If you are looking for ways to organize your purse closet, here are several ideas to help you. These include a Pegboard, a hook rack, shelf dividers, and a pocket hanging handbag organizer. All of these solutions can make your purse storage space a lot more convenient. And the best part is, you can make all of these solutions yourself.


If you have a lot of purses, one of the best ways to organize them is by using a pegboard. Pegboards are easy to install, and they allow you to use vertical space to store your purses. They are also great for holding extra clothes or accessories. Pegboards can also be used in a child’s closet.

Another way to organize your purses is by installing a hanging purse organizer. This option helps keep them accessible without allowing them to get dusty. This is especially useful if you like to keep your bags upright. You can also use storage bins to create cubby-style storage. These are especially useful for holding purses, because they keep the shape of the bag.

Another great pegboard closet organizer idea is to use plastic bottles for storage. You can use larger hooks to hold more than one bag. You can also use pegboards for tools or other items. They are sturdy, versatile, and can fit into just about any room. They are easy to install, customizable, and can save you a lot of time on projects.

Pegboards are also great for organizing your home office. They can be used to hang up files, office supplies, and other items. You can even use pegboards to organize craft supplies. The pegboards can be as large as you need.

Hook rack

If you don’t want to put your purses on the floor, you can use a hook rack. These are typically designed to hang on a door, but you can also use them on shelves and closet rods. In this way, you can access your purses without stooping down.

The main difference between hanging purses and baskets is the way that they use vertical space. Baskets are often made of wicker or wire, and they can also hold bags and purses. Hook racks are typically used for hanging coats, but you can easily turn them into handbag storage.

Hook racks are also a good choice for storing smaller items. They take advantage of the space that’s wasted behind the closet door. This makes them the ideal option for storing smaller items. Some of the best hook racks have eight hooks. You can get them at The Container Store.

Hook racks keep purses upright and keep the handles looking neat. They’re also great for storing multiple collections. You can even hang several collections of purses in one bin. Hook racks are especially helpful when storing purses outside of your closet. Urban Outfitters sells seashell hooks, which work well for holding the handles of handbags.

Another idea that will help you organize your purses is to hang them on your door or closet hooks. This will allow you to see them and remember them when you need them. It will also help keep your handbags dust-free.

Shelf dividers

To keep your purses organized, consider using shelf dividers to separate them. These dividers are similar to those used for sweaters and can help keep the shape of your bags. You can also use purse hangers, which suspend your bags from their handles. This type of organizer can help keep your purses organized, while still being attractive.

Another way to store purses is to use a hanging closet shelving system. This type of organizer is great for larger purses because it allows you to hang the purses on hooks. It’s also a great option for small purses, as they can be tucked in between dividers.

Another option for storing your purses is to use acrylic shelf dividers. These are available in sets of two, four, or six, and are adjustable. These dividers can also be attached to your doors or walls. They are very useful for storing purses and can help you see them easily.

Another option for storing purses is to use a utility rack. This can be installed on the wall or door, and is ideal for storing handbags, clutches, and jewelry. You can also use dust bag organizers to keep your purses clean. They can be attached to pegs or swiveling hooks to make access easy.

Pocket hanging handbag organizer

A hanging handbag organizer is an ideal solution for storing purses. It works by placing purses on a hook, partially protecting them from dust and damage. They come in various sizes and designs. This type of organizer will work best for purses that don’t have straps.

It is made from moisture-proof non-woven fabric and a super premium clear transparent sheet. Its waterproof construction means that your bags will never smell. It can hold up to six bags and has a double-side design. It can be installed in any closet or room and will make storage a breeze.

This hanging handbag organizer can hang on the wall or door of your closet, eliminating the need to bend over or lift heavy handbags to get at them. It also saves space and is attractive, which is essential in an apartment or condo. These organizers can also be used as storage for small items.

While many hanging handbag organizers are great for small to medium-sized bags, it is important to note that they are not designed for larger purses. Because they are designed for short-handled bags, hanging handbag organizers tend to hang closer to the floor. However, this style can be customized to fit the size of your purses.

Pull-out bins

One of the easiest ways to keep purses and other accessories neat and organized is to use pull-out bins. These storage bins are available at The Container Store and can accommodate several collections of handbags. Another great idea is to repurpose curio cabinets to display your handbag collection.

Many people own several purses and are often in need of some extra storage space. They don’t need to keep all their purses in one place, but they do need to be organized. For example, it would be ideal to store all your winter bags in storage, while hanging your summer bags. This will free up a valuable spot for your summer handbags.

These storage bins are available in various styles. You can choose one that hangs from the door, or you can use one that is over the door. Some of these containers have clear acrylic dividers to keep the items well-spaced. These bins also help to prevent purses from being pushed to the back of a shelf.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on storage, you can also opt for purse trees. These come in a variety of materials and can be purchased for as little as $10. They are easy to assemble and come with all the hardware you need to hang them. They also make a stylish addition to any room.

Storage boxes

Storage boxes for purses can come in many shapes and sizes. You can use them in your closet to store your purses in. You can also hang them from a closet rod. However, you need to make sure that your closet has enough space for your bags to hang properly. Some people also use shower curtain rings as a hanger for their purses. Another great idea is to use curio cabinets to display your handbag collection.

If you do not have a walk-in closet, you can use a spare bookshelf to store your purses. It will also help you to save space in your closet. Moreover, you can also use this space to store other things, such as shoes. If you have big bags, you can use inserts to keep their shape and avoid wrinkles. Moreover, you can use wall-mounted hooks to store your purses.

When you buy storage boxes for purses, make sure that the boxes are suited to the size of your purses. If you have a large collection, consider buying several smaller ones and stacking them together. Then label them with the type of bag and designer. This way, you won’t have to go through the trouble of rearranging when you want to change your handbag.

You can also use the top of your closet to store your handbags. You can also use tissue paper to keep larger bags standing. For smaller bags, you can also use a handbag shaper to preserve their shape.