If you’re looking for a catnip toy, you may want to try a refillable catnip toy. These toys can be purchased from a variety of companies, and the choices are numerous. Some options include the Snake, Happy Hedgehog, and Cosmic Catnip, among others. You can even find refillable catnip toys that have feathers!


The Snake refillable catnip toy is a great way to keep your cat’s catnip fresh and available at all times. Its refillable belly allows you to remove any old stale catnip and replace it with fresh, organic catnip. Made in the USA, this toy comes in a variety of colors.

This toy is made from durable, eco-friendly materials. It features a hemp canvas back and a cotton sherpa belly. It’s filled with organic cotton and catnip. It is also made with hemp, sisal twine, and zero-toxic dyes.

Happy Hedgehog

The Happy Hedgehog is a refillable catnip toy that comes in various colors. The body of the toy is made of soft microfiber and flavored with a strong catnip scent. The tail is also refillable and comes in a variety of fun colors.

The refillable catnip toy is made of top-quality natural catnip and features a special compartment for fresh catnip. It also comes with four brand-new characters to choose from. These fun toys are sure to make your feline friend happy.

The Happy Hedgehog refillable cat toy can be purchased from desertcart, an online retailer that ships to 164 countries worldwide. The company has a huge selection and provides fast delivery without hassles. If you live in Bahamas, you can also purchase this toy at desertcart.

Cosmic Catnip

Refillable cosmic catnip toys are an excellent way to provide your cat with a constant supply of the herb that makes them feel so good. These toys are filled with pure, North American grown catnip that your cat will love. They provide your cat with hours of interactive play and a healthy workout. They’re also earth friendly and made to last for a long time.

Smarty Kat Small Stuff

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use catnip toy that is lightweight and filled with 100% pure catnip, try a Smarty Kat catnip toy. These toys can be filled multiple times, and each one comes with a refillable catnip pouch. However, be sure to supervise your cat when playing with these toys, and store them away from your cat’s reach. Moreover, be sure to clean the pouch and to dispose of it properly.

SmartyKat Small Stuff is a refillable catnip toy that comes with SmartyKat Organic Catnip. You can fill the toy with a new bag of catnip to give your cat an even more stimulating experience. In addition, the ideally-sized toy includes a convenient pocket for placing fresh catnip.

The Smarty Kat Small Stuff refillable cat nip toy features a realistic crinkle sound and a reusable catnip pouch. These toys are refillable, so you can change the crinkle sound with your cat’s favorite scent. These toys also come in a variety of colors.