There are several options for small work desk organization. These options include Floating shelves, Expandable drawer dividers, and Wall-mounted file organizers. You can even use wooden boxes. You can hide your printer to save space. Some desk organizers are portable and can fit under a small desk.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to maximize wall space. They also add aesthetic value to a room and highlight items, such as a photo frame, book, or fake plant. A wall calendar is another great idea for a small workspace, especially if you’re a visual person. It’ll save you from having to constantly flip through pages of your computer calendar.

Over-the-desk shelves are another good option for office storage. They’re easy to install, sturdy, and add style to the surrounding area. They can be used for incoming mail and other files, as well as for decorative purposes. Some shelving units even have an inbuilt computer desk.

Another great idea for small work desk organization is to add hooks or pegboard. They can be used to hang items such as cutting boards and coats. You can even hang up inspirational sayings. If you don’t want to make a permanent change, you can also paint the walls above your desk to maximize your workspace.

Floating shelves can add more storage space to your workspace. If you don’t have a lot of room for additional shelves, you can place a bookcase on top. This will free up desk space and provide a place for a favorite pen or book. Another great choice is a JulieHomes desk shelf. It’s sturdy and easy to install.

If you’re not sure which option is right for your needs, try a wrought-iron desk organizer. It’s minimal but elegant, and can store books, pencil cases, and paperweights. The wrought-iron desk organizer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a vintage style or industrial look. It also provides additional space for smaller items, such as a small potted plant.


Pegboards can help you organize your tools by category and frequency of use. The pegboard system is especially useful if you work in a small garage. Rather than relying on drawers, you can arrange the most frequently used tools on the pegboards that are easily accessible. The layout of the garage will determine the exact placement of pegboards.

Pegboards are also useful for keeping Bluetooth devices and other small items. They also make a great place for a tissue box and frequently referenced books. They are also easy to change when you want to rearrange your workspace. Pegboards can be stacked to hold larger bottles and odds and ends. You can also use a bottom shelf to store smaller computer accessories. By using a pegboard, you can easily rearrange the layout of your office and keep everything within reach.

Pegboards are also an excellent solution to desk clutter. They are versatile and can fit most desk setups. They can be used to hang storage bins, organizers, and other supplies. You can also use pegboards to hang decor and trinkets. These ideas can help you remove the clutter from your desk and save valuable space.

Pegboards can be used to organize other things, such as bathroom and office supplies. Pegboards are also ideal for holding decorative items, such as small decorative objects and cool clocks. They are also ideal for holding jars or vases. Moreover, they can be used as a place to display home decor and inspirational quotes.

Expandable drawer dividers

Expandable drawer dividers are an easy and practical way to organize your desk drawers. You can find different types that will suit your needs and budget. Some are made of plastic or wood. If you are using plastic dividers, you can choose a colour that matches the contents of your drawers.

You can also buy small trays to separate office supplies. You can use these trays to store small, medium, and large items. You can also make your own organizers from cardstock, including a colorful label and tacky glue. This way, you can use a variety of different colors and a design to make them more appealing.

Keeping unnecessary items away from your desk can also help you feel more organized and reduce stress. Having your desk free of unnecessary items is a major plus when you’re working, and having it looks attractive and neat will boost your productivity. Expandable drawer dividers can help you with this task, as they can be adjusted to fit the sizes of the compartments. Besides that, these dividers prevent the items from sliding back when they’re closed. In addition, adding a personal touch to your workspace can improve your work experience. For example, adding a piece of greenery in your workspace can increase your creativity. A favorite painting or photograph also can add a positive mood to your work space.

A surprisingly affordable way to improve the look of your work desk is by buying expandable drawer dividers. These are easy to use and are made from bamboo. They’re also eco-friendly and will keep your drawers organized and clean. They’re also spring-loaded, so you won’t need to purchase any tools to install them.

Wall-mounted file organizers

Using wall-mounted file organizers can free up floor space while bringing files to eye level. They come in coordinating colors to add style to your home office. They are also magnetic, so you can attach them to metal surfaces like To Do boards or walls. You can also add chalk labels for added appeal.

Desktop organizers are another great way to save desk space and keep your work area tidy. Some desk organizer trays have compartments that fit your monitor and other office supplies. You can also use letter trays and stackable cubes to save space. If you’re on a budget, try upcycling items from your home to make them useful.

Small work desk organizers also make great accents to any space. A simple organizer from Yamazaki offers clean lines and simple organization. It also allows you to store your writing utensils and glasses without having to dig through your desk. The best part is that it can be customised according to your needs.

If you don’t want to give up desk space, you can use wall-mounted file organizers to keep your documents organized. They can be hung from the wall or lean against your desk. You can even buy a whole set of organizers that come in various colors and sizes.

Under shelf baskets

Small work desks don’t have to be boring. You can organize your space with under shelf baskets and a pegboard. Pegboards are functional and stylish. They also have a farmhouse feel and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. For example, if you’re an avid crafter, a pegboard will serve as an ideal workspace for all of your crafting materials.

To save money, you can also make your own desk organizers. You can purchase inexpensive products online or from discount stores, like Target. These organizers can be bought for just a few dollars. Organize your desk with these products, which are eco-friendly and can fit under the shelf.

If you have limited space, you can opt for a shelf organizer with three drawers. This can help you store desk supplies, files, and other accessories, and you can even hang your keys in them. These organizers can also double as catchall trays if you have an empty wall space.

You can also use storage baskets to store other supplies. You can also use them as decorative items. Make sure you label these containers carefully so that you know what they’re for. You can also place them on floating shelves to store supplies and reference books. The best part is that they are so versatile that you can customize them for every purpose you need.