Sal De Fleur is a skin care line created by Lauren Scorsone of Las Vegas, Nevada. Sal De Fleur combines the best of New York and Paris, with international luxury and famous fashion designers creations to create a unique line of skin care products.

Born in France, Lauren Scorsone left her home country to study at Parsons The New School for Design in New York. While she was living there, she moved back to Paris, where she lived for a time as a painter. After leaving her painting career, she decided to make a change and use her passion for fashion as a way to support herself and her family.

On her return to Los Angeles, Lauren found herself overwhelmed by the rise of the cosmetics industry. She knew that it was her life long dream to be an entrepreneur, so she founded Sal De Fleur to help empower women around the world. She opened her first sal later in 2020.

Like many women of her generation, Lauren had been a fan of the fashion industry. In fact, her favorite designer is probably Christian Dior.

In an interview, Lauren said, When I was a teenager, I saw my friend Christian Dior walking down the street with his wife, the supermodel Renee Madrigal, wearing many of the same clothes that I had worn. I loved the looks and comfort that she was getting out of those same clothes. Thats why I decided that I wanted to create a line of items that would look good on me, but also give me the best look possible.

Fashionistas who are just beginning to explore this emerging market. The products offered by Sal De Fleur are sophisticated and elegant. It also takes pride in being a top seller.

The most important thing to know about the Sal De Fleur range is that it offers innovative products that will boost your beauty without any of the risk. For example, there is a line of facials called Sal Parfums Bois Lintensif. The range includes soothing masks, hot towels, soaps, body creams, serums, cleansers, lotions, skin care ingredients, eye creams, anti-aging formulas, and scrubs.

Another wonderful product is Sal Day, a facial moisturizer designed especially for dry skin and blemishes. In addition, the Bekko line is an antioxidant product that promotes cell regeneration. It is also a dermatologist approved formula.

The Top Secret Complex Line is a line of facial and body products created especially for sensitive skin. It contains healing compounds and skin-caring products that can balance the skin. This brand is designed especially for sensitive or dry skin.

Another great benefit of the products offered by Sal De Fleur is that all of the products come in an elegant color palette. Each is made from organic raw materials and undergoes quality control testing before it is produced and offered to customers.

A full line of sal de fleur products is offered, including makeup, bath soaps, skin care products, and nail polishes. The sal de fleur collections are designed in such a way that no one would mistake any product for another. This has led to a lot of controversy and has led to some very passionate debates on social media sites.

Lauren Scorsone states, Ladies, you cant buy a lotion from a store and expect it to work like a professional cleanser. This brand is totally different and because of that, it works.