For dogs that love cheese and peanut butter, Pluto’s Cheese & Peanut Butter Bones are a tasty and nutritious way to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Made with low-fat, lactose-free ingredients, these chews provide plenty of calcium and protein. They also prevent internal blockages and breakage of teeth.

PLUTOS are a long-lasting, 100% natural chew

Plutos are a healthy alternative to Rawhide. They are low-calorie and made of 100% natural ingredients, making them a nutritious snack for your dog. Their unique design also prevents them from splintering and creating choking hazards. They are hard enough to provide a satisfying chew, but soften as your dog’s saliva and biting action softens them. A natural chew is a good way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and prevent bad breath.

These chews are made with all-natural ingredients and are safe for dogs of all breeds. They are low-fat, grain-free, and gluten-free, and are high in calcium, protein, and phosphorus. Plus, they won’t stain your dog’s teeth. Plus, they are made with a special formula that includes calcium and casein, a natural source of calcium and phosphorus.

They contain aminoacids

Pluto’s Healthy Chews are a great treat for dogs, and contain a great mix of calcium and aminoacids. They are also low in fat and carbohydrates, and are lactose-free. Dogs will love the delicious taste and satisfying texture.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Plutos are low in calories and highly digestible. They have no fillers or preservatives, and are suitable for dogs of all sizes. They contain calcium and phosphorus, as well as essential aminoacids. Combined with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, Plutos are a great addition to a dog’s healthy routine.

PLUTOS Dog Cheese Chew has no fillers or preservatives, and is available in three sizes. Made with casein (milk protein) and natural ham/pork flavouring, this chew is perfect for dogs with common allergies. It also provides natural antibacterial action for strong teeth and bones. All dogs will enjoy a chew from this tasty treat! However, some dogs may be sensitive to milk, so this is not the right chew for them.

They are lactose free

PLUTOS healthy chews for dogs are made of milk protein that is completely lactose free. They are also gluten and grain free and are naturally flavoured with ham or pork. These chews are the ideal complementary pet food for dogs, as they are safe and digestible. They also contain no fat or artificial colouring or flavouring.

PLUTOS Puppy Chews are made especially for puppies. They are full of high-quality protein (+40%), essential amino acids, Omega 3 fatty acids, and the potent antioxidant astaxanthin. Your dog will love the taste of these chews.

Another great thing about Pluto Healthy Chews is their non-splintering design. They are safe for chewing by dogs of all sizes and shapes. This prevents teeth from breaking, choking, or causing internal blockages. And because they are lactose free, Pluto chews are also easy to digest, which is beneficial for your dog’s digestive health.

If you’re looking for a healthy chew for your pup, Plutos Cheese and Peanut Butter Chews are the perfect solution. They’re made with 100 percent natural ingredients, including casein, a cheese protein that helps clean teeth and promote dental health. In addition, they’re free of gluten, lactose, and nylon. Unlike other chews that contain milk protein, Plutos Healthy Chews are lactose and gluten free.

They prevent teeth from breaking, choking, or internal blockages

Plumto’s chews are designed to be soft and safe for your dog to chew, but they’re tough enough to protect your pet’s teeth. They’re also designed to prevent choking and breakage by chewing on them without breaking teeth or causing internal blockages. Plus, they’re lactose free, so they’re easy for your pup to digest. Not to mention, they’ll also eliminate bad breath.

For the safety of your dog’s mouth, look for dental chews certified by the Veterinary Oral Health Council. You can also choose dental chews made from U.S. cattle hides. The chews made with this type of rawhide will be safer than ones made with synthetic materials or with knots at the ends.