You’ve all seen ads. They promise you these secrets of retail arbitrage. They lure you in. with promises of quick profits if only you knew where to buy low or a discount. You pay your money and you discover that it’s all a sham.

In this article, and we will talk about the real ways that you can leverage retail arbitrage in your favor. There is no real secret except you must know where your sources are and where your market is.

When you’re finished reading this article today you’ll know exactly where to go to get the results you desire. The secrets of arbitrage buying and selling is rooted in common sense as you’re about to see.

Secret #1

First, let’s talk about online sources for goods that you can purchase and then resell for a higher price. The first question you have to ask yourself is, “Where can I buy things cheaper?” The obvious answer is to go to the manufacturing powerhouse of the world. You guessed it, China, but you don’t need to learn Chinese, nor do you have to book a flight to Beijing. Just recently, the keys to the Asian market came to Wall Street.

AliBaba debuted recently on the New York Stock Exchange. If you were to login to their main site you would see why it’s going to be one of the hottest stocks around now and in the foreseeable future. You have complete access to all the products and services that China has to offer. This however, is not the only a doorway into the vast manufacturing machine that is China today.

TaoBao is the other direct access route that allows you to buy directly from China. If you’re worried about the fact that you cannot read, speak, and understand or communicate in Chinese. The current web browsers in use today all have built in translation that let you search for the products while looking at the sites. A little known fact about China is at one of the requirements to graduate from college or university is a proficiency in the English language.

Any of the company’s, vendors, or suppliers that you locate through either one of the sites today have skilled speakers of English. They have agents who not only can speak English but are able to read and write in the language as well. This is one of the true secrets of the retail arbitrage game. Which when combined with our next secret will give you even more advantage over your competitors.

Secret #2

India is also a source of inexpensive products that you can buy from at low cost. India has just overtaken Japan and is now the third largest Internet marketplace in the world. Again, this is a little known fact. It is also known that Indian is going toe to toe with China to become the dominant market moving further along into the 21st century. India is very competitive in the labor field and manufacturing to the point that many companies are leaving China and moving their operations to India.

Five of the biggest and heaviest used online marketplaces are:

This enables you to buy directly from India and buy products that are often unique and new to American consumers. However, there is a 3rd secret that does not even require the use of the Internet or it for you to travel to a distant country.

Secret #3

If you live near a major city such a Chicago and you were to take a trip to the local Chinatown, you would discover a whole new world of wholesale buying. The Chinese import directly from the China two the United States and Chinatown is the main distribution point for Chinese goods throughout the Midwest.

Spending a little time here in making contacts with the various importers you can set up a supply chain have a continuing supply of products that you can sell to your customers.

In addition, with doing a little more research you can also locate similar wholesale importers that often congregate in a single area as they do in Chicago.

The famous Swap O Rama flea markets in Chicago are another place where you can make contact with various importers who bring in new products from various countries and then sell them to the Swap O Rama flea markets that are scattered about the Chicago area.

The same approaches are valid a can be used at most major and medium size cities all have a ethnic communities that set up business in their neighborhoods.

To Close

Today we’ve looked at 3 secrets of retail arbitrage that are often overlooked in this age of the Internet.

By meeting people face to face in various ethnic neighborhoods, you can make valuable contacts to bring in and purchase goods that you can then sell through your outlets making you a tidy profit.

You can make purchases for your Retail Arbitrage business using the Internet in other countries, China, India, and utilizing the translation features of the various browsers that are in use today.

In addition, you can make valuable contacts and become an import agent for various companies that are attempting to enter the U.S. market and sell their wares.

Retail arbitrage has been going on for thousands of years, there is no reason why you cannot continue the tradition yourself and become a modern trader in today’s world.

Arbitrage is the way to a successful business, that is both profitable and satisfying that anyone with a little savvy can make a go of it.