Some of the best-known songs about Florida were written by people who have lived there. Will McLean’s “Swimming in Miami” is an example. You can also check out Eric Clapton’s “Mainline Florida” or Ricky Skaggs’ “Only the Ocean.”

Eric Clapton’s “Ocean Avenue”

461 Ocean Boulevard is a mid-74 release from Eric Clapton, whose early career is best known for the release of “I Shot the Sheriff” and “Call Me”. Its unique blend of rock and soul inspired a generation of musicians and is one of Clapton’s most popular albums.

The album was recorded in Clapton’s home at 461 Ocean Boulevard, near Miami, during the spring and summer of 1974. Clapton used a Blackie Fender Stratocaster for his electric guitar work and Gibson ES-335 guitars for his slide guitar work. He also used a vintage Martin acoustic guitar for many tracks on the album. Clapton’s style was described as “bright blues rock” by Ryan Book of the Music Times. The album was produced by Tom Dowd and was a hit at the time.

Although “Ocean Avenue” isn’t his best album, it is an excellent introduction to Clapton’s music and is a must-listen for Clapton fans. Though it features a largely slow tempo, it’s still an enjoyable listen for fans of the legendary guitarist.

After his drug addiction, Clapton began pursuing music as a career. He was sought out by other musicians, fans of his previous bands, and music industry suits. He was also known as the “golden goose” and the “psychedelic warrior”.

Ricky Skaggs’ “Only the Ocean”

The Grammy-nominated Ricky Skaggs is a living legend in the world of bluegrass and roots music. Born in Cordell, Kentucky, Skaggs first picked up a mandolin when he was five. He and his mother began harmonizing together, and soon his father taught him how to play chords. Two weeks later, he was already playing songs on the mandolin. Locals began to notice his unique talents and he gained a reputation as an up-and-coming musician.

As with much of his work, Skaggs plays every instrument on his record, including fiddle and clawhammer banjo. The arrangements of gospel tunes and other classics are stirring and sound like the work of a seasoned producer. These arrangements evoke memories of front porch jams.

The album has a spiritual quality and was nominated for a Grammy and a Dove Award. Skaggs is a man of great faith and it shows through his songs. Among the highlights on the album is a touching rendition of the Bill Carlisle classic “Gone Home,” which was made famous by Flatt & Scruggs in the 1950s. Another standout track is the powerful “Seven Hillsides,” a song taken from an actual Billy Graham crusade.

Ricky Skaggs has collaborated with many artists, including Bruce Hornsby. The duo recorded a collaborative album in 2007, bringing together fiddle, piano, and songwriting. The project was titled “Big Mon” and it received Grammy nominations for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals.

Lana Del Rey’s “Tallahassee Lassie”

This emo/alt-rock song is set in Florida. Freddy Cannon, a singer from Tallahassee, sings about the city’s party animal, Tallahassee Lassie. Lassie loves to dance and has a variety of dance moves. In the lyrics, the narrator also mentions his hometown of Jacksonville.

Owl City’s “Only the Ocean”

The first single from Owl City’s new album, Only the Ocean, is an easygoing, wistful listen. The band’s sound is more alternative rock than punky. The song begins with an acoustic guitar loop over a boy band beat and explores the idea of young love on a chilly beach at night. Its melodic quality and catchy hook are both impressive.

The album also marks the band’s first major label release. Though formed in Young’s parents’ basement, the group has since played to packed houses in major venues throughout the US. Its debut album has been certified platinum and gold and the band’s first single, “Fireflies,” has twice hit the Top Ten.

The album is a wonderful collection of songs that will take you to other places. “Vanilla Twilight” is one of my personal favorites, and it embodies everything that makes Owl City so captivating. Its melancholic and upbeat songs are the perfect combination.