If you want to organize your stationery, consider using a white plastic storage tray. These trays come in sets of two or six, and they fit inside a drawer or other storage space. If there is no division in the drawer, you’ll want to use a larger tray. However, it is possible that this will create more room for mess. Another useful storage option is tiny mason jars, which are great for storing individual pieces of stationery.

Mason jars

Using Mason jars as a stationery organization solution is an easy and stylish way to organize your desk. These jars are a great back to school gift for teachers. Teachers love to use jars to keep their school supplies organized. You can paint or decorate them using paint and rubbing alcohol. Before painting, clean the jars thoroughly with rubbing alcohol. Then, paint the jars with two coats of Americana Glass Chalkboard Paint. When the paint is dry, remove the painter’s tape and wipe the jars clean. Touch up the lines between colors if necessary.

A mason jar is also a good place to store sewing supplies. A large mason jar can hold a small pair of scissors. You can attach a pin cushion to its lid for added organization. It also serves as a handy place to store toothpicks.

Mason jars make a stylish addition to any room. Whether you use them in the kitchen or in the office, they will save you space and keep everything organized. You can also use them as flower vases. You can decorate them with colorful threads and add some flowers to them. The mason jars look beautiful with flowers and other decorations.

You can also use jars as stationery organizers in the craft room. You can fill them with your craft supplies and separate them by type. You can also place them on open shelves or in a cabinet. Extra-large jars with wide rims are ideal for this project. The wide rims make it easy to get at each jar.

Mason jars as stationery organizers can be customized to suit your personal style. You can decorate your stationery jar with ribbons, a twine flower, or glitter. Adding a personalized touch can make your stationery organizers even more unique. You can also make these jars into a unique housewarming gift. You can even customize the color of the jars.

Aside from serving as a stationery organizer, Mason jars can serve as beautiful coasters and can also be used as vases. You can also decorate them with washi tape or gift wrapping paper. Another great use for Mason jars is as candle holders. You can also use them as toothbrush or pencil holders. Moreover, jars are also suitable as vessel for storing dry flowers.


A Kallax shelf can be a versatile storage option for your home. This unit is not only functional, but it can also help you create a sense of effortless style. It can be used to showcase bottles and glasses, or it can stand at your desk to keep supplies organized.

You can also use it as a bookshelf, with a number of additions including drawers and LED lights. These add a touch of modernity to your home and can even be dimmed for a relaxing evening. If you’re looking for more stationery organizer ideas, then a Kallax shelf could be the perfect storage option for you.

Kallax shelves are versatile and easy to build. They are available in many shapes and sizes, and can be combined to create simple shapes. You can also use Kallax shelving units to create a work table. You can buy everything you need from Ikea and create a custom design that will suit your needs.

Kallax shelving units can be combined to create larger storage units. If you want to create a wine rack, you can use the door inserts to store wine glasses and other small items. They are affordable and easy to find in most countries. You can even make a shelf out of two Kallax units to create a wine rack.

If you want to make a more dramatic look, you can buy some wood boards. Then you can paint the shelves black or add a touch of drama by adding black paint to them. Alternatively, you can use thin wood strips, or even contact paper. You can also wrap the Ikea Kallax in wood to give it a more personalized look. Make sure you match the wood to the rest of the wood elements in the room.

Kallax is infinitely customizable and is a great storage solution. You can easily add legs to your Kallax shelving to transform it from an ordinary bookcase to a modern storage bench. You can also add storage baskets to the Kallax for additional storage.

Yamazaki organizer

If you’re looking for a sleek stationery organizer that keeps everything neat, look no further than a Yamazaki product. These sleek organizers are the perfect place to store your writing utensils, glasses, and even smartphones. Their clean, minimalist design makes them the perfect option for home offices or traveling nomads.

Yamazaki was founded over a century ago as a small family-run business manufacturing ironing boards. Today, the company focuses on storage, organization, and space-saving. Their products incorporate Japanese design principles to provide innovative solutions for everyday household items. The company is inspired by curiosity and innovation, and believes that home organization improves our lives.

Honeycomb shelves

Honeycomb shelves make a beautiful and functional stationery organizer. They’re easy to construct and look stylish. You can also use them to store your office supplies. These DIY stationery organizers can be made from any type of wood, including beech or maple. Using a wood glue or electric drill, you can glue the hexagons together and drill a hole in the center. When finished, place felt pads between the shelves and your walls to prevent scratches.

Honeycomb shelves are easy to assemble and make a unique accent for your walls. To build your own honeycomb shelves, you’ll need wooden planks, a miter saw, and some wood glue. This project shouldn’t take more than a few hours. To get started, measure your space and mark the cut line. Next, cut fifteen pieces of wood, making sure to cut them in a hexagon shape.

Honeycomb shelves are great for displaying a wide range of items, from stationery to small decorative objects. They’re made of lightweight wood composite and have a five-inch depth. You can even decorate them by adding collectible figurines or decorative candles. If you don’t need a lot of space, a hexagonal shelf will do the trick.

You can also use pallet wood for a more affordable option. Pallet wood is usually stamped with HT, indicating that it’s heat-resistant. If you’d like a more modern look, you can add galvanized metal pipes for support. Then, you can add hooks for books and other items.

When installing your new shelf, make sure the wall has studs before you begin. You can test it by knocking on the wall and listening carefully for a hollow sound. If you can’t hear a sound, try sticking a nail into it to make sure it’s a stud. If it’s too easy to screw in a nail, it probably isn’t a stud.

When DIY shelving is your thing, try using different textures to make them more interesting. Using different materials adds character and makes them look like a piece of mixed media art. For example, Patt of Underkini used leather straps to hang her shelves, but you can also use canvas strips or macrame. Whatever fabric you choose, make sure that it’s strong enough to support the weight of the board.