Sea salt soaks for nose piercing. When youve decided to get a nose piercing, the last thing you want is a warm and inflamed nostril. However, a warm and inflamed nostril can be the least of your problems if it is not properly healed.

You should consult a plastic surgeon who is familiar with all of the options available. Your doctor will know whether to remove the nasal septum or place a shield over it. Your doctor will also probably recommend getting a saline or a silicon ring placed in your nose.

The saline rings work by allowing the saline solution to spread into the blood stream. Since salt is a diuretic, it removes water from the system, thus leading to a lower blood pressure and a more relaxed lung. Saline rings are becoming increasingly popular among nose piercing patients because they are relatively inexpensive and easier to apply.

People are not completely aware of the fact that saline rings are actually part of a medical treatment process called Endoscopic Thoracic surgery (ETS). ETS is an advanced form of surgery that allows doctors to reach areas of the throat that are previously unreachable. A tungsten starfish device is inserted through a small incision. The saline rings or silicon ring are then placed in the area.

Once the salt soaks have been applied, your doctor will cut a small portion of the nose lobe off and move it so the saline or silicone ring is fully exposed. He will then remove the excess ring with an instrument that resembles a razor blade.

It is vital that you follow your doctors instructions when it comes to the application of the sea salt soaks for nose piercing. You should not eat or drink anything immediately after the procedure has been completed.

Next, you will be able to see a very small clear bandage on the base of the nostril, which is the same size as the saline ring. The bandage will serve as a protection for the nose and will help protect it from infections that could occur from the soaks.

Next, you will be able to get a series of soaks for nose piercing through the use of the saline ring. You can then continue to eat and drink without any worries.

Another thing to remember is that you should not take the ring off until you have had a chance to heal your nostril. The ring prevents bacteria from building up and can provide the needed protection that you need.

If you do not remove the saline ring until later, you could have an infection because of the build up of bacteria. Bacteria are known to live in saline solutions as well, so the ring is even more important in the protection of your nostril.

You should also know that when it comes to the use of the sea salt soaks for nose piercing, your doctor can give you a prescription for a new ring if the old one gets damaged or does not heal properly. The ring must be placed in your nostril at the same time the saline solution is applied, or it will be too late.

The saline ring can be put in before the removal of the bandage. If you leave the saline ring in the nose while youre healing, you will still be able to eat and drink.