A bench with a shelf underneath can help corral shoe clutter in a small entryway. You can purchase a bench with this feature or build one yourself. Wire baskets can hold a wide variety of shoes, and a bench can also double as an entryway bench. A bench made from 1×2 board or plywood will be ideal for corralling a small entryway’s shoe clutter.


If space is an issue in your small entryway, you may want to consider a bench with built-in shoe storage. This versatile piece can double as a seating area and has many practical uses. You can install it in your entryway or use it as an extra seat in your living room or bedroom. The bench comes with a soft seat and 10 storage cubbies for shoe storage.

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can always build a bench for shoe storage. With a few adjustable rods, you can easily create this versatile piece of furniture. It will be a great way to display your favorite heels and will keep your entryway floor free and clutter-free. Besides, this type of bench is also convenient and comfortable to sit on. And it will make a great first impression on visitors.

This bench is made of solid wood with Baltic plywood legs. You can specify the finish for the legs. The shelf trusses are made of the same wood as the seat. Walnut, birch, white oak, and birch are some of the woods available. You can choose a water-based varnish or hard oil finish for the wood.

A bench with built-in shoe storage is a great solution for a small entryway. Unlike boot trays, a shoe storage bench also provides seating and storage. The bench can also be used to display other accessories. There are many styles of entryway benches with built-in shoe storage.


Carousel shoe storage is a great entryway storage solution that stores up to 30 pairs of shoes on a rotating carousel. With perfectly spaced hooks, this storage system will accommodate most shoe sizes, even the smallest ones. It also works great for hats.

One of the main advantages of this storage system is that it takes up very little floor space. It also allows you to show off your favorite shoes. You can build this system with a few adjustable rods and shelves. It is also easy to assemble and won’t cost you a lot of money. It will keep your entryway floor free of clutter and still display your best heels.

Another great entryway storage option is a shoe storage bench. A bench provides a comfortable seating area as well as ample shoe storage. Its storage is hidden and doesn’t take up too much room. This shoe storage solution is also great for small entryways. A bench can also be used to store other accessories.

Choosing the right shoe storage solution is an important decision. Not only must it be practical, it also has to be sturdy and long-lasting. It should also not block the circulation of the door. The right storage solution can prevent the mess caused by shoes at the front door. A shoe storage system will help you avoid this inconvenience and make your entryway a better place for visitors.

A shoe tree or a shoe cart is a wonderful way to save space in a small entryway. They can store as many as 30 pairs of shoes while using very little space. You can also use a wall-mounted shoe bench to store your shoes. Another great idea is to use an ottoman. It has two functions: it provides a comfortable seat for your shoes and can hold extra blankets.


Shoe racks are a practical solution for small entryways and can also serve a decorative purpose. They’re a great place to display ornaments or plants, and can help keep the room feeling airy. They come in white or black, and can be a stylish addition to a small room.

Drop-front shoe boxes are another great option. These are easy to stack and come in a variety of colors. To make your entryway more convenient, you could also install built-in drawers. Another option is to install a rolling drawer cart. A slim cabinet for storing sneakers is also a great option. It adds a sleek look to the entryway and will keep your sneakers organized.

Over-the-door shoe storage for small entries can accommodate up to 12 pairs of shoes. Organizers with more pockets are available to accommodate more pairs of shoes. One popular option includes a 24-pocket organizer from the Container Store. It can accommodate up to 12 pairs of shoes and can be mounted with decorative hooks and nails.

Other options for shoe storage include upcycling old crates. These are a fun way to upcycle old items. Just make sure to include a handle so the crate can slide out from under the furniture. You can also choose to paint the crate to match your home’s decor or label it with “shoes.”

Shoe storage in your entryway is essential for a well-organized home. With a functional solution, your entryway can become an efficient space and save you time. It also encourages good habits in your life and saves you from having to run around searching for your shoes.

Copper pipe rack

You can create a simple yet stylish shoe rack by using copper pipes. They have a natural pinkish gold color and can be used for shoe storage. You can customize the size and number of shelves, as well as how they are mounted to the wall. Using a rack in your entryway will add a modern and practical element to the entryway.

A simple ladder can also serve as shoe storage. This is an inexpensive, functional option that can store eight to ten pairs of shoes. Ladders are also great for storing wet or sandy shoes. You can find one that’s the right size for your entryway and lean it against a wall to save valuable floor space.

An industrial-style shoe rack can be custom-made to fit any space. This DIY project is simple to make and can be modified to fit your space and style. The industrial look is highly customizable, so you can pick the size and spacing you’d like. It can also be painted any color you want.

Another shoe storage option is a wooden cabinet. This is a beautiful and practical option with clean, sharp lines, and elegant hardware. It’s great for a small entryway because it opens up at an angle and can accommodate short and flat shoes. If you’d like to store taller shoes, you can place them sideways.

If you’re short on space, you can also use a bench for putting on your shoes. This simple DIY bench is perfect for the entryway because it doubles as a seat. There’s plenty of room for all your shoes, and it’s also a great seat for the kids.

Over-the-door shoe rack

A narrow entryway often does not have the space for an over-the-door shoe rack. However, you can find some solutions that will fit in the space. These include using a wooden crate as a shoe rack, which has several benefits. The rack can be attractive and unique, and it can be incorporated into the decor of the room.

A hanging shoe rack can be a great solution if space is at a premium. You can mount these on closet rods to maximize space. Alternatively, you can purchase a sturdy over-the-door shoe rack. One great choice for small spaces is the Recycled Over-the-Door Shoe Storage from Pottery Barn. This rack is made from 100% recycled materials and features a convenient design.

Another option for a small entryway is a slide-out shoe rack. These racks can be hidden and are also available in different materials. Some are made of wood, while others are made of steel or polymer. These racks can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes.

A wooden crate may also work well as a shoe rack. You can also paint wooden crates in fun colors. Some wooden crates have a seat, so you can rest your feet on them while putting on your shoes. Another idea is to use large plastic bottles. You can cut off the tops and use them to hold flat or sandal shoes.

Besides shoes, wooden shelves are also great for display purposes. They blend in with any decor, and you can even make them a conversation piece! These shelves are easy to build and can easily match the style of your entryway. Another great option is a wooden bench. If you already have a dresser in your house, you can upcycle it to be a shoe storage bench.