Target has recently launched a new home organization brand called Brightroom, featuring over 450 different products. The new line is dedicated to organizing your home and keeping your space looking its best. The line includes everything from storage solutions to bright and cheery accent pieces. And, the price range is just right, too. You can find all of your organizing needs under one roof, with a little bit of planning.


Brightroom, Target’s new home organization line, has many storage solutions to choose from. From closet organizers to under-sink solutions, most of the Brightroom line is priced under $25. The brand also offers decorative items and laundry solutions. The products are designed to maximize space, including laundry and bathroom storage.

The brand features 450+ items at an affordable price point. Its products include storage trays to help keep drawers and cabinets uncluttered. The brand also sells stackable storage containers that are dishwasher-safe. Brightroom items are also designed to work together seamlessly, and the company includes helpful hints on their packaging. The company promises to expand its line in the future.

Price ranges

If you are looking for a great new home organization product, Target has a variety of options. One of its latest offerings is called Brightroom. This line features hundreds of functional storage solutions for your home. Brightroom also offers a great value, with some storage bins as low as $1.

Target’s home category had low double-digit comparable sales growth in its most recent quarter, which showed that consumers are spending more time in their homes. They’re also investing more money in making their living spaces more comfortable. Home organization sales have seen a 12.7% gain for the entire company.

Compatible products

Compatible products are those that work well with each other. For instance, two compatible word processors allow you to open documents in either one. This type of compatibility can be between products of different types or versions, or even between different versions of the same product. Compatible products can be a useful way to get your home organized. They make storage easier. If you have trouble finding the right storage solution for your home, consider compatible products.