If you are interested in a Maine Coon cat, the Royal Maine Coon Cattery welcomes you! You will find that the staff shares your enthusiasm for these lovable cats! You can also find out more about their origins, care, and more! You’ll find all this information in our comprehensive guide to the Maine Coon.


There are several ways to avoid falling victim to Royal Maine Coon Cattery scams. First, it is important to do your research. Many scams involve a non-refundable deposit that a scammer may try to get you to pay. In addition, they may ask for more money than they have to or request unexpected payments to cover shipping and veterinary fees.

Another red flag that may indicate a scammer is poor grammar, lack of communication, and inconsistent responses. You might also sense that something is too good to be true. Lastly, you should rely on your gut. If something feels off, walk away and find another place to buy your kitten.

While there are some legitimate Maine Coon cat breeders with websites, you need to be very cautious about those who advertise too many kittens. These breeders should only have a few litters each year. More than that, you should avoid buying a kitten that is under 12 weeks old. These kittens are still developing their social skills, so a breeding farm is not a good place for them.

Another red flag is a site that asks for payment outside your country of residence. This is a common scam technique because US police cannot always catch these crooks. If you want to purchase a kitten from a legitimate breeder, you should make the payment in your home country.

If you do get ripped off, tell someone right away. You should start with your bank, which can help you get your money back. In addition, you should contact the police.

Registered breeders

If you’re interested in purchasing a Maine Coon cat, you should consider visiting a registered breeder such as the Royal Maine Coon Cattery. These breeders are passionate about their cats and welcome your inquiry. They are happy to help you find the perfect pet.

The most reputable breeders will be willing to give you a lifelong relationship and support. They are family-run businesses and will do all they can to make sure you have the best pet possible. Many of them also offer adoption services for their cats. The kittens are tested for genetic diseases and will receive all necessary vaccinations. Some breeders even offer adult cats for adoption, if you prefer.

The Royal Maine Coon cattery is located on a five-acre estate in Asheville, NC and is operated by Peggy Huff. This breeder is registered with the TICA and breeds the most beautiful Maine Coon kittens. Their breeding program utilizes good genetics and treats kittens like royalty. You can even watch your kitten grow up using their live kitten cam. They also send you regular updates on the development of your new pet.

Buying a Maine Coon kitten can be a complicated task, but it’s crucial to get your kitten from a reputable breeder. A registered breeder will introduce you to the parents and provide you with detailed advice on them. They will also make sure you get the right pedigree paperwork. In addition to the registration, you can also check to see if the breeder has been inspected by TICA or CFA before you buy.

A popular breeder will have an up-to-date website with detailed information about their Maine Coon kittens. You can also learn about the health check of the parents and how they raise their kittens. Many of these breeders also offer lifetime support. They will also post regular updates on social media sites and engage with their followers.


The Maine Coon is one of the most popular cats in the world. These felines are the descendants of cats that were brought to New England by British and Scandinavian sailors. These cats mated with domestic cats in the area, and the result was a unique breed. The breed has evolved over the years to become one of the most sought-after cats in the world.

The Maine Coon’s distinctive features are its large size and long, busy tail. These qualities make them a true royalty in human households. They’re also thought to have originated as a cross between a domestic cat and a raccoon or bobcat. Despite these similarities, the Maine Coon is a distinct species.

Legend has it that the Maine Coon has a rich history. It is said that Queen Marie Antoinette’s Persian and Angora cats were brought to Maine by a sea captain during the French Revolution. It was during this time that the long-haired cats were mixed with the native cats.

While there is no definite answer, one theory suggests that the Maine Coon is a descendant of Norwegian forest cats. If this is true, the breed would have been brought to the US aboard ships sailing from Scandinavia. It may even have been thrown overboard when the ships hit land.

The Maine Coon breed has been recognized as a distinct breed in the USA for many years. In fact, the breed was first shown in agricultural shows in the 1860s, long before cat shows were officially established. During this time, there was no official point system to judge Maine Coons, so the breed slowly declined in popularity. However, a small group of breeders began breeding the Maine Coon in the UK. The breed gained full championship status in the UK in 1993.


If you’re interested in adopting a Maine Coon cat, you’re not alone. The Royal Maine Coon Cattery welcomes your interest and is eager to share their passion for the unique breed. At the cattery, you can expect the highest quality of care and attention for your pet.

A Maine Coon is a wonderful family pet. They do not require as much care as other cats, but they do require regular vet visits, special diets, and lots of attention. This breed is known for its reserved behavior, making it ideal for families with children. If you’re considering adopting a Maine Coon, here are some tips to help you care for your new family member.

The Maine Coon’s coat is long, thick, and glossy. It consists of an undercoat and a waterproof top coat. It should be at least as long as its body. This coat can also be wrapped around the body for extra insulation. These cats have long ears. If you’re considering adopting a Maine Coon, you’ll want to make sure the boarding facility has the proper litter box for your pet.

The best way to ensure that your new cat has the best possible care is to keep it away from your child until he is accustomed to it. In addition to giving him a variety of toys, you can also provide him with a large outdoor space to play. Because they enjoy climbing, you should invest in a cat tree that is made of sturdy material. You can also build shelves or walls on which your cat can climb.

Besides getting plenty of exercise, Maine Coons require plenty of human attention. They also need plenty of sleep, and lack of either of these can lead to behavioral problems.


Socialization is vital to the success of a Maine Coon cat’s health and well-being. Royal Maine Coon Cattery encourages the involvement of people who love Maine Coons. Their staff shares your passion and excitement for these adorable cats. They will work with you to develop a socialization program for your new friend. Socialization at the cattery will provide your new pet with the best possible care and health.

Socialization begins at five to six weeks of age and continues until the pup reaches about 14-16 weeks of age. After that, it is ready for a new family. By this time, your new friend will double or even triple in size. Socialization at a cattery allows your pet to meet other animals safely and develop a strong bond with you.

Maine Coon kittens should be socialized early on. It is important to introduce your kitten to children and other pets. This will help prevent any shyness that may develop later in life. You should also feed the kitten high-quality cat food and follow your vet’s recommendations. In general, Maine Coons are healthy, long-lived pets.

Socialization at a Maine Coon cattery is a crucial part of the breeder’s process. Not only do these kittens need to be socialized with other animals, but they also need to be exposed to household noises and common everyday interactions. This helps prepare the kitten for their new life when it leaves the nest. It also helps them develop confidence and emotional security.

Because of their playful nature, Maine coons enjoy spending time with people and expect their human family members to be part of their lives. They are not aggressive, but they do like being picked up and cuddled. They also enjoy children and other pets, making them excellent companions for children.