Chi Coltrane’s 1972 smash Songs About Thunder and Lightning combines soaring vocals with hard-driving rock instrumentation to create a timeless track. The lyrics explore the exhilaration and terror of being caught up in a storm. The song’s catchy hook is anchored by a propulsive bassline that creates forward momentum.


Musicians have created many songs about thunder and lightning. There are several genres to choose from. One genre is rock, which is represented by the rock genre. In rock, songs about thunder are more common than in other genres. A country song, for example, may not have any lightning in it, but it is still a great choice for rock music.

Another genre of songs about thunder and lightning is disco. Bob Dylan created a song about lightning and thunder that expresses his inner turmoil. The lyrics are not fully explained, but they express personal turmoil. Bob Dylan was born in 1941 and was one of the most influential musicians of his generation and of all time. The song has a long history, with several versions.

The best songs about thunder and lightning also have some religious undertones. Several hit the top ten Billboard Charts. A ’90s country song about thunder can be energizing. Although the music video is cheesy, it doesn’t take away from the song’s energy.

Classical music composed by Johann Strauss II is another genre to explore. The composer’s “Thunder and Lightning Polka” captures the energy of lightning and thunder in an energetic melody. The song’s lyrics describe the excitement and danger of a storm, as if you’re there in the storm.

The classic version of this song was written by John Prine. Other artists have recorded the song, including Carrie Simon, Bonnie Koloc, and Bonnie Raitt. The song has received several gold certifications and received positive reviews from critics.

Song lyrics

If you’re a fan of rock and roll music, you’ve probably heard a song about thunder and lightning. One such song is Thunder and Lightning by Phil Collins. This 1990s hit is about the power of storms and the adversities they bring, and it’s a good example of song lyrics about thunder and lightning.

The lyrics of Thunder and Lightning are incredibly emotional, and they capture the awe and raw emotion of watching lightning and thunder. Written by a storm watcher, these lyrics express the power and danger of thunder. If you’ve ever been caught in the middle of a storm, you’ll probably understand the lyrics of this song.

“Some Loud Thunder” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is another song with song lyrics about thunder and lightning that capture the awe and wonder of the moment. This song tells of a man who can’t sleep during a thunderstorm, and who ruminates about the possibility of death. It’s a song about power and danger, and ends with the line “I want some more of that Some Loud Thunder!”

“God of Thunder” by Kiss was a rock song with lyrics that mention thunder. This song was the band’s biggest hit, and is often referred to as the theme song of the band. It is a song that uses sound effects to describe the power of thunder, and is also a rock and roll song.


Thunder is a common theme in music, from rock to metal. It can be uplifting or depressing, depending on the artist. One of the most famous songs about thunder and lightning is Thunderstruck, by AC/DC. Released in 1990, this song reflects the energy and power of thunderstorms. It also features the storm god Thor.

While these songs are generally about the power of storms, they can be more personal. Often, a song about thunder and lightning will describe a rekindled love affair. In this case, the storm represents desire. It may also represent a break-up. The artist may be singing about a storm that he has been waiting for, or it may just be a metaphor for love.

Thunder and lightning are often used to convey religious ideas and feelings. This is true of many rock and roll songs. Whether it is about storms or religion, many songs use the imagery to describe life’s ups and downs. However, the lyrics of Thunder and Lightning also describe the pain and suffering experienced by a person in a broken relationship.

Imagine Dragons’ song “Thunder” was a chart-topping hit for the band in 2017. The band’s lead singer, Dan Reynolds, had dreams of being great as a child and overcame many obstacles to become an international star. As a result, the band has become an icon for people around the world.

There are many artists who have recorded songs about the power of thunder and lightning. Some of the best-known songs have been written by popular artists and are still popular decades after their initial releases. Some of these songs have even won awards and continue to attract a large audience.


The best songs about thunder and lightning are often passionate and powerful. In fact, many of them have even received awards. These powerful songs are incredibly popular decades after they were released. They often showcase a deeper meaning or spiritual breakthrough. Some of them are even about relationships and the desire to be with someone.

Among the most famous songs about thunder and lightning is Thunderstruck by AC/DC, which was released in 1990. This song features a huge guitar solo and is considered one of the best songs about thunder and lightning. It also features lyrics about the storm god Thor. In addition to being a great song about thunder, Thunderstruck is a classic example of rock music.

Songs about thunder and lightning have many styles. Some are religious, while others do not. Many people associate thunder with God or with the divine. Many songs feature the divine, with some relating thunder to the voice of God. The singer of ‘The Wheel’ found inspiration in his religious beliefs.

Another song about thunder and lightning is “Bob Marley’s Song” from his Evolve album. The song is about fighting against the status quo and refers to revolutions and biblical acts. It was released three times and garnered a Grammy nomination. It has become a staple in many rock and metal concerts.

Another popular song about thunder and lightning is “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. The song was inspired by guitarist Angus Young’s experience of a thunderstorm on a plane. Although the lyrics can be a little confusing, the song’s music is one of the most popular songs about thunder and lightning.


Thunder and lightning are among the most exciting and mysterious forces of nature, and musicians have been inspired by them to create a number of songs. These songs can range in style from heavy metal to pop, and are often accompanied by a powerful riff. Regardless of the style of music, these songs often contain themes of storms, desire, and danger.

Some of the best songs about thunder and lightning have been influenced by religious themes. For example, “At the Edge of the World” by Chuck Berry is a song about a “train to hell.” This song combines themes of gloominess with a religious message. Likewise, many religious texts equate thunder and lightning with fire and anger. This is why many of these songs have religious undertones.

A song about thunder and lightning can be about love, sadness, or anger. The original song by John Prine was released in 1971 and earned gold certification. It was also recorded by Bonnie Koloc and Carrie Simon. It went on to sell over 6 million copies worldwide. It was also a hit in the U.K., where it was the fourth single to reach the top ten.

Another example of a song about thunder and lightning is “Anthem,” by Florence and the Machine. The song was originally not a commercial hit, but has since achieved cult status among music enthusiasts. The song was released three times and went on to receive a Grammy nomination.

There are numerous other songs about thunder and lightning that have influenced people throughout history. Some of the most popular songs about these natural phenomena are Delta Rain by the Memphis Boys and “Friends in Low Places” by Imagine Dragons. These songs capture the raw emotion and awe that people experience when experiencing thunderstorms. They are also written from the perspective of a storm watcher and describe the danger and power of the storm.