Buying a small parts organizer can help you keep all your hardware and nuts together. You should find one that has twenty to 25 adjustable compartments and a clear top. You can also get a second tool caddy for specialty elements. If you need more than one, you can store them in a tool box.

Home Depot’s ProSpective Campaign

As we enter the biggest sales season of the year, Home Depot has a new small parts organizer campaign to showcase. The campaign features actual shoppers, not stock images. This ad aims to help consumers make the best decision possible. It uses voice and visual search to enhance the customer experience, and integrates these new technologies into its store operations.

The home improvement retailer is also using YouTube to increase its presence among the target market. The brand has taken an integrated approach to marketing its small parts organizer, with videos that provide the answer to common questions customers ask. These videos help consumers learn about the product and the brand, and help them establish trust in it. This is an excellent example of an in-store and online partnership. The ProSpective campaign for small parts organizer is a good example of how a brand can use online channels to improve its customer service.

RIDGID 22 in. Pro Organizer

Whether you need to organize your small parts, tools, or a combination of all of these, a Ridgid small parts organizer is perfect for you. This organizer comes with a tool box and cart that lock to protect from dust and water. It also has retractable handle for easy mobility. The unit can hold up to 110lbs of gear.

Made of durable resin, the RIDGID small parts organizer features heavy-duty latches. It has a waterproof coating on the lid and protects from dust and water damage. It is compatible with the RIDGID Pro Tool Storage System.

RIDGID 22 in.

Ridgid 22-inch small parts organizer is made for small parts and is interchangeable with the company’s Pro Organizer tool box. Its unique design features feet that lock into the other pieces, and handle-like clips that fold over the bottom of the upper piece.

Its durable high-impact resin construction is resistant to dust, water, and corrosion. It also comes with a heavy-duty metal latch and a built-in water seal. The durable design works well with RIDGID’s Pro Tool Storage System. This storage system helps you organize your tools and parts without taking up too much space in your workshop.

RIDGID 22 in. Mini Organizer

The Ridgid 22-in. Mini Organizer is designed to keep your small parts organized. It has three compartments: a small one, a medium one, and a large one. It has removable compartments and a locking bar for extra security. This system is also very affordable. It costs just $129 for a 3-piece set.

This small tool box is made from sturdy resin. It features metal latches and post hinges, which also serve as lid stops. Moreover, it has wheels for easy mobility. It also feels solid and durable. It holds up well to the constant movement of the tools inside it. It can hold about 100 pieces of small parts. It’s perfect for your garage or workshop.

The Ridgid tool box is available in three sizes. The smallest one is 13.7” wide and the largest one is 18.3” wide. This extra width helps balance out the space sacrificed for wheels. In addition, the handle is made of telescoping steel tubing and can withstand rough use. The tool box can be stacked on the cart if you need more space.