Winters are a time of extreme cold and wind, which makes most people want to stay under their quilts. However, there are some places that you can visit to get out of the cold. Many people prefer to go to hill stations, mountains, and even Iglesias in winters.


If you’re looking for a winter vacation destination in India, Gangtok is the perfect destination. You can avoid the monsoon season by visiting in early winter. This place has a serene atmosphere and offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. You can see Mount Kanchenjunga and Gangtok from the top of Tashi Viewpoint, one of the top attractions in Gangtok.

The town center of Gangtok, MG Marg, is the hub of activities. This pedestrian-only street has shops, souvenir stores, and restaurants. It’s a great place to grab a cup of hot chocolate or a delicious cup of coffee.

Although winters aren’t the most popular time to visit Gangtok, the weather is still pleasant during the cold months. The average temperature is about 14 degrees Celsius during the day, and four degrees Celsius at night. This makes it perfect for sightseeing and shopping.

For nature lovers, the Gangtok biosphere reserve is a must-visit. Its 850 square kilometer park is home to rare and endangered species. The park is inexpensive and worth the visit. And if you have kids, it’s ideal for a family outing.

For those who enjoy monasteries, you can visit the Tsuk La Khang Monastery, located about 3 km from the SNT bus station in Gangtok. You can also take a trip to the Flower Exhibition Centre, near Ridge Park in Gangtok. This place is home to the annual orchid show. It showcases rare varieties of orchids. If you’re a flower lover, this place is heaven for you.


Udaipur is a lovely place to visit in the winter months. It is a lake city and the cool winter weather is perfect for sightseeing. You can also enjoy a relaxing boat ride on the lake and take in the picturesque skies. Besides, the architecture of the city is absolutely fascinating, and you can find a wide variety of architectural styles.

If you’re a history buff, you’ll love Rajasthan’s majestic forts and palaces. You can also find beautiful handicrafts, which make it a great place to shop. The market is also lively, so you can spend some time shopping.

During winters, the city’s food is especially delicious and rich. There are many small eateries and restaurants that offer mouthwatering dishes. There’s also a food festival called Shilpgram in December that features handicrafts and folk artists.

Udaipur is also an excellent destination for lovers. The lakefront city is filled with romantic sights. The city’s lakes provide a romantic backdrop to the majestic Aravalli Mountains. The lakefront offers romantic sunsets and the cool breeze of the winter evenings. Boat rides on the lake are also luxurious and romantic. So if you are looking for a romantic destination, Udaipur should be at the top of your list.


Manali is a popular tourist destination in winters. The town is covered in snow and the weather can be chilly. There are many activities you can do in Manali during the cold season. Day hikes are a popular pastime in Manali. Winters are also a time for religious festivals and rituals. One of the biggest rituals is the bringing of Mata home.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Manali during winters is Solang valley, which turns white in December. You can enjoy sledding, skiing, and snowboarding in this valley. You can also go on a quad bike tour or try zorbing. Even if you’re not interested in activities, you’ll find plenty of scenic beauty in the area.

If you’re an adventurer, Manali offers a great opportunity for adventure sports. The Solang Valley is only 14 kilometers from Manali, and offers the chance to partake in paragliding and other activities. There are also many opportunities for skiing and ice skating, as well as the possibility to go zorbing.

Winter in Manali is the perfect time to experience snowy mountains and enjoy the cool climate. The mountains covered with snow are beautiful and calming to the soul, so you won’t want to miss the opportunity.


In winter, Nainital becomes very chilly. Temperatures drop below zero at night. Although it is a popular tourist destination in the summer months, winters in Nainital are less crowded and more affordable. You can visit national parks and zoos, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Winter in Nainital is a great time to get outside and enjoy the snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes. You can even have a snowball fight and enjoy the crisp air. And if you’re tired of cold weather, you can always soak in the sun.

The weather is great all year round, but the temperature is coldest from late December to early January. It’s still safe to visit the area during the winter months despite the ongoing pandemic. The climate is pleasant, but you’ll want to bundle up if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors.

Winter festivals in Nainital can be exciting. You can enjoy a wide variety of cultural performances and events, including the annual Winter Carnival. In addition, the area is home to a number of festivals, including the famous Phool Dei festival. This festival is celebrated to celebrate the good harvest in Uttarakhand. This festival also celebrates the beauty of the region and features flower-draped thresholds.

While winter season is the peak season, you can also visit Nainital in the spring or autumn. The weather is pleasant throughout the year, though the best time to visit Nainital is during the fall or spring. However, if you’d prefer to enjoy snow, you can visit in October or January.


Tawang is a mountain town in north-eastern India and is renowned for its extreme winter weather. If you are planning a trip to Tawang, make sure to bring warm winter clothing and check the weather before you leave. Also, make sure to have a backup plan in case you are delayed for any reason. Winters in Tawang are particularly cold and you will want to avoid hiking if you’re prone to altitude sickness.

If you’re planning a trip to Tawang, you should plan your trip between March and October. This will allow you to take in the picturesque landscape and enjoy the cool weather. The average daytime temperature in Tawang is 26 degrees centigrade. During the winter season, temperatures drop to below freezing and accessibility is limited.

Tawang’s cold climate is not for everyone, but the natives have devised ways to keep warm. The coldest month is January, with temperatures as low as -5 degrees Celsius. It is also one of the best times to visit Tawang, because the snow is plentiful, and prices are lower. You’ll find the lakes frozen and the mountains are covered in snow.

The local people are very friendly and welcoming. You can mingle with the locals and get a feel for the unique culture. Rafting down the Kameng River in Tawang is an unforgettable experience. Unlike other rivers, you don’t have to have any prior experience in rafting to get the full thrill.


Winters in Leavenworth are very beautiful, with the city boasting some of the best cross country skiing in Washington State. The city receives 90-100 inches of snow every year, and you can explore the trails with your own skis or rent a pair. In addition to cross-country skiing, most areas have snowshoe trails. These are mostly flat and ideal for beginners. If you’re not up for the thrill of a cross-country ski adventure, you can try out a snowshoe walk to Clara or Marion Lakes, or go sledding on the hill at Lake Wenatchee.

While you’re in town, don’t miss a chance to sample some locally made, farm-to-table food. There are many restaurants and cafes to try in the downtown area. There are also several breweries, including Icicle Brewing, which offers over 50 different beers and experimental releases.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Leavenworth is a charming Bavarian-themed town. The city features half a million twinkling lights and is the perfect base for winter recreation. It is also a great place for hiking, skiing, and zip-lining.

Leavenworth is a great place for families. During Christmas, the town lights up the entire village. The holiday season brings out the city’s true spirit, and visitors can take photos with Santa and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Families will love shopping in the town, where they can buy handmade arts and crafts and find some unique gifts for loved ones.