If you’re looking for a beautiful way to organize your seasonings, try a spinner tray. This rotating tray will make it easy for you to grab the spices that you need. It also eliminates awkward sifting. Another modern idea for a seasoning organizer is a wall-mounted organizer. These decorative containers are made of miniature mason jars and painted with chalkboard paint. For a playful touch, you can write on them using a white Sharpie.

Lazy susan

Having a Lazy Susan seasoning organizer in the kitchen can make your life a lot easier. It makes it easy to find your spices and seasonings and it allows you to keep your kitchen looking neat and organized. These versatile storage solutions work well in corners or cupboards, and they are easy to assemble. You can also store your laundry supplies in a Lazy Susan.

Spices on a Lazy Susan are easily accessible and equal. The spinning tray keeps them neat and organized, and eliminates awkward sifting. If you have a tall kitchen, you can even use a double-tiered one, which will fit nicely in the upper kitchen cabinet.

A Lazy Susan is also a good solution if you have a walk-in pantry. It can corral items like snack bars, jars, baking ingredients, and oils. It is also a useful storage solution for deep cabinet shelves. You can also use a Lazy Susan for spices in your kitchen cabinets and on countertops.

Magnetic shelves

Magnetic spice racks can be a great way to organize your spices. They don’t take up much vertical space and are easy to reach by closing the refrigerator door. Magnetic shelves are also durable and come with built-in spice containers. There are many options available for magnetic spice racks. You may want to consider getting more than one.

Magnetic spice racks can be attached to the outside of your refrigerator. They cost around $18 and are sturdy enough to hold up to five pounds of spice bottles. They’re great for storing your spices, paper towels, and oven mitts. They don’t take up a lot of space and are great for starter sets.

You can also try installing magnetic spice jars on your refrigerator. They’re very strong and require the least amount of mounting. Or, you can build a magnetic spice rack from scrap wood or a metal tray. You can even make a pull-out cabinet with adjustable shelves. You can also use test tubes or plastic expanders to store your spices. They can be of any color and can be easily stored. Another idea is to install a two-tier spice drawer on top of your upper cabinet.

Pop-top containers

One of the best ideas for organizing your spices is to use containers that are designed to hold several types of spices at once. Spice containers can be either airtight or open-top. Airtight containers are best for small amounts and specialty recipes, such as those that require measuring and scooping. For larger amounts and frequently used spices, stainless steel sugar dispensers are the best choice. Dispensing tops make opening the lid easier and eliminate the need for measuring and dumping.

Spice racks look great on open shelving. To make the look more cohesive, consider using uniform jars that match the shelving rails. Another great option is a spice holder made of reclaimed wood pallets. These racks are a budget-friendly option. They can store a variety of small spice jars. They can also be mounted on the wall for a more rustic display. Alternatively, repurposed wooden pallets can also be used to create a multi-shelved spice rack with multiple containers.

Floating shelves

While you can store your seasonings on your kitchen counters or in cabinets, it may be better to organize them. Floating shelves make a nice addition to your kitchen and are perfect for storing savory and sweet spices. You can even use them as alphabetical storage if you want to keep everything in order.

One idea is to use a magnetic spice rack. This type of rack can latch onto the cabinet doors, which is a great way to use under-cabinet space. You can also use magnetic spice storage on the underside of cabinets. La Vida Lucida provides a tutorial that shows you how to make this type of rack work.

Another option is to use a stand-alone spice rack. This type of spice rack fits perfectly in a kitchen cabinet or pantry. It saves counter space and allows you to store a wide variety of spices. In addition, a stand-alone spice rack can fit a large collection.

Another great idea is to make your own spice rack using old wooden pallets. With a little bit of creativity, you can build a multi-tier spice rack. You can even install it inside a cabinet and pull it out when you need it. The best part is that this type of spice rack doesn’t require any drilling or hardware to install.

Pull-out cabinets

Pull-out cabinets are a great option for spice storage. These cabinets are usually found in blind corner cabinets and allow you to divide the space into two compartments. When organizing spices, use an alphabetical system, and remember to keep the label side facing up. This way, you won’t have to reach over the spice jar to find the correct one.

Spices are a popular addition to most kitchens, and a pull-out spice cabinet can keep them neat and accessible. Unlike drawers, pull-out spice cabinets are more functional and can accommodate dozens of spice jars. In addition to a pull-out cabinet, a wall spice rack is a great way to store spices. You can find a rack that coordinates with your cabinet’s style. You can also opt for simple wood shelving as a spice storage solution.

Another great pull-out spice rack idea is to place it beside your range. A stainless steel multi-tier spice rack can add a stylish and functional look to your kitchen. This type of rack can be wiped down easily, making it a practical option. Moreover, a pull-out spice rack isn’t expensive. It doesn’t require custom cabinetry, and you can also get some semi-custom cabinets with this feature.

Magnetic spice jars

Magnetic spice jars are a unique way to store your spices. They take up very little space and are stylish and functional. They can also help you identify which spices you use most often. These jars come in various sizes and can be used in any kitchen. They are perfect for kitchens that have high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen island.

The best part about using magnetic jars is that they can double as a spice rack. You can also mount them on the refrigerator door for easy access. They will make your spices easily accessible and free you from rummaging through cabinets. Another easy and stylish storage solution is to use a test tube to store all your spices. You can also mount the test tubes to your kitchen wall or put corks on them for added spice storage.

Another option is to install a magnetic spice rack on the wall. This solution is an excellent alternative to bulky shelves. These racks can stick to the wall and are usually 12 inches long, making them convenient and versatile. In addition to being practical, they look nice, too.

Mason jars

Mason jars are an excellent storage solution for spices. They’re both beautiful and functional, and they can be repurposed for different uses. Here are a few ideas for customizing your jars. Try adding a little chalkboard paint to the inside of the jars, or use magnets to hang them in your kitchen.

For starters, you can use them to organize your spices. First, make a list of the spices you use. Once you have that list, remove the lids from the jars. Then, cover them with chalkboard paint, paying attention to the rims. Once the paint dries, write the names of the spices on the jars with chalk. Then, you can label them with a label, which makes them ideal for giving your kitchen a professional look.

Another great way to organize spices is to use a spice rack. These organizers rotate the spices in your kitchen. They can be positioned on the open shelving or on a kitchen counter. If you use your spices on a daily basis, you can use a magnetic spice jar set to store your spices.