, so there’s bound to be a tension rod that suits your needs.

Tension rods are a great solution for small kitchen and bathroom spaces. They can also be used to hang larger kitchen utensils and dish towels. You can use tension rods in vertical spaces, in between cabinets, or even in the kitchen sink. Tension rods are also ideal for storing odd-shaped dishes and cutting boards.

Tension rods can also be used for shoe storage. Adjust the length of the tension rods to fit the width of the closet. Start by placing the first tension rod at least half an inch from the back wall, then a second tension rod in front of the first. The heel of a shoe will rest on the first tension rod, and the ball of the shoe will rest on the second tension rod. This way, the heels will stay on the tension rod and be easier to find in the closet.

Trash bag rolls

Instead of buying multiple trash bags, you can simply buy the roll and store them in one location. Instead of having to open each bag individually, you can place the empty roll underneath the in-use trash bags to make the task of replacing them a lot easier. This will also keep the trash bag rolls out of sight and prevent you from having to line your trash can with them.

Another way to organize trash bag rolls is by installing them on a dowel. A dowel is long enough to fit through the middle of trash bag rolls, and once you push it through, a few bags will pop out. You can also store them under the current trash bag for easy access.

Vertical space

The easiest way to increase the amount of space in your home is by using vertical space. Use the unused space behind your beds and over doors to create extra storage. You can also add extra shelves and an over-the-door shoe organizer to your closet. This will give you more space for the things you use less frequently.