If you’re looking for songs for alto singers, you’ve come to the right place. These singers can excel in nearly every musical genre, from female rock vocal performances to dance-pop songs. These singers have a distinctive sound that sets them apart from other singers in their range.

You Oughta Know

The song “You Oughta Know” was released by Alanis Morissette as the lead single for her album, Jagged Little Pill, in 1995. After leaving MCA Records Canada after two albums, Alanis relocated to Toronto, where she began working on new music. She met producer Glen Ballard in Los Angeles, and they wrote “You Oughta Know” together.

Adele is another alto friendly artist with a large catalog of alto-friendly songs. Her latest single, “Waiting”, has some great harmonies and an enticing message. Although it’s not a typical pop song, this song has a strong message that’s perfect for altos.

The album also features an alternate version of the song. It’s listed as the final track on the album, but there is actually an a cappella track called “Your House” that follows it. It’s a version of the song that describes Morissette snooping around a guy’s house without his permission. It is clearly about a different relationship than the first version of the song.

“You Oughta Know” was also featured in two popular movies, Holy Smoke and The Break-Up. It also spawned a musical based on the songs on the album, “Jagged Little Pill,” which premiered at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The musical is based on the songs on the album and follows a suburban Connecticut family. It features the song “You Oughta Know.”

You Oughta Know by Lorde

The song “You Oughta Know” is one of Lorde’s most popular songs. It has also been featured in several films. The 1999 comedy Holy Smoke and the 2006 comedy-drama The Break-Up feature the track. The song was also the basis for a musical that premiered at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The story of the musical follows the lives of a suburban family living in Connecticut.

The song was written in the aftermath of a breakup. Alanis reveals her feelings about her ex-boyfriend, who went on to date another woman almost immediately after breaking up with her. The lyrics explore her need to talk about her pain and the need to connect with others.

The song has been covered by several artists, including HAIM and Sheryl Crowe. “You Oughta Know” has been a hit with both the young and old. The song’s message is clear and powerful. It is an important part of the pop culture landscape today.

“Royals” is Lorde’s latest single, which broke a record for female artists on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. Alanis Morissette previously held the record in 1995. The song also became the first female artist to top the Alternative charts in 17 years. Its success also allowed Lorde to top the pop charts for five consecutive weeks.

I Can Hear the Bells by Faith Hill

Faith Hill’s first major hit came in 1999 with the single “Cry.” Hill’s fifth studio album, released in 2002, was a critical success. It features the title song, which was penned by Angie Apargo. The album contains fourteen songs that have become fan favorites.

Hill was born Audrey Faith Perry in Jackson, Mississippi on September 21, 1967. She was raised by her mother, Pat, and grandmother, Edna. Her parents were farmers, and her father never finished school. The singer has been looking for her biological parents since she was a teenager. She has never publicly revealed who her parents are.

The song’s lyrics aren’t terribly interesting, but Faith Hill’s voice is captivating. Although she’s still a young singer, she has a strong presence and chemistry with Tim McGraw. The connection they share translates into emotion-filled music. Faith Hill is a pop singer, and the song has a lot of potential to be great. Despite that, it falls short on most counts.

Faith Hill’s album Faith was released three years after It Matters to Me. It was recorded in Nashville while she was touring with Tim McGraw. The album was a huge success, with Hill reaching #1 on both the country and pop charts. It also featured a duet with Tim McGraw.

Memory by Rodgers and Hammerstein

The award-winning composers Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II have composed some of the greatest Broadway musicals of all time. Their musicals won 37 Tony Awards, 15 Academy Awards, two Pulitzer Prizes, a Grammy Award and two Emmy Awards. Most notably, they wrote the popular “Oklahoma!” Musical. Since their collaboration, Broadway shows have become more sophisticated. Rodgers and Hammerstein’s songs often focus on characters and drama.

While both men had their unique styles, their shared commitment to the dramatic imperative of song has remained one of their most important legacies. Stephen Sondheim and Andrew Lloyd Webber both inherited this belief, though in different ways. The difference between the two songwriters lies in the nuances of the harmonies that underlie their music.

Originally a children’s show, Memory has since been adapted into many different types of musicals. It has been a beloved musical for more than five decades and is still an impressive achievement in American musical theater. Although it is not as popular as “Oklahoma!,” it is still a beloved classic with audiences worldwide. The musical was so successful, it subsequently received a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It has been praised by Andrew Lloyd Webber, who called Rodgers the greatest melodist of the 20th century.

Feeling Good by Faith Hill

Feeling Good by Faith Hill is a powerful pop tune, which has received many awards. The song is about letting yourself sink into a passionate moment with your lover. The lyrics were written by Holly Lamar and Stephanie Bentley, who also wrote the hits “Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride and “Unbroken” by Tim McGraw. Faith Hill grew up in Star, Mississippi.

Faith Hill first rose to fame in the fall of 1993, when she made her debut on country radio. She released hit after hit and grew in stature as a singer. In the fall of 1996, her marriage to Tim McGraw made headlines. The song was a huge commercial success for Hill, and reached the Top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Faith Hill’s debut album, Faith, had several hit singles, including the hit “Smokin’ Hot.” The song was so powerful and emotive that it reached No. 7 on the Hot 100. Hill later wrote another hit, “Feeling Good in Love,” which became a cross-over hit. The music video featured Hill in a variety of different characters.

One Fine Day by Faith Hill

One Fine Day is a great album for those who love country music. The title track is a powerful showcase of Faith Hill’s vocal range, which is more evident live than in the studio. This album also showcases the influence of Hill’s gospel training, which helped her to craft her own unique voice. Her lyrics are honest, and she isn’t afraid to show her soul, even during tough times.

McGraw and Hill are a married couple who have been together for 23 years. In the video, they sway in each other’s arms as they listen to the romantic ballad from their new album. Hill wore a napkin-style dress while McGraw donned a T-shirt and shorts. At one point, the couple leaned in for a kiss midway through the dance.

Faith Hill has overcome many of the challenges of her childhood to reach this stage of her career. She has been open about her faith and has used her platform to promote family literacy. She has even started the Faith Hill Family Literacy Project, which is co-sponsored by Time Warner Bros. Records to help support literacy programs in America. She has hosted book drives at her concerts and has donated more than a million books. She also makes public service announcements about the importance of family literacy.

I Can Hear the Bells by Lorde

I Can Hear the Bells is a rock-pop song that was featured in the musical Hairspray. It is the song sung by Tracy Turnblad, a character on the show who brushes past Link. In the song, she dreams of a future wedding and a perfect romance. This song is not only catchy, but it’s also incredibly well-written.