Sheep dog toys are great for cuddling and playing fetch. These soft plush toys feature double-layered construction for extra stability, making them perfect for fetch games. They also feature long ears, which are ideal for grabbing during games of fetch. And if you’re looking for extra stimulation, this toy features a full-body squeaker and crackly ears.


If your dog loves to play with sheep, consider buying them a plush sheep dog toy. This toy features a soft faux fur exterior and a charming grey nose. Plus, it stands unsupported and is the perfect size for little hands. It also contains a squeaker inside its body.

Whether your dog prefers a small or large toy, there are many options to choose from. Fattiez plush dog toys come with different squeakers and realistic animal sounds. They also feature rounded shape with minimal seams. The Sheep is one such toy and measures about 15 inches long.

While the Old English sheepdog is a large breed, it’s not an overly large dog. A typical sheepdog weighs between sixty and one hundred pounds. Overweight dogs are prone to certain health conditions, including diabetes. It is important to make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise and a nutritious diet. This way, your dog will remain healthy and avoid any future illnesses.


Sheep dog toys are a fun way to keep your pooch entertained. These plush toys have long ears that are great for fetch games. Some even have a squeaker inside for your dog to enjoy. Whether your dog is small or large, they will enjoy the fun sheep toy.

If you’d like to give your dog something to chew, the Trixie Sheep Dog Toy is a great choice. This toy is made from three layers of safe, nontoxic fibres. It is soft and comfortable to hold. Plus, it has plenty of surface area for your dog to chew on.


Your dog will love the soft plush exterior of this Squeaker sheep dog toy. A squeaker hidden inside the body will make a satisfying noise when squeezed. This plush dog toy is not a chew toy and is suitable for all ages and sizes.

Safety precautions

Sheep dog toys can be great fun for your dog. However, some safety precautions must be taken to keep your dog safe. First, you should never purchase a toy that is too small or too soft because your dog might choke. Another safety precaution is to choose toys that do not contain stuffing or any pieces that can become stuck in the dog’s mouth and throat. In addition, you must avoid toys that contain artificial flavors or scents because these can cause digestive upset or support the growth of bacteria while the dog is chewing.

Second, you should always pay attention to the materials used to make the toy. You should purchase a toy that is made from durable materials and does not have any moving parts, as these may be choking hazards. Plush toys are also a great option for interactive play, but they can also be chewed apart if the dog is left alone with them. This may result in the ingestion of squeakers or batting, which can lead to an emergency vet visit.