If you have a small space, look at vertical surfaces for storage potential. This is especially useful for tight quarters. You can hang coral baskets on walls or behind doors to store your favorite items. You can even decorate the baskets with gift wrappers to add to their decorative effect. If you’re looking for more vertical space, try shelving and cabinets.

Vertical surfaces offer storage potential

There’s a lot of storage potential in vertical surfaces, which are usually overlooked. These include the space behind doors, shelves, racks, and rails. The trick is to look for these places and find ways to maximize the space they offer. For example, you can install shelves above doorways or hang organizers underneath kitchen wall cabinets.

If you don’t have the space for a full-length shelf, you can choose pieces with narrow widths. This will ensure easy access to your dishes and other kitchen essentials. Another option is to position catch-all baskets underneath a console table, which will free up floor space and provide extra storage for shoes. You can also invest in dual-purpose pieces with hidden storage spaces, such as ottomans and console tables.

Shoe hangers

If you live in a small space, shoe hangers can be useful storage solutions. They are inexpensive and can be made of metal or plastic. You can also buy smaller shoe stands that don’t take up much space. Adding diagonal planks to a shelf can give you additional space.

Aside from using racks and shelves, you can also use bench-style storage solutions. These pieces of furniture often have built-in cubbies, making them a great storage option for small spaces. Additionally, they can double as a bench, serving as a seating area for guests and enhancing the interior design of the space. For small rooms, you can also use storage boxes, racks under the stairs, or drawers.

A two-shelf shoe stacker is an elegant and minimalist shoe storage solution. According to professional organizer Britnee Tanner, shoe stackers offer a minimalist look and can be placed side by side. They have a low profile and are easy to clean. They’re also ideal for vertical stacking.

Other shoe storage solutions include floating shelves, which can be placed on top of or beneath a wall or other surface. They’re easy to use and are extremely functional. They also offer extra storage space and can display decorations.

Wall-to-wall shelving

Wall-to-wall shelving is an attractive way to organize your storage space. You can choose from a variety of designs and materials. Some types are made of solid wood and are wall-mounted, while others stand on their own. Wall-to-wall shelving is particularly convenient in small rooms, as it makes the best use of available floor space.

Wall shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including pegboard combinations, storage units, and drawers. Some are designed with hooks and ready sections for storing keys, mail, and other accessories. Some even function as a bed stand or as a display area for artwork, candles, and more.

When choosing wall-to-wall shelving, you should measure the space available in your space to determine the size and number of shelves you will need. Keep in mind that the items you plan to store on the shelves may differ in height, so you’ll want adjustable wall shelves. Also, make sure that the size of your wall shelving is adequate to accommodate the height of all your items.

If you don’t want to make your wall shelving look like an entire wall unit, consider installing two or three sets of shelves. You can even mount the shelves in different rooms, depending on your needs and preferences.


When planning for a small space, cabinets and shelving can make a huge difference. They provide open and closed storage, and can be customized to fit the space perfectly. Some designers prefer adjustable shelves in cabinets, which will make them easier to rearrange to better suit the space. You can also add drawers or plastic bins for smaller items, which can help them stay out of sight.

Under-shelf storage is another great space-saving option for small rooms. You can store small items underneath, or use them to organize your medicine cabinet. Under-shelf storage is also great for storing extra toiletries and towels. Some cabinets also double as pot rails, which makes them a great solution for smaller kitchens.

Small spaces can be awkwardly shaped. For example, the space between the toilet bowl and the sink may be too narrow. However, you can use this area to store seasonal items. A simple online search will turn up slim baskets and cabinets that can fit into this space. These can be stacked to create additional storage space.

Small spaces can be hard to organize. However, with a little creativity, you can find solutions. Some solutions require a bit of a handyman’s skills, while others don’t. The key is to look for storage solutions that work well with the space you have available.

Under-bed storage

Under-bed storage is an excellent way to make the most of a small space. Usually it involves sliding a box or bin beneath the bed frame. There are some that are completely seamless, and some come with wheels so you can easily move them around. Regardless of the type you choose, you’ll appreciate the ability to store items out of the way.

To save space, you can purchase vacuum-sealed storage bags for clothes. These are perfect for storing thick winter clothes, as well as shoes and other gear. Aside from clothing, there are also storage boxes that hold notebooks, journals, and magazines. Besides clothing, under-bed storage can also be an excellent place to store shoes. Keeping your shoes under the bed can help to reduce the clutter in your bedroom.

When choosing under-bed storage, make sure to select a style that suits the room. Decorative boxes are a great way to conceal clutter, and rattan storage bins are perfect for storing daily necessities. They’re also cute and can be easily hidden in plain sight.

In addition to clothing, under-bed storage is also great for linens. It’s important to find a storage system that allows you to store sheets and blankets without cluttering the space in your closet. A solid storage unit should also be large enough to pull out.