There are a variety of target dog breeds. These can include the Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff, Bulldog, and Arielle. Each of these breeds has a certain personality and hunting style. If you’re planning on using a dog for hunting, you should choose carefully. The breed you choose will affect how much time you spend training it.

Bull Terrier

A Bull Terrier is an excellent dog for people who enjoy an active lifestyle and are looking for a target dog breed. They are active, energetic, and love to be with people. They are medium-sized dogs and weigh anywhere from 35 to 75 pounds. They stand about 21 to 22 inches tall and are relatively healthy. They usually live between 10 and 15 years. A Bull Terrier is an excellent choice for someone who wants a dog that is not only friendly but also will not get into any trouble. A Bull Terrier should be kept away from small children and should be trained well. It should also receive plenty of exercise, including vigorous play time, to keep fit and healthy.

Bull Terriers are generally tolerant of children, but they do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. They should also be socialized with other dogs from a very early age. As a result, Bull Terriers require consistent training and house rules. However, they can be very stubborn and are not a good choice for new dog owners or timid people.

Target began using bull terriers in its ads in 2000. Today, the dog can still be found in some TV commercials, and Target still sells collectible versions of Bull Terriers. Despite its popularity, the Bull Terrier should still be regularly checked by a veterinarian to ensure its health.

Bull Terriers need daily exercise and mental exercise. The breed’s short coat makes it ideal for cold outings. Obedience training is essential for the Bull Terrier as it helps to establish the dog’s dominance over people and other dogs. A bull terrier can be very stubborn, and owners must be firm but patient.

The Bull Terrier is a great companion and an excellent target dog. They need about an hour or more of exercise each day to remain healthy and happy. A daily walk and a game of fetch are great activities. A Bull Terrier can also be trained to compete in obedience and agility competitions. Just make sure to walk your dog on a leash, so they won’t run after other animals.


If you’re a Target shopper, you know that they have an adorable mascot: a white bull terrier named Bullseye. But what kind of dog is this little mascot, and is it a target dog breed? Here’s a look at the breed.

The Target Bullseye, also known as Arielle, is a Bull Terrier that debuted in the ‘Sign of the Times’ ad campaign in 1999. It didn’t depict any specific products, but it helped differentiate Target as a chic retail company. The campaign also featured two other female bull terriers and two more in training.

The Bullseye dog breed has a very fun and lovable personality, and is the official mascot of the Target Corporation. It has been used in countless commercials and marketing campaigns. The target dog has a very busy schedule. Often, multiple dogs play the part at one time.


The Bullseye dog breed is a white bull terrier, which is also called a “bully.” Its muscular body and round head are typical of the breed, and its personality is affectionate and friendly. This popular breed has even played with celebrities and lounged in the front seat of an airplane.

Famous for their striking physical appearance, Bull Terriers are frequently seen in commercials and in films. For example, they were the mascot for the Bud Light beer company in the 1980s. Spuds MacKenzie, who is actually a female Bull Terrier, was the original mascot for the company, and was later replaced by a male Bull Terrier named Bullseye.

Bull Terriers weigh between fifty to seventy pounds and are 21 to 22 inches tall, with a rounded head and triangular eyes. The male is typically larger than the female. This breed tends to be relatively healthy, and can live from 10 to 15 years. Compared to the many other breeds of dogs, Bull Terriers are generally small in size.

Colors are another important consideration when choosing a Bull Terrier. Bull Terriers can come in all different shades. Some are pure white, while others are white with darker markings on the head. Their short, feathery tails are thick at the root and taper to a fine point. In addition to being extremely loyal and playful, Bull Terriers are also one of the strongest dogs for their size.

Some health concerns that can affect this breed include heart issues. A heart murmur could signal a more serious heart condition. Another common problem is skin problems. The all-white variety is susceptible to rashes and sores. They are also susceptible to sunburn and allergic reactions to environmental stimulants.

The Bull Terrier is a popular dog breed. Its egg-shaped head and powerful profile make it an attractive companion. It has been bred for many generations as a companion dog and for show dogs. This breed is one of the most expensive purebred dogs.


The Bullmastiff is a large, intelligent dog breed that is bred for hunting game. Its short coat is available in various colors, including red, fawn, and brindle. The breed was originally used to catch poachers and hold them until a gamekeeper arrived. The breed is a cross between a Bulldog and a Mastiff. During the early days of this dog’s development, the dark brindle coats were used for night work, hence the name “night dog.”

Though Bullmastiffs are generally clean dogs, they drool excessively. As a result, it is a good idea to keep a hand towel handy whenever your Bullmastiff is around. Although not a high-energy breed, Bullmastiffs do require a short daily walk and some playtime. Because they are not particularly active, you can easily live with this breed in a small apartment or condo.

Bullmastiffs can be aggressive towards other dogs and children, but this is often due to their protective instincts. It is important to socialize Bullmastiffs with other dogs early on to prevent future conflicts. Even though Bullmastiffs are usually friendly towards other dogs, they do have issues with dogs of the same sex.

Bullmastiffs are great companions. They love children and are friendly with others, but they may be aloof or aggressive towards unfamiliar dogs. It is important to socialize your Bullmastiff early on in order to minimize its fear of strange people and situations. Their short coat also makes grooming very easy.

Bullmastiffs were bred to protect property. They were originally developed in England to protect estates against poachers. The breed is large and strong and was developed through crossbreeding an English Mastiff with an Old English Bulldog. It became a recognized breed in the United Kennel Club in 1924.