Songs about waiting are common, but some of the best are incredibly personal. Some songs describe the emotions of being alone and missing someone who you loved so much. Others explore the irrational emotions of love. Here are some songs about waiting for someone to come back. Whatever your feelings about waiting, there is a song for you.

Love is irrational

While love is irrational, waiting does not necessarily make it less real. It simply means that the time between the two of you is longer than what is necessary. Likewise, waiting to fall in love is not a sign of love if it impedes your overall happiness. True love is a process that is hard and exhausting. Young couples who wait too long before settling down often realize that they were never really in love.

A classic example of love not being irrational is from the Shakespeare play, “Romeo and Juliet.” In this play, the main character is not in love with Juliet, but he is just playing around with the idea of love. This is evident in his many flowery love quotes. He also has other love interests before he meets Juliet.

The play portrays the nature of love, including its fickleness. As a result, young people can’t always decide whether or not to marry the person they’re truly in love with. However, the play also supports the right of young people to choose their marriage partner based on their love.


Songs about patience are great for fostering patience in our lives. They teach us that we must never give up even when things are tough. They can be inspiring to those who need a little extra push to stay motivated. Listen to these songs to learn how to have patience and persevere when it comes to your relationships, work, or life goals.

Patience is a virtue that many people struggle with, particularly in times of crisis. But music with a calming effect can help develop patience and make you feel less alone. Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Songs about Patience’ is a classic example of a power ballad, about a man’s longing for his former lover.

“Patience” by Guns N’ Roses was released in April 1989 and peaked at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song was recorded with three acoustic guitars and produced by Mike Clink. It is also featured on the music video DVD by the band.

Another song about patience deals with the passage of time. The lyrics talk about how time moves by and how we grow older. The song is very reflective and makes the listener reflect on their lives. The lyrics also speak of faith and trust in the process. The song is about a man’s wait for a love and a friend’s wait for him.

Love is a kaleidoscope of emotions

Songs about waiting are often about the process of waiting for something to happen. The process can be filled with many different emotions, such as longing, frustration, hope, and faith. These feelings can make waiting for something seem like an endless chore. However, there are songs about waiting that are not about being impatient and losing hope.

Many people can identify with waiting for a loved one, even if the wait is not immediate. In this case, it is important to have hope. For example, the song “Waiting For Love” by Jack Johnson is a hopeful one. Another one by Adele is about the wait for someone to return.

Another song about waiting is “I’ll Wait For You,” which tells the story of a man who is traveling long distances to see his wife. His longing to be with his wife is intense, but he faces many obstacles on the way. Unfortunately, he eventually arrives home only to discover her death. In contrast, “Waiting for the Sun” describes a man who is waiting for a more favorable stage in life. The lyrics imply that the man was struggling with his situation but has hope that things will turn around.

Another song about waiting that is popular on the internet is “A Prayer” by Miguel. Released as the lead single from their album Kaleidoscope Dream, the song was inspired by a series of dreams that the artist had during the process of writing the song. Miguel’s relationship with his girlfriend and a series of dreams led to the song’s creation. Its lyrics are a beautiful reflection of the feelings that people experience when waiting for the person they love.

Having to wait for someone to show up

A song about waiting for someone to show up can be anything from a pop song to a folk classic. It can be about longing for a special someone, or it can be about the uncertainty of the waiting. Songs about waiting for someone to show up have been written by many artists, and the emotions they express are timeless. This list includes songs from popular artists as well as lesser known artists. You’ll find pop, world, folk, country, and dance/electronic hits.

One of the most popular songs about waiting for someone to show up was Waiting for Someone to Show Up by The 1975. It was released on the album I Don’t Wanna Grow Up. It features rock influences and uses drums and keyboards. It features lyrics about waiting for the right person to show up.

Another great song about waiting for a person to show up is “Come Home” by Julia Banks. In this song, the protagonist waits for the woman he loves. He knows he needs to make some changes in his personality to win her back, but he insists on waiting for her to show up. Another song about waiting for a person is “The Waiting.” In this song, the protagonist hopes that the woman will come back and he will wait patiently until she does.

Another song about waiting is “Waiting for Someone to Show Up.” Written by the Beach Boys, this track was released on their album Pet Sounds in 1966. Brian Wilson, the band’s frontman, produced the track for the first time. The song describes the restlessness of waiting for someone who is far away. The song’s lyrics are a combination of rock and punk influences.