Organize the shelves to make finding your stuff easier. Many freezers have a large number of shelves, which can cause a margin of error when searching for something. Labeling each shelf can help you find items faster. One trick to label skinny wire shelves is to use a binder clip. This will help you keep track of what is on each shelf and will keep you from forgetting where something is.


A drawer system is a great solution for freezer organization. These drawers allow you to store more than one layer of food in them, making the space more efficient. Stacking like items will also help you maximize the space available. Using baskets in the freezer is also a great idea, making it easy to remove older groceries and store newer items underneath.

Label the shelves in your freezer. This is particularly important, since freezers have many shelves that leave a lot of room for error. Labeling the shelves will help you find what you need easily. You can use binder clips to label the skinny wire shelves. You can also buy extra plastic containers and stack them to create layers of organization.

In the main drawer, place items that you use often. For example, you should place ice cream and frozen desserts on the left. Then, place breads and baked goods on the right. In the middle, place premade meals and soups. Another good option is to use dividers to separate food items.

Another great way to maximize your freezer’s space is to create zones. You could use specific bins for vegetables, ground beef, and freezer-ready meals. Label the bins according to their contents, including expiration dates. Labeling individual bins is also another great way to organize your freezer. Using permanent marker, you can label specific items by category.

Another good way to organize your freezer is by using magazine holders as drawers. They are inexpensive and can make great storage options. You can also make a chest freezer shelf using magazine holders.

Binder clips

Using binder clips for small freezer organization can save a lot of space and help you organize items in your refrigerator. You can also use them to hang packages and bottles. They are lightweight and can be moved from shelf to shelf. You can also use them to organize spice packets by hanging them vertically.

Binder clips come in many different sizes and colors. Some people use them to organize cables and other items. Others use them to display favorite photographs on the wall. Whatever your purpose is, these handy little objects will help you make your home look more organized and comfortable. They are also great for turning a cluttered freezer into an orderly stack of frozen vegetables.

Another small freezer organization idea is to use binder clips to hang bags in the refrigerator or freezer. This way, you can save freezer space while keeping the bags organized. You can also use binder clips to hang packages of frozen veggies on a wire shelf in the freezer. This will prevent the bags from spilling their contents. Also, it will help you to keep track of the contents of your freezer so you don’t have to buy duplicates. Having an inventory will also help you decide what to make for dinner.

Binder clips can also be used as instant shelves in the freezer. They are easy to use and allow you to extend the vertical storage space of your chest freezer. They are great for storing soup packets, premixes, and spices. They are also made of transparent plastic and come with a grid design that makes drainage easy.

Plastic baskets

Plastic baskets are a great choice for storing frozen foods in the freezer. They’re easy to remove and are large enough to keep a variety of items. You should label them to make them easy to identify when you need to retrieve a certain item. If you’re trying to find a particular item, you can use binder clips to make the process easier.

If you’re short on space, you can also use cardboard boxes. Many supermarkets carry them, and you can stack them to create a custom compartment. These can be used for storing items such as ice packs. You can also use sliding baskets to hold frequently-used items.

Another great option for organizing your freezer is plastic bins. They’re great for storing frozen entrees, leftovers, and pints of ice cream. They’re also BPA-free and resist cracking, and they’re easy to keep clean. There are many sizes of plastic bins for freezer storage. Choose the one that works best for your needs.

You can also label the containers to help you find items in the freezer. Make sure to include the date and expiration date on them. This will prevent confusion when it comes time to use them. If you don’t want to buy another container of the same type, consider adding a label maker to your freezer.

Another good idea for organization is to use magazine holders. These holders are not only inexpensive but also useful for organizing magazines and other small items. Moreover, they can also be layered for easy access.

Reusable grocery bags

If you’re looking for storage solutions for your small freezer, reusable grocery bags are a great option. These bags can easily hold up to 50 pounds of food and are machine washable. They’re also very easy to clean, since the materials used for them are made of lightweight nylon.

Reusable grocery bags come in a variety of materials, including canvas, nylon, and 210T polyester. For food storage, reusable bags should be insulated. Those that keep food cold for a few hours are especially useful. Another storage idea is to use a magnetic chip clip or binder clip to hang your paper bags.

If you’re using freezer meal bags, you may find them useful. The bags make it easy to label the contents, so you won’t have to search through many drawers for the same items. They’re also handy for storing dry fruit and nuts, as long as they’re labeled.

To label reusable grocery bags, you can use dry erase markers. These are the best choice because they won’t rub off and are not affected by other bags rubbing against them in the freezer. And, unlike marker-covered plastic grocery bags, dry erase markers can be easily removed.

Other options include Earthwise canvas tote bags. These bags can hold up to 30 pounds of groceries and can be folded to be less than 2 inches thick when not in use. The material used is durable, and they can be reused up to three hundred times. They’re also dishwasher-safe and freezer-safe. And they come in various colors.

Magnetic containers

Magnetic containers are an effective solution to storing small amounts of food in your freezer. You can place the jars anywhere inside or outside your freezer to increase its storage capacity. Magnetic containers are also convenient for chest freezers, since they provide added depth to the cabinetry. Moreover, these containers are perfect for keeping items like dried beans and half-used diced onions.

Magnetic containers are ideal for storing small pieces of food, such as chopped herbs. This way, you don’t have to use up valuable shelf space to store them. Furthermore, these containers can be stuck on the freezer door, making it convenient to grab a small handful of frozen herbs. These containers can also be used to store leftovers and other random bits and pieces.

Another option is to use dividers. These can help you see everything easily at a glance. You can also use drawer organizers and shelf dividers to organize your freezer. Keep in mind that the size of your freezer will influence the size of the containers that you should use. You can also keep track of the size of your freezer’s sections by using a chalkboard or dry erase marker.

Magnetic storage bins are not dishwasher-friendly. Ensure that you clean them regularly. They can be wiped down by hand if necessary. You can also stick these containers on the fridge wall to organize small items. The benefits of using these storage bins are clear: you will be able to organize the contents easily and in a jiffy.